Model NumberDescription
000JCPU-EMitsubishi CPU
03130DMitsubishi Electric E910 T Operator Interface
057-6629Mitsubishi Supercolor 6629 28 Monitor
06015AE1071 Operator Interface
14 I/O Relay24 Volt DC Powered
14 I/O Transistor25 Volt DC Powered
16A62-20100Forklift PCB
16A70-01701Mitsubishi Forklift Drive
1A-GHCDSpiral connector cable for electric and pneumatic hand
1A-GR200-RPHand signal output cable
1A-HA01Hand flange adapter
1A-HC20Hand input cable 200mm
1A-HC200-RPHand signal input cable
1A-HM01Electrical replacement hand
1A-HP01EPneumatic replacement hand
1A-VD01E-RPPneumatic single valve set including noise-inferior
1A-VD02E-RPPneumatic double valve set including noise-inferior
1A-VD03E-RPPneumatic triple valve set including noise-inferior
1A-VD04E-RPPneumatic quadruple valve set including noise-inferior
1S-05CBL-01Extension cable robot arm to controller; 5m
1S-05CBL-03Extension cable robot arm to controller; 5m
1S-05LCBL-01Flexible Extension cable robot arm to controller; 5m
1S-05LCBL-03Flexible Extension cable robot arm to controller; 5m
1S-10CBL-01Extension cable robot arm to controller; 10m
1S-10CBL-03Extension cable robot arm to controller; 10m
1S-10LCBL-01Flexible Extension cable robot arm to controller; 10m
1S-10LCBL-03Flexible Extension cable robot arm to controller; 10m
1S-15CBL-01Extension cable robot arm to controller; 15m
1S-15CBL-03Extension cable robot arm to controller; 15m
1S-15LCBL-01Flexible Extension cable robot arm to controller; 15m
1S-15LCBL-03Flexible Extension cable robot arm to controller; 15m
1S-GR35S-01Hand signal output cable
1S-GR35S-02Hand signal output cable
1S-HC25C-01Hand signal input cable
1S-HC35C-02Hand signal input cable
1S-VD01E-01 valve setPneumatic single valve set including noise-inferior
1S-VD01E-02 valve setPneumatic single valve set including noise-inferior
1S-VD01ME-03 valve setPneumatic single valve set including noise-inferior
1S-VD01ME-04 valve setPneumatic single valve set including noise-inferior
1S-VD02E-01 valve setPneumatic double valve set including noise-inferior
1S-VD02E-02 valve setPneumatic double valve set including noise-inferior
1S-VD02ME-03 valve setPneumatic double valve set including noise-inferior
1S-VD02ME-04 valve setPneumatic double valve set including noise-inferior
1S-VD03E-01 valve setPneumatic triple valve set including noise-inferior
1S-VD03E-02 valve setPneumatic triple valve set including noise-inferior
1S-VD03ME-03 valve setPneumatic triple valve set including noise-inferior
1S-VD03ME-04 valve setPneumatic triple valve set including noise-inferior
1S-VD04E-01 valve setPneumatic quadruple valve set including noise-inferior
1S-VD04E-02 valve setPneumatic quadruple valve set including noise-inferior
1S-VD04ME-03 valve setPneumatic quadruple valve set including noise-inferior
1S-VD04ME-04 valve setPneumatic quadruple valve set including noise-inferior
200YMP-BCompressor Inverter
20I/O Relay24V DC Powered 24V DC Input
20 I/O Relay24 Volt DC Powered
20 I/O Transistor24 Volt DC Powered
X/ENG24-1.75Misubishi 24-1.75
2A-HR533EEthernet-Interface (10Base-T; 10 Mbit/s)
2A-RZ364Electrical hand interface card
2A-RZ364Electrical hand interface card
2A-RZ371E/A-Interface: 32 inputs /32 Outputs (decentral I/O)
2A-RZ375Pneumatic-hand-interface for four pneumatic valve
2A-RZ541ESupplementary card for up to 8 extension axis
2A-RZ577APROFIBUS interface-card
2A-RZ581ESerial supplementary-interface RS232; RS422; 2
2D-TZ378E/A-Interface: 32 inputs /32 Outputs (decentral I/O)
2D-TZ576CC-Link-Interface-cardSDseries SD series
2D-TZ577PROFIBUS interface-card SD series
30 I/O Relay24 Volt DC Powered
30 I/O Transistor24 Volt DC Powered
3A-01C-WINE SoftwareMS-WIN programming Software licence; English
3A025F5ACHXF3A025F5ACHXF Active Harmonic Filter 25A
3A050F5ACHXF3A050F5ACHXF Active Harmonic Filter 50A
3A100F5ACHXF3A100F5ACHXF Active Harmonic Filter 100A
3A133667Mitsubishi PWB 3A133667 Master board
3A150F5ACHXF3A150F5ACHXF Active Harmonic Filter 150A
3A200F5ACHXF3A200F5ACHXF Active Harmonic Filter 200A
3A300F5ACHXF3A300F5ACHXF Active Harmonic Filter 300A
3W BT-F/L 16A50-05100Control Card
40 I/O RelayAC Powered 24V DC Input
40 I/O TransistorAC Powered 24V DC I/P
4A-HM01Standard hand set (electrical; including control card
4A-HP01EandStandardadapter)hand set (pneumatic; including control card)
547ONSMitsubishi 14 inch Monitor
60 I/O RelayAC Powered 24V DC I/P
6G9-21Mitsubishi ECU
80-11SMitsubishi DC Servo Drive
851GOT-LWDtouch panel
930SBDiamondPro 19″ CRT Monitor
A044 2.2ECMitsubishi Freqrol 2.2KW Inverter
A0J2-68ADMitsubishi Input Card
A0J2-C214expansion module
A0J2CPUR23Mitsubishi PLC CPU
A0J2E-E28DRMitsubishi PLC Expansion Unit
A0J2E-E56DRMitsubishi PLC Expansion Module
A0J2E-E56DTMitsubishi Programmable Controller
A0J2PWMitsubishi Melsec A0J2 Programmable Controller
A0J2R25Mitsubishi A0J2 Melsec Control Network Module
A171SHCPUN4 axes Motion Controller CPU with power unit
A172BMotion Controller base unit (1 Motion slot 1 PLC I/O
A172SENCslot)Encoder interface and control signal unit
A172SHCPUN8 axes Motion Controller CPU with power unit
A173UHCPU32 axes Motion Controller CPU with power unit (192kb
A173UHCPU-S1memory)32axesMotion Controller CPU with power unit (768kb
A175Bmemory)MotionController base unit (1 Motion slot 4 PLC I/O
A178Bslots)Motion Controller base unit (1 Motion slot 7 PLC I/O
A178B-S1slots)Motion Controller base unit (2 Motion slots 6 PLC I/O
A1ADP-SPA-A1S Adaptor for special function modules
A1ADP-XYA-A1S Adaptor for I/O modules
A1NCPUA1N Processor Module
A1N-CPU-R21Mitsubishi CPU A1-CPU-R21
A1S35B-ECPU base with 5 I/O slots and 1 power supply slot
A1S38BMitsubishi A1S 8 Slot Back Plane
A1S38B-ECPU base with 8 I/O slots and 1 power supply slot
A1S52B-S1Extension base with 2 I/O slots
A1S55BExtension base with 5 I/O slots
A1S55B-S1Extension base with 5 I/O slots
A1S58BMitsubishi Extension Rack
A1S58B-S1Base Unit with cable
A1S61PMitsubishi Power Supply Unit
A1S61PNMitsubishi I/O 110-240V AC input 5V DC 5A output
A1S62DAMitsubishi D/A output module 2 channels 0-12000
A1S62PMitsubishi Power Supply
A1S62PN240V AC input 5V DC 3A 24V DC 0.6A output
A1S62RD4NMitsubishi A1S PT100 Input Module
A1S63ADA2 Analogue inputs 1 analogue output combination
A1S63Pmodule24VDC input 5V DC 5A output
A1S64ADA/D input module 4 channels 0-12000
A1S64ADMitsubishi A/D Converter Unit
A1S64TCTT-S1Mitsubishi Temeperature Control Module
A1S65B-S1Extension base with 5 I/O slots and 1 power supply
A1S66ADAslotANALOG COMBO, 4V & 1IN, 2V & 1 OUT
A1S68ADA/D input module 8 channels 0-12000
A1S68BMitsubishi Rack Extension Unit
A1S68B-S1Extension base with 8 I/O slots and 1 power supply
A1S68DAIslotD/A output module 8 channels 0-12000 0-20mA
A1S68DAVMitsubishi Analogue Output Module
A1S68TDThermocouple input module 8 channels
A1SC01BConnection cable between base units 55m
A1SC03B330mm extension cable (to standard AnS extension
A1SC07B0.7m cable for AnS and QnAS bus connections.
A1SC12B1.2m cable for AnS and QnAS bus connections.
A1SC30B3m cable for AnS and QnAS bus connections.
A1SC60B6m cable for AnS and QnAS bus connections.
A1SCPUMitsubishi A1S PLC CPU
A1SCPU-S1Mitsubishi CPU Unit
A1SD51SMitsubishi Intelligent Communication Module
A1SD61High speed counter module 50kHz 1/2 phase 1
A1SD75-C01HAConnector plug for A1SD75
A1SD75-M1Single axis SSCNET bus position control module (AnS)
A1SD75M1Mitsubishi Positioning Module
A1SD75-M2Two axes SSCNET bus position control module (AnS)
A1SD75-M3Three axes SSCNET bus position control module (AnS)
A1SD75-P1-S3Single axis pulse train positioning module extended
A1SD75-P2-S3Dualpositionsaxis pulse train positioning module extended
A1SD75-P3-S3Triplepositionsaxiscircularpulsetraininterpolationpositioning module extended
A1SG60Cover for vacant I/O slot on base unit
A1SHCPUMitsubishi CPU Module
A1SI61Interrupt module 16 point 12/24VDC (4mA/10mA)
A1SJ61BT11AnS CPU CC-Link master/local module
A1SJ61BT11NMitsubishi Special interface link module
A1SJ61QBT11QnAS CPU CC-Link master/local module
A1SJ71AP21Data Link Module
A1SJ71AP23QMelsecNet(II) local station SI fibre type
A1SJ71AR23QMelsecNet(II) local station coaxial cable
A1SJ71AT21BMitsubishi Data Link Unit
A1SJ71AT21BMELSECNET/B network interface module master/local
A1SJ71AT23BQtwistedMelsecNetBpairlocal station
A1SJ71BR11NMitsubishi Special Module
A1SJ71C24-R2Mitsubishi RS232 Module
A1SJ71E71-B2-S3Mitsubishi Ethernet Interface Module
A1SJ71E71-B5-S3Mitsubishi Ethernet Module
A1SJ71E71N-B5TMitsubishi Interface Module
A1SJ71E71N-TMitsubishi Ethernet Interface Unit
A1SJ71LP21Co-Axial network module
A1SJ71PB92DProfibus DP Master module 12MB for AnS and QnAS
A1SJ71PT32-S3MitsubishiPLC’s Melsec Mini Net Communication Module
A1SJ71QBR11QnAS MELSECNET/10 master/local coaxial cable
A1SJ71QC24NQ2AS Link module for communication with computer
A1SJ71QC24N-R2multidropQ2ASLinkfunctionmodule (1xforcommunicationRS422/4851xRS232C)withcomputer
A1SJ71QE71N3-TEthernetprotocolswitchingInterface functionModule10BaseT(2xRS232C)
A1SJ71QLP21GEQnAS MELSECNET/10 master/local GI 62.5/125 fibre
A1SJ71T21BMistubishiopticcableData Link Module
A1SJ71-T32-2PLC control card
A1SJ71UC24-R2Mitsubishi RS-232-C Module
A1SJ71UC24-R4Mitsubishi Computer Link Module
A1SJ71UC24-R4-S2Mitsubishi Module
A1SJCPU-S3Mitsubishi PLC CPU
A1SJHCPUCombined power supply CPU and base unit. 8k steps
A1SS18B-S1Base Unit 9605C
A1SX1020AWGMitsubushi AC100V Input Unit
A1SX10EU16 point 110-120V AC (6mA) 16 points/common
A1SX20EUMisubishi I/O Card
A1SX40Mitsubishi Input Module
A1SX41Mitsubishi 32 Channel Input Module
A1SX42Mitsubishi 32 Channel Input Module
A1SX48Y18Mitsubishi I/O Module 8DC Sink in 8 relay out
A1SX8016 point 12/24V DC (3mA/7mA) sink or source 16
A1SX80-S1points/commonMitsubishiInput Module
A1SX8132 point 12/24V DC (3mA/7mA) sink or source 32
A1SX81-S1points/commonMitsubishiInput Module
A1SY10Mitsubishi Output Unit
A1SY10EUMitsubishi 16 Point Relay Module
A1SY14EUMitsubishi 14 Point Relay Output
A1SY18AMitsubishi 8 Channel 24 Volt DC Output Module
A1SY18AEU8 point relay 2A contact all points independent
A1SY22Mitsubishi Output Module Triac 16pt
A1SY4132 Channel 12/24VDC 0.1A Output Module
A1SY42Mitsubishi 32 Channel 12/24VDC 0.1A Output Module
A1SY42PMitsubishi PLC A1SY42P
A1SY51Mitsubishi Output Module
A1SY8016 point transistor 12/24V DC 0.8A/point source type
A1SY81832points/commonpointtransistor 12/24V DC 0.1A/point source type
A273UHCPUMitsubishi Motion Controller
A2ACPU-R21Mitsubishi Melsec Programmable Controller
A2ACPU-R21-S1Mitsubishi CPU
A2ACPU S1Mitsubishi CPU unit
A2ASCPU-S1Mitsubishi CPU Module
A2ASCPU-S30CPU Unit Max 30K Step
A2C CPUR21PLC Processor
A2N CPUMelsec A Series
A2SHCPUCPU module 14k steps RAM I/O max. 512
A2SNMCA-30KEMemoryrefresh/directcassette EEPROM 30k steps for S30/S60 CPU
A2USHCPUMitsubishi CPU Module
A33NC-TSD5Mitsubishi AC Servo Motor
A35BMitsubishi Back Plane
A3ACPU P21Mitsubishi CPU Module with Network Fiber Optic
A3MCPUR21Melsec Programmable Controller
A3NCPUMitsubishi PLC
A3NMCAMitsubishi Memory Module
A3NMCA-16Mitsubishi Memory Cassette
A3NMCA-4Mitsubishi Memory Cassette
A3NMCA-8Mitsubishi Memory Module
A3NMCA8Mitsubishi Card
A3UCPUMitsubishi CPU Module
A4UCPUMitsubishi CPU Module
A60MXMitsubishi Multiplex Module
A616ADMitsubishi 16 Channel Analogue Input Module
A616DAIMitsubishi Digital Analogue Converter
A616DAVMitsubishi 16 Channel Analogue Output Module 0 – 10V
A61PMitsubishi A61P PSU
A61PEUMitsubishi Power Supply
A61P-ULMitsubishi A61P PSU
A62DAMelsec Programmable Controller
A63PMitsubishi Melsec PLC Power Supply
A64DAVCProgrammable Controller
A65BMitsubishi Rack
A65-PMitsubishi Power Supply
A68ADMitsubishi Analog Input Module
A68ADNMitsubishi Melsec 8 channel Input module
A68DAI-S1Mitsubishi 8 Channel O Analog Output Module
A68DAV8 Channel 24VDC Input
A68RD3Mitshibishi 8 Channel RTD Analog Input Module
A68RD3NMitshibishi 8 Channel RTD Analog Input Module
A6BR10-DCRepeater for Coaxial MELSECNET/H 24VDC
A6CON1Connector for use with A172SENC / QD75P / QD75D /
A6CON1QD75MConnectorseriesfor usemoduleswith A172SENC / QD75P / QD75D /
A6CON1EQD75M40PinConnectorseriesmodulesSoldering type
A6CON440 Pin Connector Soldering type
A6GPPremote plc programmer
A6PHPMitsubishi Programming Terminal
A6TBX36-E36 point terminal block for use with QX81
A6TBX54-E54 point terminal block for use with QX81
A6TBX70-E70 point terminal block for use with QX81
A6TBXY3632 point terminal block for use with
A6TBY36-E36QX41/QX42/QY41/QY42pointterminalblockfortwousewirewith QY81
A6TBY54-E54 point terminal block for use with QY81
A70BDE-J71QBR13MELSECNET/10 Network interface board for PC/AT
A70BD-J71QLP23coaxialMELSECNET/10cable Network interface board for PC/AT SI
A7GT-CNBConversion (large to small) box for long-distance
A80BDE-J61BT11CC-LinkVolt600Master/LocalDC,800Amperstation network interface board
A80BDE-J61BT13CC-LinkforPC/ATIntelligent/Local station network interface
A851GOT-S8dmitsubishi graphic operation interface
A870GOTOperator Interface
A8GT-70GOT-EWMitsubishi Graphic Oper Terminal
A8GT-70GOT-EW-EUMitsubishi Melsec Graphic Operation Terminal
A8GT-70GOT-SW-EUNOperator Interface
A8GT-70KBFMitsubishi Keyboard Interface Unit
A8GT-C100BS10m cable for GOT to GOT connection (using bus
A8GT-C100EXSS10minterfaces)cablefor GOT (using bus interface) to A7GT-CNB
A8GT-C30NB3mconnection.connection cable for A and QnA bus connection.
A950GOT-LBD-M3-HLCD Touch Screen
A951GOT-QSBD-M3Mistsubishi Graphic Operator Terminal
A951GOT-SBDTouch screen Panel
A951GOT-SBD-BMistsubishi Graphic Operator Terminal
A951GOT-SBD-M3Touch screen Panel
A960GOT-EBA-EUGraphic Operator Terminal 240AC supply 8.9 screen
A970G0T-SBA-EUGraphicsizemonochromeOperationELTerminaldisplay (excluding PLC interface)
A970GOT-SBAOperator Interface
A970GOT-SBDtouch panel
A970GOT-TBA-BMitsubishi Graphic Operation Terminal
A970GOT-TBA-EUMitsubishi Touchpanel Operator Interface
A970GOT-TBD-BGraphic operation terminal
A975GOT-TBD-BGraphicBRIGHT operation terminal
A9GT-FNB1MconnectionForoptional(SingleOS(A/FXunitcircuitconnectionmonitor)+1M(last)forbyte of
A9GTMEM-10MFFlashexpansionPCcardmemory.10MB memory capacity.
A9GT-QBUS2SBus connection board Expansion base connector
A9GT-QFNBconnectionForoptional(SingleOS(Qunit/multiplecircuitmonitor).units connection (Last)
A9GTQFNB8MInterface Memory Crad 8MB
A9GT-RS2Serial communication board Q series CPU direct
AA084VD01Mitsubishi LCD Panel 8.4 Inch
AC05TB-E0.5m cable for use with terminal blocks
AC06BMitsubishi Melsec Expansion Cable
AC10TB-E1m cable for use with terminal blocks
AC12B1.2 meter
AC20TBMitsubishi Cable
AC20TB-E2m cable for use with terminal blocks
03AC30R4-25P3m RS-422 cable for AnS QnAS A and QnA CPU
AC30TB-E3mconnection.cablefor use with terminal blocks
AC50TB-E5mInverter/Convertercableforusewith terminal blocks
ACL002-SInput reactor for 0.2K single phase inverter 200V
ACL004-SInput reactor for 0.4K single phase inverter 200V
ACL0075-SInput reactor for 0.75K single phase inverter 200V
ACL015-SInput reactor for 1.5K single phase inverter 200V
ACL022-SInput reactor for 2.2K single phase inverter 200V
ACL075.2 Input ReactorInput reactor for 75K inverter 400V
ACL110.2 Input ReactorInput reactor for 110K inverter 400V
ACL132.2Input reactor for 132K inverter 400V
ACL150.2Input reactor for 160K inverter 400V
ACL220.2Input reactor for 220K inverter 400V
ACL280.2Input reactor for 280K inverter 400V
ACL375.2Input reactor for 375K inverter 400V
AD61Mitsubishi Melsec 2-Channel High Speed Encoder Input
AD71Servo Module
AD72Mitsubishi Motion Control 2 Axis Analog Output
AD75P3-S3Positioning unit
ADAPTER PLATE E1060 –Mitsubishi Adapter Plate
ADC-02DMitsubishi MP Scale A-D Converter Module
ADC-D-02A/D Converter
ADP-02D-SMitsubishi MP Scale Pre-Amplifier Module
ADU80A B1042Mitsubishi Power Supply
AEDA-04-DWCMitsubishi Controller
AHF 2000/1 CT UNITCurrent Transformer Annular type (use 2 with each
AHF CT SplitSplitAHFunit)Core Current Transformer (use 2 with each AHF
AJ35PTF-28ARMitsubishi Melsec Input Output Module
AJ35PTF-56ARMitsubishi Melsec Net Mini Combo I/O 32 AC IN, 24
AJ35-T-JBR-S3RepeaterOUT Card
AJ55TB32-16DRMitsubishi I/O Link Remote Unit
AJ55TB32/8DRMitsubishi I/O Link Dev LVL Network
AJ61QBT11QnA CPU CC-Link master/local module
AJ65BT-64ADMitsubishi Input Module
AJ65BT-64DAI4 channel current output 0 to 4000 4mA to 20mA
AJ65BT-64DAV4 channel voltage output -2000 to 2000 -10V to 10V
AJ65BT-64RD34 channel Pt100 input – 3 wire connection
AJ65BT-64RD44 channel Pt100 input – 4 wire connection
AJ65BT-68TD8 channel thermocouple input
AJ65BTB1-16DOne wire type DC input 16 point module
AJ65BTB1-16DTOne wire type 8 input 8 transistor output sink type
AJ65BTB1-16TOne wire type transistor output 16 point module sink
AJ65BTB2-16DTwo wire type DC input 16 point module
AJ65BTB2-16DRMitsubishi I/O Module
AJ65BTC1-32DOne wire type DC input 32 point module
AJ65BTC1-32TOne wire type transistor output 32 point module sink
AJ65BT-D622typechannel high speed counter
AJ65BT-D75P2-S32 channel positioning module pulse train output
AJ65BT-D75P2-S32 channel positioning module pulse train output
AJ65BT-G4-S3Remote programming interface for PLC stations
AJ65BT-R2RS232 interface module
AJ65BT-RPI-10AOptical infrared transmission module
AJ65BT-RPI-10BOptical infrared transmission module
AJ65SBT-62DASmall profile 4 channel current or voltage output
AJ65SBT-64AD4 channel input -4000 to 4000 0 to 4000 -10V to 10V
AJ65SBTB1-16D1Mitsubishi Melsec Input Unit
AJ65SBTB1-16TESmall profile 16 point transistor output source type
AJ65SBTB1-32DSmall profile 32 DC input module
AJ65SBTB1-32D1Small profile 32 DC input module high speed
AJ65SBTB1-32DT1MitsubishiCNCTR 16 DC Sink IN, 16 DC Sink OUT, Fast Switch
AJ65SBTB1-32DT3Mitsubishi Fast Swtich 16 Sink IN,16 Sink OUT,LOW
AJ65SBTB1-32T1SmallLKG profile 32 transistor output sink type
AJ65SBTB1-8DSmall profile 8 DC input module
AJ65SBTB1-8TSmall profile 8 transistor output sink type
AJ65SBTB1-8TESmall profile 8 point transistor output source type
AJ65SBTB2N-16RSmall profile relay output 16 point module
AJ65SBTB2N-16SMitsubishi CC Link I/O Block
AJ65SBTB2N-8RSmall profile relay output 8 point module
AJ65SBTB3-16DSmall profile 16 DC input module
AJ65SBTC1-32DSmall profile 32 DC input module – connector type
AJ65SBTCF1-32DMitsubishi link module 16DC Sink IN Contactor
AJ65SBTCF1-32DTMitsubishi 40 pin I/O Link module
AJ65SBTCF1-32TMitsubishi CC link 16DC Sink OUT
AJ65SBT-RPTRepeater allowing ‘T’ branching and network extension
AJ71AR21Mitsubishi Communication Module
AJ71AT21BMitsubishi Dataliner
AJ71C24Mitsubishi Melsec Computer Link
AJ71LP21Melsec NET
AJ71PT-32S3Mitsubishi Melsec PLC Interface Module
AJ71QLP21Mitsubishi PLC Module
AJ71QLR21interface module
AJ71UC24Mitsubishi Melsec Module
AJ72P25Mitsubishi PLC
AJ72PT35Compacr input/output module
AJ72 R25Remote I/O Controller
AJ72-R25Melsecnet module AJ72-R25
AL2-10MR-A6 AC inputs 4 relay outputs 100-240V AC supply
AL2-10MR-D6 DC inputs (6 can be analogue) 4 relay outputs 24V
AL2-14MR-A8DCACsupplyinputs 6 relay outputs 100-240V AC supply
AL2-14MR-D8 DC inputs (8 can be analogue) 6 relay outputs 24V
AL2-24MR-A15DCACsupplyinputs 9 relay outputs 100-240V AC supply
AL2-24MR-D15 DC inputs (8 can be analogue) 9 relay outputs 24V
AL2-2DADC2Channelsupply Analogue outputs module
AL2-2PT-ADPPT100 Input Adapter
AL2-2TC-ADPThermocouple Input Adapter
AL-232CABGearbox.ProgrammingRatiocable2:1 tofor9:1usepleasewithALVLSspecifyprogrammingratioreq.
AL2-4EX-A24 inputs (220-240V AC)
AL2-4EYR4 relay outputs
AL2-4EYT4 transistor outputs
AL2-ASI-BDGearbox.AS-iInterfaceRatioboard2:1tofor9:1usepleasewith AL2-14MRspecifyratioorreq.
AL2-EEPROM-2EEPROMAL2-24MRmemory cassette for Alpha 2 series Logic
AL2-GSM-CABCommunicationBlocks-optionalinterface cable for Modems and HMIs
ALPHA 2 IN A BOX 10Starter kit containing AL2-10MR-D Software EEPROM
ALPHA 2 IN A BOX 14Starterandcablekit containing AL2-14MR-D Software EEPROM
ALPHA POWER 24-0.7524V 0.75A Power Supply for 24V Base Units and FX
ALPHA POWER 24-1524VCPUsPower Supply for 24V Base Units and FX2NC CPUs
ALPHA POWER 24-1524V Power Supply for 24V Base Units and FX2NC CPUs
ALPHA POWER 24-1.7524V 1.75A Power Supply for 24V Base Units and FX
ALPHA POWER 24-2.524VCPUs2.5A Power Supply for 24V Base Units and FX
ALPHA XL PROGR.Alpha 2 programming manual
ALVLS V2Version 2.00 programming software for ALPHA and
A-Motion Controller OSOperating systems for A-Motion Controller range
AOJ2H-E56DRI/O modulw
APUB-01-DWCMitsubishi Drive PCB
AP-WOptional setting module for 2nd Additional Pre-alarm
ASC-ESpeed Controller
AX11Mitsubishi Input Module
AX41O32 Point Input Card – A2
AX42Mitsubishi Input Module
AX80EMitsubishi 16 Channel Input Module
AX80Y80CBrick style PLC Unit
AX81Mitsubishi AX81 ( INPUT MODULE )
AY11AMelsec Relay Output Module
AY13Mitsubishi Output Module
AY13CMelsec 32 Channel Relay Output Module
AY13EMelsec 32 Channel Relay Output Module
AY13EUMitsubishi Melsec 32 Channel Relay Output Module
AY22Mitsubishi Output Module
AY23Output Module 32pt Trica 120vac 0.6amp
AY41Mitsubishi 32 Channel DC Output Module
AY42Mitsubishi Output Module
AY51Mitsubishi Melsec 32 Channel Transistor Output
AY60Mitsbushi 16 Channel 24VDC 2 Amp Output Module
AY81Mitsubishi 16pt 12/24v 0.5A O/P Module
AY81-EPPCB Output Mitsubishi
BC186A413G52Mitsubishi PCB
BCR25AMitsubishi Semiconductor Triac
BCS015S-02.0-BKS1Brake connection cable 2×1.5 mm? – silver grey (RAL
BCS015S-05.0-BKS1Brake7001) connection-forPowercableChain2x1.5App.;mm?2mfor-silverHF-SP52Bgrey(RALto
BCS015S-10.0-BKS1Brake7001) connection-forPowercableChain2x1.5App.;mm?5mfor-silverHF-SP52Bgrey(RALto
BCS015S-20.0-BKS1Brake7001) connection-forPowercableChain2x1.5App.;mm?10m-forsilverHF-SP52Bgrey(RALto
BCS015S-30.0-BKS1Brake7001) connection-forPowercableChain2x1.5App.;mm?20m-forsilverHF-SP52Bgrey(RALto
BD624A785G53Large PCB.
BD624A942H05Mitsubishi Electronic Note
BD625A174H04Mitsubishi Drive Control PCB
BE714C925H01Mitsubishi Clutch/Motor Controller
BIF-CC-WInterface Unit – CC-Link
BIF-CL-WDrawout position switch for network
BIF-CON-WI / O Unit for breaker remote control
BIF-MD-WInterface Unit – Modbus
BIF-PR-WInterface Unit – PROFIBUS-DP
BKO-C8184H01Power Supply
BKO-NC6212Mitsubishi Chasis Monitor
BKO-NC6800 H01A/D Converter
BN624A479G54Mitsubishi SE-I01 Servo Board
BN624A47IG54Mitsubishi SE-CPU2 CNC Board
BN624A559G52Mitsubishi Drive Card
BN624A794G53CMitsubishi MC471 CNC Card
BN624A799G51MC712B BOARD
BN624A822G53Mitsubishi MC301 CNC Card
BN624A905G52Spindle orientation card for FR-S drive
BN624E763G51Mitsubishi PCB
BN634A018G51Mitsubishi MC303 CNC Card
BN634A082G53Mitsubishi MC446 CNC Card
BN634A097G53CMitsubishi MC161B CNC Card
BN634A151G53AMitsubishi MC713/727 CNC Unit
BN634A181G25AMitsubishi MC127 CNC Card
BN634A181G52Mitsubishi PCB
BN634A232G51AMitsubishi MC724-1 CNC Card
BN634A245G61AMisubishi MC433 MEM-A CNC Memory
BN634A444G52Mitsubishi MC161-1 CNC Card
BN634A564G52Mitsubishi CNC Card
BN634A652G53Circuit Board Module QX61-A
BN634E285G51Servo drive power card
BN634E285H01Mitsubishi Driver Card
BN634EI83G52Mitsubishi CNC card FX84B-7
BU158A351G53Mitsubishi Servo Drive Module
BU-CA2Mitsubishi BU-CA2 BD625C715G51 Brake Unit
BU-H30KMitsubishi Brake Unit
BU UFS 110Brake unit High duty for 400V inverter 44 A
BU UFS 22Brake unit High duty for 400V inverter 22 A
BU UFS 22JBrake unit High duty for 200V inverter 22 A
BU UFS 40Brake unit High duty for 400V inverter 30 A
C1PGCBL-1Standard terminal block assembly
C-324014 Colour Monitor
C-3240ELPMitsubishi 14 Colour Open Frame Monitor
C-347014 Colour Monitor
C-3479Mitsubishi Colour Monitor
C547014 Colour Monitor
C-5470NSMitsubishi 14 Chassis Monitor
C-5470YEMitsubishi 12 Colour Monitor
CA1522S4Mitsubishi Resistor PCB
CA7003Duel connector for SI MELSECNET/H Fibre Cable
CAB10-HMIRS485 adapter for Allen-Bradley DH485 connection
CAB11-HMISignal converter for SIMATIC S7 MPI (with CAB5-HMI
CAB16-HMIorConnectingCAB6-HMI)cable for E Series RS232 port to Qn Series
CAB17-HMIPLCConnectingRS232 portcable for E Series RS422 port to Qn Series
CAB18/10M-HMIConnectingPLCRS232 portcable for E Series to AnS A QnA QnAS and
CAB19/15M-HMIConnectingmeters cable for E Series to FX0 FXnS FXnN 15
CAB19/15M-HMIConnectingmetres cable for E Series to FX0 FXnS FXnN 15
CAB19/1M-HMIConnectingmetres cable for E Series to FX0 FXnS FXnN 1.5
CAB 19/1M-HMIConnectingmeters cable for E Series to FX0 FXnS FXnN 1.5
CAB 19 (25 WAY MALE TOmetersMitsubishi CAB 19 (25 WAY MALE TO 9 WAY MALE)
9CAB19/3MWAYMALE)Cable between F930GOT-BWD-E
CAB19/3M-HMIConnectingF940GOT-LWD/SWD-EcableforE SeriesandFX0toFXnSFX0FXnSandFXnNFXnN(with3
CAB19/3MTRMitsubishimeters Cable
CAB19/5M-HMIConnecting cable for E Series to FX0 FXnS FXnN 5
CAB 19 (8 WAY MINI DINmetersMitsubishi CAB 19 (8 WAY MINI DIN TO 9 WAY
CAB2-HMI734-1BD20CablebetweencableESeriesfromSiemensandAllen Bradley Micrologix
CAB30Connector cable between PC and RS232 of
CAB30 C24/3MConnectorE1000SERIEScable between PC and RS232 of
CAB31E1000-Series;Connectorcable3 betweenmConnectorA-B Micrologixcablebetweenand RS232CAB11of
CAB32E1000-Series;Connectorcable3 betweenm Omron Hostlink and RS232
CAB33ofConnectorE1000-Series;cablebetween3m Matsushita FP0 and RS232 of
CAB34/10MConnectorE1000-Series;cable3 betweenm MELSEC System Q and
CAB34/3MConnectorE1000-Seriescable10betweenm MELSEC System Q and
CAB3-HMIE1000-SeriesCablebetween3EmSeries and Omron Hostlink
CAB/3MMitsubishi Cable
CAB4-HMICable between E Series and GE Fanuc SNPX
CAB5-HMIProgramming cable for E Series and connecting to 1)
CAB6-HMICable between E Series and 1) SIMATIC S5 3964R 2)
CAB7-HMICable between E Series and SIMATIC S5 PG1
CAB8-HMIRS485 adapter for SIMATIC S7 PPI (with additional
CAB8-HMI E-RS485Cableserial cablebetweenseeEmanual)Seriesand FX485 and SIMATIC
CAB9-HMIS7-200Cablebetween E Series and FR-A/E inverters
CAB DC24-5VPower converter cable 24VDC to 5VDC for
Cable Flex 11mFlexible cable Robot – Robot controller; 11 m
Cable Flex 15mFlexible cable Robot – Robot controller;15 m
Cable Flex 5mFlexible cable Robot – Robot controller; 5 m
CAL-NK-WCastel lock without key
CC-AD250-WAC/DC 100 – 250V
CC-D048-WDC 24 – 48V
CD75CBL-1Terminal block assembly for D75
CL1PAD1Power supply filter
CL-4-WCell switch 2C1T1D
CM150TF-12Mitsubishi Power Module
CM300DU-24F 206IGBT
CM300HA-24HMitsubishi 300A 1200V IGBT Module
CM400DY-12HMitsubishi block
CM600HA-24 (S54AC5G)Misubishi Power Module
COM-ET10-TEthernet Communications Module (Peer to peer
RackCOMPLETE FRONT E100E100 complete front
COMPLETE FRONT E200E200 complete front
COMPLETE FRONT E300E300 complete front
COMPLETE FRONT E600E600 complete front
COMPLETE FRONTE610/615 complete front
Connector CableCAB16-HMI E series connector cable
COSIMIR IndustrialMS-WIN Robot Programming- and
COSIROP V0300-10L-MMS-WINGermanEnglishprogramming Software ten licences; German
COSIROP V0300-1L-MMS-WINEnglish programming Software single licence;
COSIROP V0300-5L-MMS-WINGermanEnglishprogramming Software five licences; German
CR-01RS-422 signal amplifier.
CR1/2/3/7/8Instruction Manual (Troubleshooting)
CR1/2/3/7/8Instruction Manual (Explanation of functions and
CR1 ControllerInstruction Manual (Explanations of Movemaster
CR1 ControllerInstructionCommands)ManualNewrelease(Controller setup basic operation
CR1/CR2/CR2AInstruction Manual
CR1-EB3Option box for CR1 controller
CR2 ControllerInstruction Manual (Set-up operation maintenance)
CR3Instruction Manual
CRn-500 EthernetManual
interfaceCRn-500 PCSoftware Manual
CRn-500 ProfibusManual
CRn 500 ProfibusInstruction Manual
InterfaceCRn500seriesInstruction Manual (Additional Axis Interface) New
CRn 500 seriesInstructionrelease Manual (CC Link Interface)
CRn 500 seriesInstruction Manual (Ethernet Interface)
CRn 500 seriesInstruction Manual (Expansion Serial Interface)
CRn serial interfaceUsers Manual
CT906A-0Keypad panel
CT906A-2Operator Board
CYL-WK1-WLock with key No. (#R501)
CYL-WK2-WLock with key No. (#R502)
CYL-WK3-WLock with key No. (#R503)
CYL-WK4-WLock with key No. (#R504)
CYL-WK-WLock with key No. (#R0220)
D400Mitsubishi Servo Driver
DA1082Mitsubishi Remote I/O Unit
DBM-H160KDiode Bridge Module (400 V inverters up to 160kW)
DBM-H400KDiode Bridge Module (400 V inverters up to 375kW)
DBU55K-4DExternal dynamic brake (55kW)
DCL037 DC Link ChokeDC Link Choke for 3.7K inverter 400V
DCL055 DC Link ChokeDC Link Choke for 5.5K inverter 400V
DCL075 DC Link ChokeDC Link Choke for 7.5K inverter 400V
DCL110 DC Link ChokeDC Link Choke for 11K inverter 400V
DCL150 DC Link ChokeDC Link Choke for 15K inverter 400V
DCL185 DC Link ChokeDC Link Choke for 18.5K inverter 400V
DCL220 DC Link ChokeDC Link Choke for 22K inverter 400V
DCL300 DC Link ChokeDC Link Choke for 30K inverter 400V
DCL370 DC Link ChokeDC Link Choke for 37K inverter 400V
DCL450 DC Link ChokeDC Link Choke for 45K inverter 400V
DCL550 DC Link ChokeDC Link Choke for 55K inverter 400V
DIN-RTU-SCA-2RTU unit interfaces Modem to PLC with data logging
DIN-RTU-SWITCHIntelligent Switch module for use with RTU
DL6-CP-ST-6-ZP-02-GY2 metre DL6 to ST 62.5/125 GI fibre cable for Melsec
DL6-CP-ST-6-ZP-05-GY5Netmetre DL6 to ST 62.5/125 GI fibre cable for Melsec
DL6-CP-ST-6-ZP-07-GY7Netmetre DL6 to ST 62.5/125 GI fibre cable for Melsec
DL6-CP-ST-6-ZP-10-GY10Netmetre DL6 to ST 62.5/125 GI fibre cable for Melsec
DL6-DL6-6-ZP-03-GY3Netmetre DL6 to DL6 62.5/125 GI fibre cable for
DL6-DL6-6-ZP-05-GY5MelsecmetreNetDL6 to DL6 62.5/125 GI fibre cable for Melsec
DL6-DL6-6-ZP-10-GY10Netmetre DL6 to DL6 62.5/125 GI fibre cable for
DL-SBLMitsubishi Diarol DC Drive
DL-SBZ-2-11K-ZMitsubishi Diarol DC servo unit (special type
DL-SBZ-2-37 K-DCDIAROLBD460D619)DL-SBZ 37kw DC Drive
DL-SCZ-22KMitsubishi 22Kw Spindle Drive
DL-SEZ-2-2.2K-(HD80)Mitsubishi Diarol 2.2 KW DC Magazine Controller
DOAIMO1-02Digital Output Card
DODOMO1-02Digital Output Card
DOR-123Mitsubish Elevator Control
DOR-275DMitsubishi Elevator Control
E100Text operator terminal 2 lines x 20 characters mono
E1000 Adapter plateAdapter plate for E1022 operator terminal in E200
E1022E1000 Adapter-E200 platemountingAdapterplateholefor E1032 operator terminal in E300
E1032E1000 Adapter-E300 platemountingAdapterplateholefor E1060 operator terminal in E700
E1060E1000 Adapter-E700 platemountingAdapterplateholefor E1061/E1063 operator terminal in
E1061/E1063E1000Adapter-plateE610/E615AdapterplatemountingforE1070holeoperator terminal in E700
E1070E1000 Adapter-E700 platemountingAdapterplateholefor E1071 operator terminal in E710
E1071E1000 Adapter-E710 platemountingAdapterplateholefor E1100 operator terminal in E900
E1100E1000 Adapter-E900 platemountingAdapterplateholefor E1101 operator terminal in E910
E1101E1000 EM-Ethernet-E910E1000mountingEthernethole option board for E1012/E1022
E1000 EM Profibus DPoperatorProfibusDPpanelsslave interface for E1000 HMI’s
ModuleE1000X-Key 16 externalExtension for E1000 HMI 16 function keys and 16
E1012Graphical operator terminal with keys 160×32 pixels
E1022Graphical operator terminal with keys 240×64 pixels
E1032 Plexiglas StandE1032 Plexiglas stand
E1041Graphic operator terminal with touchkeys 35
E1041 E1043 PlexiglasTFT-displayE1041E104364kPlexiglascoloursstand320x240 pixel resolution no
StandE1041 E1043 PlexiglasE1041 E1043 Plexiglas stand
StandE1043Graphic operator terminal with touchkeys 35
E1060Graphic operator terminal with keys 57 STN-display
E1060 Plexiglas StandE106064kcoloursPlexiglas240x64standpixel resolution no cable
E1060 (TFT)Graphic operator terminal with keys 57 inch
E1061GraphicTFT-displayoperator65kcoloursterminal320withx240touchkeyspixelresolution57 no
E1061 E1063 PlexiglasE1061 E1063 Plexiglas stand
StandE1061 E1063 PlexiglasE1061 E1063 Plexiglas stand
StandE1061 (TFT)Graphic operator terminal with touchkeys 57 inch
E1062 (TFT)GraphicTFT-displayoperator65kcoloursterminal320withx240keyspixel57inchresolution no
E1063GraphicTFT-displayoperator16greyscalesterminal 320withxtouchkeys240pixel 57resolution
E1063OperatorSTN-displayInterface16greyscales 320×240 pixel resolution no
E1063 (TFT)Graphic operator terminal with touchkeys 57 inch
E1070GraphicTFT-displayoperator16greyscalesterminal 6.5320x240screenpixel640resolutionx480pixelsno
E1070 Plexiglas StandE1070functkeyPlexiglas24VDCstand65Kcolour TFT display excluding
E1070 Pro+Graphic operator terminal 6.5 screen 640 x 480 pixels
E1070 Protection sheet1functionprotectivekeyssheet24VDCfor65KE1070colourkeyboardTFTdisplay 64MB CF
E1071Mitsubishi Graphic Operator Terminal 6.5 inch Touch
E1071 Plexiglas StandE1071ScreenPlexiglas24VDCColourstandTFT
E1071 Pro+Graphic operator terminal 6.5 touch screen 640 x 480
E1071 Protection sheet1pixelsprotective24VDCsheet65K colourforE1071TFTscreendisplay 64MB CF card
E1100Graphic operator terminal 10.4 screen 800 x 600
E1100Mitsubishipixelsfunct10.4″key24VDCDisplay65K colour TFT display
E1100 Plexiglas StandE1100 Plexiglas stand
E1100 Pro+Graphic operator terminal 10.4 screen 800 x 600
E1100 Protection sheet1pixelsprotectivefunctionsheetkeysfor24VDCE110065Kkeyboardcolour TFT display
E1101Graphic operator terminal 10.4 touch screen 800 x
E1101TFT600 displaypixels24VDC 65K colour TFT display excluding
E1101 Plexiglas StandE1101 Plexiglas stand
E1101 Pro+Graphic operator terminal 10.4 touch screen 800 x
E1101 Protection sheet1600protectivepixels24VDCsheet65KforE1101colourscreenTFTdisplay 64MB CF
E1151Graphic operator terminal 15 touch screen 1024 x 768
E1151 Plexiglas StandE1151 Plexiglas stand
E1151 Pro+Graphic operator terminal 15 touch screen 1024 x 768
E1151 Protection sheet1pixelsprotective24VDCsheet65K colourforE1151TFTscreendisplay 64MB CF card
E150Text operator terminal 2 lines x 20 characters mono
E1-WOptional setting module for earth leakage protection
E200Text operator terminal 4 lines x 20 characters mono
E200 Protection sheet1 protective sheet for E200 keyboard
E300Graphic operator terminal 5.2 screen 240 x 64 pixels
MRE-GDE8-1E300Protection sheet1 protective sheet for E300 keyboard
E410Graphic operator terminal 3.8 screen 320 x 240 pixels
E50Text operator terminal 2 lines x 16 characters mono
E520-3.7K-NAMitsubishi 3.7KW Inverter
E600Graphic operator terminal 5.4 screen 240 x 128 pixels
E610Graphic operator terminal 5.7 screen 320 x 240 pixels
E610/E615 Protection5 protective sheets for E610/615
E615Graphic operator terminal 5.7 screen 320 x 240 pixels
E615/700/710256BackcolourlightforLCDE615/700/710displaytouchtypescreen4410/20/30excluding cable
BACKLIGHTE615/700/710TYPEBACKLhardwareBacklightversionsforE615/700/710 type 3620/2440/2640
E700Graphic operator terminal 5.7 screen 320×240 pixels
E710Graphic operator terminal 5.7 screen 320×240 pixels
E900TMitsubishi Graphic Operator terminal 10.4″ TFT Display
E900T(D)Graphic Operator terminal 10.4 screen 640×480 pixels
E910T(D)Graphic Operator terminal 10.4 screen 640×480 pixels
E910T Type 03130BGraphic Operator terminal 10.4 screen 640×480 pixels
EDESIGNER/E1000MITSUBISHIonlyandelectronic(200451)manuals.E-DESIGNER SOFTWARE FOR
E-Designer E1000 KitWindowsNEWE1000PCprogramming software for E1000 Series
E-Designer KitWindowsinc.HMIprogrammingPCprogrammingcablesoftwareandcompleteforESeriessetofinc.
E-Designer KitWindowsHMIprogrammingPCprogrammingcableandsoftwarecompleteforsetESeriesofelectronicinc.
ER40/28Lithium battery
ER6 BATBattery; Narc controller
ERNT-AQB38Conversion adaptor fixture
ERNT-AQB68Conversion adaptor fixture
ERNT-AQF12Conversion adaptor fixture for 12 slots
ERNT-AQF8Conversion adaptor fixture for 8 slots
ERNT-AQTX41Conversion adaptor for 32 input points
ERNT-AQTY10Conversion adaptor for 16 output points
ERNT-AQTY50Conversion adaptor for 16 output points
E Series designerProgramming Software
ETRBASE-WElectronic Trip Relay – Base module
EUM-1481AMitsibushi Colour Monitor
EUM-1491AMitsubishi Colour Monitor
EUM1491-ACMitsubishi 15 VGA Colour Monitor
EUM1491CHMitsubishi 14 Monitor
EUM-2951AMitsubishi 28 Monitor
EUROMAP 67 interfaceI/O EUROPMAP 67 interface with 32pin Harting
boxEUROMAP32 67 interfaceconnectorI/OEUROPMAP 67 interface additional PLC function
boxEUROMAP32PLC67 interfaceandI/OEUROPMAP32pinHarting67interfaceconnectorwith 50pin Harting
boxEUROMAP50 67 interfaceconnectorI/OEUROPMAP 67 interface additional PLC function
EX1-WExtension module for display and interface function
F-10EMelsecF-10E 10 I/O Extention Unit
F1 10 ER/ESMelsec 10 I/O Extension Unit
F1-10ER-ESMitsubishi Programmble Controller
F1 12 MR – ESMelsec 12 I/O Brick
F1-12MR-ESMitsibishi PLC Brick
F1-20ERMelsec PLC
F1-20ER-ESMelsec 20 I/O Extension Unit
F1-20ER-ULMelsec 20 I/O Extension Unit
F1-20 MR-ESMelsec 20 I/O Brick
F1-20MR-ESF1 Series 20 I/O Brick Type PLC
F1-20P-EMitsubishi Programming Panel
F1-30ERMelsec PLC
F1-30MRMelsec PLC
F1 30 MR – ESMitsubishi 30 Channel I/O Brick
F1-30MR-ESPLC 110/120VAC 50/60HZ 7MA
F1-40-ER-ESMelsec 40 I/O Extension Unit
F1 40 MR – ESMelsec 40 I/O Brick
F1-40MR-ESmits plc brick
F1 60 ER – ES60 I/O Extension Unit
F1-60ER-ESMitsubishi 60 I/O Extension Unit
F1-60MRMitsubishi Melsec Brick
F1-60MR-ESMitsubushi Melsec 60 I/O Brick
F1-PC-BATLithium battery for FX2N series (not including
F1-PC-BATconnector)Replacement Battery for all the FX-DU series
F1PCBATMitsubishi PLC Battery Melsec FX-128MR
F1 PC BatLithium Battery for F1 PLC
F1PCBATMittsubishi FX12
F-20ER-ESMelsec F-20E Programmable Controller
F-20ER-USMitsubishi F-20E PLC Brick
F-20GCMitsubishi Control Rom Cassette
F-20MR-ES1Melsec F-20E Programmble Controllable
F-20P-EMitsubishi Melsec Programming Panel
F2-20ER-ESMelsec 20 I/O F2 Brick Type PLC
F2-20GF1Mitsubishi Melsec Interface Unit
F2-20PMitsubishi Melsec Programming Panel
F2-232CAB-1RS232 comm’s cable
F2-32RM-ESSProgrammable Controller
F2-40BLLithium battery for FX2N series (including connector)
F2-40EMelsec PLC
F2-40ER-ESMitsubishi F2-40E Expansion Module
F2-40MMelsec PLC
F2-40MR-ESMelsec F2-40M Programmable Controller
F2-40MR-UA2Mitsubishi F2-40 PLC Brick
F2-60MMelsec PLC
F2-60MR-ESBrick Type PLC 60 I/O
F2-60MR-UA1Mitsubishi PLC Brick
F2-60MR-UA2Programmable Controller
F2-60MR-ULMitsubishi PLC Brick
F2-6A-EF2 Series Analog Unit
F-40MR-ESMelsec Relay Unit
F-4T-EMitsubishi Melsec F-4T Timer Module
F920GOT-BBD5-K-COperator Panel
F920GOT-BBD5-KEGraphic Operator Terminal 128 x 64 pixels white/red
F920GOT-BBD5-K-E SETF920STNdisplaystarter2.6packscreencontiningsize F920GOT GT Works
F930GOT-BBD-K-EGraphic Operator Terminal 240 x 80 pixels mono LCD
F930GOT-BBD-K-E SETF930displaystartertouchpackscreencontining4.4screenF930GOTsize GT Works
F930GOT-BWD-EGraphicsoftwareOperatorandprogrammingTerminal240cablex 80 pixels mono LCD
F9330G0T-BWD-EDisplaysdisplaytouch screen 4.9 screen size
F93OG0T-BDW-CMitsubishi HMI Display
F940G0T-SWD-EMitsubishi Graphic Operation Terminal
F940GOT-LBD-H-EMitsubishi Graphic Operator Terminal
F940GOT-LWD-EGraphic Operator Terminal 320 x 240 pixels mono LCD
F940GOT-SBD-H-EGraphicdisplaytouchOperatorscreenTerminal5.7screen320xsize240 pixels 8 colour
F940WGOT-TWD-EGraphicLCDdisplayOperatortouchTerminalscreen5.7withscreenWIDEsizescreen 480 x
F9GT-HCAB-10M10m cable between F940GOT-LBD/SBD-H-E and 1) FX
F9GT-HCAB1-10M10mAnSandcableA between(withF9GT-HCAB3-150F940GOT-LBD/SBD-H-E2)FXAnSandandAnSA
F9GT-HCAB1-3M3mandcableA. between F940GOT-LBD/SBD-H-E and AnS
F9GT-HCAB2-150CableandA.between F940GOT-LBD/SBD-H-E and FX0 FXnS
F9GT-HCAB3-150CableandFXnNbetween(withF940GOT-LBD/SBD-H-EF9GT-HCAB-xxM). and FX AnS
F9GT-HCAB-3M3mandcableA(withbetweenF9GT-HCAB-xxM).F940GOT-LBD/SBD-H-E and 1) FX
FA3415ETKLMitsibushi VDU
FA3425Mitsubishi 14 Colour Monitor
FA3435Mitsubishi 14 Colour Monitor
FA3445ETKLMitsubishi 13″CRT Colour Monitor
FCA335M-VMitsubishi Meldas CNC System
FCA50AControl unit
FCA50MMitsubishi Control Unit
FCA64-BMitsubishi Numerical Control System
FCA64MMitsubishi Numerical Control System
FCAM3ATransducerMitsubishiNumerical Control System
FCU6-DUN228″ monitor
FCUA-BT-2Mitsubishi Battery Unit
FCUA-MP10-06Mitsubishi 600w Servo drive
FFR-A540-120A-SF100Radio Filter for F740-00930-EC
FFR-A540-16A-SF100Radio Filter for F740-00083-EC
FFR-A540-180A-SF100Radio Filter for F740-01160-EC
FFR-A540-30A-SF100Radio Filter for F740-00126-00250-EC
FFR-A540-55A-SF100Radio Filter for F740-00310 & 00380-EC
FFR-A540-75A-SF100Radio Filter for F740-00470 & 00620-EC
FFR-A540-8A-SF100Radio Filter for F740-00023-0052-EC
FFR-A540-95A-SF100Radio Filter for F740-00770-EC
FFR-AF-IP54-117A-SM2High Specification EMC filter for FR-F746-00770
FFR-AF-IP54-172A-SM2High Specification EMC filter for
FFR-BS-00250-30A-SF100EMC filter for FR-A/F740-00170?00250
FFR-BS-00380-55A-SF100EMC filter for FR-A/F740-00310?00380
FFR-BS-00620-75A-SF100EMC filter for FR-A/F740-00470?00620
FFR-BS-00770-95A-SF100EMC filter for FR-A/F740-00770
FFR-BS-00930-120A-SF10EMC filter for FR-A/F740-00930
0FFR-BS-01800-180A-SF10EMC filter for FR-A/F740-00930?01800
0FFR-CS-050-14A-RFIRadio Filter for FR-D720S-008-EC 014-EC 025-EC &
FFR-CS-080-20A-RF1042-ECRadioFilter for FR-D720S-070-EC
FFRCS08020ARF1Mitsubishi Filter
FFR-CS-110-26A-RF1Radio Filter for FR-D720S-100-EC
FFR-CSH-036-8A-RF1Radio Filter for FR-D740-012-EC 022-EC & 036EC
FFR-CSH-080-16A-RF1Radio Filter for FR-D740-050-EC & 080-EC
FFR-DT-10A-SS1Inverter output dv/dt reduction filter 400V 10A 400v
FFR-DT-1100A-SS1Inverter output dv/dt reduction filter 400V 1100A
FFR-DT-124A-SS1Inverter400v output dv/dt reduction filter 400V 124A 400v
FFR-DT-1500A-SS1Inverter output dv/dt reduction filter 400V 1500A
FFR-DT-182A-SS1Inverter400v output dv/dt reduction filter 400V 182A 400v
FFR-DT-1920A-SS1Inverter output dv/dt reduction filter 400V 1920A
FFR-DT-25A-SS1Inverter400v output dv/dt reduction filter 400V 25A 400v
FFR-DT-330A-SS1Inverter output dv/dt reduction filter 400V 330A 400v
FFR-DT-47A-SS1Inverter output dv/dt reduction filter 400V 47A 400v
FFR-DT-500A-SS1Inverter output dv/dt reduction filter 400V 500A 400v
FFR-DT-610A-SS1Inverter output dv/dt reduction filter 400V 610A 400v
FFR-DT-683A-SS1Inverter output dv/dt reduction filter 400V 683A 400v
FFR-DT-790A-SS1Inverter output dv/dt reduction filter 400V 790A 400v
FFR-DT-93A-SS1Inverter output dv/dt reduction filter 400V 93A 400v
FFR-E520S-14A-SC1Radio Filter for E520S-0.4K 0.75K inverters
FFR-E520S-14A-SC1-LLRadio Filter Low leakage for E520S-0.4K 0.75K
FFR-E520S-26A-SC1RadioinvertersFilter for E520S-1.5K 2.2K inverters
FFR-E520S-26A-SC1-LLRadio Filter Low leakage for E520S-1.5K 2.2K
FFR-E540-15A-SF1invertersRadioFilter for E540-1.5K 2.2K 3.7K inverters
FFR-E540-27A-SF1Radio Filter for E540-5.5K 7.5K inverters
FFR-E540-4.5A-SF1Radio Filter for E540-0.4K 0.75K inverters
FFR-MSH-170-30A-RF1Radio Filter for FR-D740-120-EC & 160-EC
FFR-S520S-14A-RF1Radio Filter for S520SE-0.2K 0.4K & 0.75K inverters
FFR-S520S-14A-RF-LLRadio Filter Low Leakage for S520SE-0.2K 0.4K &
FFR-S520S-20A-RF10.75KRadioFilterinvertersS520SE-1.5K inverters
FFR-S520S-20A-RF-LLRadio Filter Low Leakage S520SE-1.5K inverters
FFR-S540-13A-RF100Radio Filter for S540E-2.2K 3.7K inverters
FFR-S540-8A-RF100Radio Filter for S540E-0.4K 0.75K & 1.5K inverters
FFR-SI-116A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 116A 400v
FFR-SI-1212A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 1212A 400v
FFR-SI-1500A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 1500A 400v
FFR-SI-1700A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 1700A 400v
FFR-SI-180A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 180A 400v
FFR-SI-18A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 18A 400v
FFR-SI-25A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 25A 400v
FFR-SI-260A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 260A 400v
FFR-SI-32A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 32A 400v
FFR-SI-432A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 432A 400v
FFR-SI-4.5A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 45 A 400v
FFR-SI-481A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 481A 400v
FFR-SI-48A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 48A 400v
FFR-SI-62A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 62A 400v
FFR-SI-683A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 683A 400v
FFR-SI-770A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 770A 400v
FFR-SI-77A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 77A 400v
FFR-SI-83A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 83 A 400v
FFR-SI-83A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 83 A 400v
FFR-SI-880A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 880A 400v
FFR-SI-93A-SS1Sine wave PWM smoothing output filter 93A 400v
FFR-SKS-FA100Harmonic Filter 400V FFR-SKS-FA100 (144A)
FFR-SKS-FA125Harmonic Filter 400V FFR-SKS-FA125 (180A)
FFR-SKS-FA13Harmonic Filter 400V FFR-SKS-FA13 (19A)
FFR-SKS-FA150Harmonic Filter 400V FFR-SKS-FA150 (217A)
FFR-SKS-FA18Harmonic Filter 400V FFR-SKS-FA18 (26A)
FFR-SKS-FA200Harmonic Filter 400V FFR-SKS-FA200 (289A)
FFR-SKS-FA225Harmonic Filter 400V FFR-SKS-FA225 (325A)
FFR-SKS-FA24Harmonic Filter 400V FFR-SKS-FA24 (35A)
FFR-SKS-FA255Harmonic Filter 400V FFR-SKS-FA 255 (370A)
FFR-SKS-FA30Harmonic Filter 400V FFR-SKS-FA30 (43A)
FFR-SKS-FA300Harmonic Filter 400V FFR-SKS-FA 300 (433A)
FFR-SKS-FA4Harmonic Filter 400V FFR-SKS-FA4 (6A)
FFR-SKS-FA50Harmonic Filter 400V FFR-SKS-FA50 (72A)
FFR-SKS-FA7Harmonic Filter 400V FFR-SKS-FA7 (10A)
FFR-SKS-FA70Harmonic Filter 400V FFR-SKS-FA70 (101A)
FN3359-1000-99EMC filter for FR-A/F740-06830?09620
FN3359-1600-99EMC filter for FR-A/F740-10940?12120
FN3359-180-28EMC Filter for F740-01800-EC
FN3359-250-28EMC filter for FR-A/F740-02160?02600
FN3359-400-99EMC filter for FR-A/F740-03250?04320
FN3359-600-99EMC filter for FR-A/F740-04810?06100
FR2220-7.5Kinverter 7.5KW
FR-720-1.5KInverter 1.5Kw
FR-746-00470-ECmitsubishi 22KW 47 AMPS IP54
FR-A024-0.2KMitsubishi Freqrol A024 0.2Kw Drive
FR-A024-0.4K-UL0.4 KW Inverter
FR-A024-0.75KMitsubishi 0.75 KW Inverter
FR-A024-2.2KPFreqrol -A024 2.2KW Inverter
FR-A024-3.7KMitsubishi 3.7KW Drive
FR-A024-37Kw3.7kw drive
FR-A024-S0.4K-ECMitsubishi Freqrol A024 0.4kW Inverter
FR-A024-S0.75K-ECMitsubishi 0.75kw Inverter
FR-A024-S1.5K-ECMitsubishi Freqrol A024 Inverter
FR-A024-S1.5K-ERMitsubishi Freqrol A024 Inverter
FR-A024-S2.2K-ERMitsubishi Freqrol A024 2.2Kw Inverter
FR-A044-0.4K-ULMitsubishi 0.4Kw Inverter
FR-A044-1.5K-ECMitsubishi FR-A Series 1.5KW AC Drive
FR-A044-2.2KMitsubishi Freqroll A044 2.2Kw Inverter
FR-A044-2.2K-ERMitsubishi,FR-A044-2.2K,Freqroll4.6KVAA044 2.2Kw Inverter
FR-A044-3.7K-ECMitsubishi FR-A Series 3.7kW Inverter
FR-A140-11K-ERMitsubishi Freqrol A100 11Kw Inverter
FR-A140-15K-ERMitsubishi Freqrol A100 15Kw Inverter
FR-A140-1.5K-ERMitsubishi 1.5KW Drive Freqrol – A 100
FR-A140-2.2K-ERMitsubishi Freqrol A100 2.2Kw Inverter
FR-A140-3.7K-ERMitsubishi Freqrol A100 3.7Kw Inverter
FR-A140-5.5K-ERMitsubishi Freqrol A100 5.5Kw Inverter
FR-A140E-15K-ECMitsubishi Freqrol A100 15Kw Inverter
FR-A140E-18.5K-ECFreqrol -A100 18.5kw inverter
FR-A140E-2-2K-ECMitsubishi FR-A Series 2.2KW AC Drive
FR-A140E-22K-ECMitsubishi Freqrol 22KW Inverter
FR-A140E-3.7K-ECMitsubishi 3.7KW Inverter
FR-A140E-5.5K-ECMitsubishi Freqrol A100 5.5Kw Inverter
FR-A140E-7.5K-ECMitsubishi Freqrol A100 7.5Kw Inverter
FR-A140E-7.5K-ERMitsubishi 7.5kw Inverter
FR-A200-5.5K-U3Mitsubishi Freqrol A200 5.5kw inverter
FR-A220-2.2KMitsubishi 2.2Kw Inverter
FR-A220-3.7KFreqrol A200 3.7kw Inverter
FR-A220-5.5L-U3Mitsubishi Freqrol A200 5.5kw inverter
FR-A220E-15KMitsubishi Freqrol A220 5.5kw inverter
FR-A240-2.2KThree Phase Variable Speed Drive
FR-A240-5.5kFreqrol A200 Series 5.5Kw Inverter
FR-A240-7.5KMitsubishi FREQROL A200 Inverter Drive
FR-A240E-11K11KW Inverter
FR-A240E-11K-05Mitsubishi Freqrol – A200 11kW Inverter
FR-A240E-1.5K1.5Kw Inverter
FR-A240E-2.2KMitsubishi 400V Class 2.2Kw Inverter
FR-A240E-22KMitsubishi 22KW Transistorised Inverter
FR-A240E-2.2K-ECMitsubishi 2.2kW Inverter
FR-A240E-30K-48Mitsubishi 30Kw Inverter
FR-A240E-30K-ECMitsubishi 30Kw Inverter
FR-A240E-3.7KMitsubishi Freqrol A200 3.7KW Inverter
FR-A240E-3.7K-ECMitsubishi 3.7KW AC Drive
FR-A240E-45K-ECMitsubishi 45KW Inverter
FR-A240E-5.5K-ECMitsubishi Freqrol 5.5KW Inverter
FR-A240E-7.5K7.5Kw Inverter
FR-A240E-7.5K-09Mitsubishi Freqrol A200 7.5kW Inverter
FR-A240E-7.5K-ECMitsubishi A200 7.5kW Inverter
FR-A241-E-22KMitsubishi Inverter
FR-A520-0.4KMitsubishi Freqrol A500 0.4Kw Inverter
FR-A520-1.5KMitsubishi 3.7kW inverter
FR-A520-18.5K-65Mitsubishi 18.5Kw Inverter
FR-A520-2.2KFreqrol A500 AC Drive
FR-A520-3.7KMitsubishi 3.7kW inverter
FR-A520-5.5KFreqrol-A500 5.5KW AC Drive
FR-A520-7.5KFreqrol-A500 7.5KW AC Drive
FR-A520-7.5K-NAMitsubishi A500 7.5kw inverter
FR-A540-0.4KMitsubishi Inverter
FR-A540-0.4K-ECMitsubishi A500 0.75KW Inverter
FR-A540-0.75KMitsubishi Freqrol-A500 0.75Kw Drive
FR-A540-11K-12Mitsubishi 11kW Inverter
FR-A540-11K-ECMitsubishi A500 11kW Inverter
FR-A540-1.5KMitsubishi Inverter
FR-A540-1.5K-ECMitsubishi A500 1.5Kw Inverter
FR-A540-15K-ECMitsubishi A500 15Kw Inverter
FR-A540-18.5K-ECMitsubishi A500 18.5Kw Inverter
FR-A540-18K-ECMitsubishi A500 18Kw Inverter
FR-A540-22KMitsubishi A500 22KW Inverter
FR-A540-2.2KMitsubishi 2.2Kw A500 Drive
FR-A540-2.2K-ECMitsubishi A500 2.2Kw Inverter
FR-A540-22K-ECMitsubishi A500 22Kw Inverter
FR-A540-30KMitsubishi A500 30Kw Inverter
FR-A540-30K-ECMitsubishi A500 30Kw Inverter
FR-A540-3.7KMitsubishi Inverter
FR-A540-3.7K-ECMitsubishi A500 3.7Kw Inverter
FR-A540-37K-ECMitsubishi A500 37Kw Inverter
FR-A540-3.7K-NAMitsubishi 3.7kW Inverter
FR-A540-45K-ECMitsubishi A500 45Kw Inverter
FR–A540-5.5KMitsubishi Inverter
FR-A540-55K-ECMitsubishi A500 55kW Inverter
FR-A540-5.5K-ECMitsubishi A500 5.5Kw Inverter
FR-A540-7.5KMitsubishi Freqrol -A500 7.5KW Inverter
FR-A540-7.5K-12Mitsubishi 7.5kW A500 Inverter
FR-A540-7.5K-ECMitsubishi 7.5kW A500 Inverter
FR-A540L-110K-EC3Phase Constant & Variable Torque
FR-A540L-132K-EC3Phase Constant & Variable Torque
FR-A540L-160K-EC3Phase Constant & Variable Torque
FR-A540L-220K-EC3Phase Constant & Variable Torque
FR-A540L-280K-EC3Phase Constant & Variable Torque
FR-A540L-375K-EC3Phase Constant & Variable Torque
FR-A540L-450K-EC3Phase Constant & Variable Torque
FR-A540L-65K-EC3Phase Constant & Variable Torque
FR-A540L-75K75KW Inverter
FR-A540L-75K-E175Kw Inverter
FR-A540L-75K-EC3Phase Constant & Variable Torque
FR-A540L-90K-EC3Phase Constant & Variable Torque
FR-A5APMitsubishi Encoder Card Option
FR-A5CBL 2,5Mitsubishi 2.5 Inverter Connection Cable
FR-A5NCCC-Link interface for A500 and F500 inverters
FR-A5NDDeviceNet interface for A500 and F500 inverters
FR-A5NPAProfibus interface for A500 and F500 inverters
FRA720-00175NA 3.7 KWMitsubishi Inverter
FR-A720-0.4Frequol- A700 Series Inverter
FR-A720-2.2Kfrequency inverter
FR-A720-5.5kfrequency inverter
FR-A740-00023-ECA700 Three phase High Specification inverter 1.5A
FR-A740-00038-ECA700(0.4kW)Three phase High Specification inverter 2.5A
FR-A740-00052-ECA700(0.75kW)Three phase High Specification inverter 4A
FR-A740-00083-ECA700(1.5kW)Three phase High Specification inverter 6A
FR-A740-00126-ECA700(2.2kW)Three phase High Specification inverter 9A
FR-A740-00170-ECA700(3.7kW)Three phase High Specification inverter 12A
FR-A740-00250-ECMitsubishi(5.5kW) A700 Three phase High Specification
FR-A740-00310-ECA700InverterThree17Aphase(7.5kW)High Specification inverter 23A
FR-A740-00310-INA700(11kW)Three phase High Specification inverter 23A
FR-A740-00380-ECA700(11kW)Three phase High Specification inverter 31A
FR-A740-00470-ECA700(15kW)Three phase High Specification inverter 38A
FR-A740-00620-ECA700(18.5kW)Three phase High Specification inverter 44A
FR-A740-1.5K-CHTMitsubishi A700 Inverter
FR-A7ALEncoder master slave function pulse train in and out
FR-A7APpulseEncoderdividerfeedbackfunction.forA700 inverters
FR-A7ARRelay output function for A & F700 inverters
FR-A7AX12-bit digital input function for A & F700 inverters
FR-A7AYExpanded digital and alogue output for A & F700
FR-A7NCinvertersCC-Linkinterface for A & F700 inverters
FR-A7NCACANopen interface for A700 Inverters
FR-A7NDDeviceNet interface for A & F700 inverters
FR-A7NDDeviceNet interface for A & F700 inverters
FR-A7N-ETHMultiprotocol Interface; Modbus TCP; Ethernet/IP
FR-A7NLProfinet;LONWorksBACNetinterfacetoModbusforA&F700RTUforinvertersE7/F7/A700 ?
FR-A7NPProfibus interface for A & F700 inverters
FR-A7NSSSCNETIII interface for A700 inverters
FR-A7N-XLTJonson controls Metasys?N2 Siemens FLN and Modbus
FR-A7PSRTU12V EncoderinterfacepowercardforsupplyNAtypeterminalA& F700block forinvertersA700
FR-ABR-04 KExternalinvertersbrake resistor for FR-E520S 0.4K
FR-ABR-04 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E520S 0.4K
FR-ABR-075 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E520S 0.75K
FR-ABR-075 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E520S 0.75K
FR-ABR-22 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E520S 2.2K
FR-ABR-22 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E520S 2.2K
FR-ABR-H04 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E540 FR-A540 FR-A740
FR-ABR-H04 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E540 FR-A540 FR-A740
FR-ABR-H075 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E540 FR-A540 FR-A740
FR-ABR-H075 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E540 FR-A540 FR-A740
FR-ABR-H11 KExternal brake resistor for FR-A740
FR-ABR-H15 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E540 FR-A540 FR-A740
FR-ABR-H15 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E540 FR-A540 FR-A740
FR-ABR-H22 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E540 FR-A540 FR-A740
FR-ABR-H22 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E540 FR-A540 FR-A740
FR-ABR-H22 KExternal brake resistor for FR-A740
FR-ABR-H37 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E540 FR-A540 FR-A740
FR-ABR-H37 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E540 FR-A540 FR-A740
FR-ABR-H55 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E540 FR-A540 FR-A740
FR-ABR-H55 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E540 FR-A540 FR-A740
FR-ABR-H75 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E540 FR-A540 FR-A740
FR-ABR-H75 KExternal brake resistor for FR-E540 FR-A540 FR-A740
FR-ADPFR-CB cable adaptor for use with the FR-DU07
FR-AF740-00770-ECA700 Three phase High Specification inverter 57A
chassisFR-AF740-00770-EC(30kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 57A
chassisFR-AF740-00770-EC(30kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 77A (37kW)
chassisFR-AF740-00770-ECF700 Three phase standard duty inverter 77A (37kW)
chassisFR-AF740-00930-ECA700 Three phase High Specification inverter 71A
chassisFR-AF740-00930-EC(37kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 71A
chassisFR-AF740-00930-EC(37kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 93A (45kW)
chassisFR-AF740-00930-ECF700 Three phase standard duty inverter 93A (45kW)
chassisFR-AF740-01160-ECA700 Three phase High Specification inverter 86A
chassisFR-AF740-01160-EC(45kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 86A
chassisFR-AF740-01160-EC(45kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 116A (55kW)
chassisFR-AF740-01160-ECF700 Three phase standard duty inverter 116A (55kW)
chassisFR-AF740-01800-ECA700 Three phase High Specification inverter 110A
chassisFR-AF740-01800-EC(55kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 110A
chassisFR-AF740-01800-EC(55kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 180A (90kW)
chassisFR-AF740-01800-ECF700 Three phase standard duty inverter 180A (90kW)
chassisFR-AF740-02160-ECA700 Three phase High Specification inverter 144A
chassisFR-AF740-02160-EC(75kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 144A
chassisFR-AF740-02160-EC(75kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 216A
chassisFR-AF740-02160-EC(110kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 216A
chassisFR-AF740-02600-EC(110kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 180A
chassisFR-AF740-02600-EC(90kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 180A
chassisFR-AF740-02600-EC(90kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 260A
chassisFR-AF740-02600-EC(132kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 260A
chassisFR-AF740-03250-EC(132kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 216A
chassisFR-AF740-03250-EC(110kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 216A
chassisFR-AF740-03250-EC(110kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 325A
chassisFR-AF740-03250-EC(160kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 325A
chassisFR-AF740-03610-EC(160kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 260A
chassisFR-AF740-03610-EC(132kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 260A
chassisFR-AF740-03610-EC(132kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 361A
chassisFR-AF740-03610-EC(185kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 361A
chassisFR-AF740-04320-EC(185kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 325A
chassisFR-AF740-04320-EC(160kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 325A
chassisFR-AF740-04320-EC(160kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 432A
chassisFR-AF740-04320-EC(220kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 432A
chassisFR-AF740-04810-EC(220kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 361A
FR-AF740-04810-ECA700 Three phase High Specification inverter 361A
chassisFR-AF740-04810-EC(185kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 481A
chassisFR-AF740-04810-EC(250kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 481A
chassisFR-AF740-05470-EC(250kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 432A
chassisFR-AF740-05470-EC(220kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 432A
chassisFR-AF740-05470-EC(220kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 547A
chassisFR-AF740-05470-EC(280kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 547A
chassisFR-AF740-06100-EC(280kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 481A
chassisFR-AF740-06100-EC(250kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 481A
chassisFR-AF740-06100-EC(250kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 610A
chassisFR-AF740-06100-EC(315kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 610A
chassisFR-AF740-06830-EC(315kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 547A
chassisFR-AF740-06830-EC(280kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 547A
chassisFR-AF740-06830-EC(280kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 683A
chassisFR-AF740-06830-EC(355kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 683A
chassisFR-AF740-07700-EC(355kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 610A
chassisFR-AF740-07700-EC(315kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 610A
chassisFR-AF740-07700-EC(315kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 770A
chassisFR-AF740-07700-EC(400kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 770A
chassisFR-AF740-08660-EC(400kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 683A
chassisFR-AF740-08660-EC(355kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 683A
chassisFR-AF740-08660-EC(355kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 866A
chassisFR-AF740-08660-EC(451kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 866A
chassisFR-AF740-09620-EC(451kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 770A
chassisFR-AF740-09620-EC(400kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 770A
chassisFR-AF740-09620-EC(400kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 962A
chassisFR-AF740-09620-EC(500kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 962A
chassisFR-AF740-10940-EC(500kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 866A
chassisFR-AF740-10940-EC(450kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 866A
chassisFR-AF740-10940-EC(450kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 1094A
chassisFR-AF740-10940-EC(560kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 1094A
chassisFR-AF740-12120-EC(560kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 962A
chassisFR-AF740-12120-EC(500kW)A700Three phase High Specification inverter 962A
chassisFR-AF740-12120-EC(500kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 1212A
chassisFR-AF740-12120-EC(630kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 1212A
FR-B-1500Mitsubishi Inverter
FR-BAL-B-11K/-15KInput reactor for FR-F740-00250?00310
FR-BAL-B-37KInput reactor for FR-F740-00770/FR-A740-00930
FR-BAL-B-4.0KInput reactor for FR-E540-0.4 to 3.7K
FR-BAL-B-55KInput reactor for FR-F740-01160/FR-A740-01800
FR-BAL-B-5.5KInput reactor for FR-E540-5.5 FR-F740-00126
FR-BAL-B-7.5KFR-A740-00170Inputreactorfor FR-E540-7.5 FR-F740-00170
FR-BSF01Small ferrite
FR-BU-H15KMitsubishi Brake Unit
FR-CA70-ECA700 Control Card for FR-AF740-00770 to 01800
FR-CA70-ECTA700 Control Card for FR-AF740-02160 to 12120
FR-CB201FR-PU04 & PU07 extension cable 1 metre
FR-CB201-ADP KITFR-DU07 extension cable with FR-ADP adaptor 1 metre
FR-CB203FR-PU04 & PU07 extension cable 3 metre
FR-CB203-ADP KITFR-DU07 extension cable with FR-ADP adaptor 3 metre
FR-CB205FR-PU04 & PU07 extension cable 5 metre
FR-CB205-ADP KITFR-DU07 extension cable with FR-ADP adaptor 5 metre
FR-CB2-485RS-485 communication multidrop cable and connector.
FRCB-L055 Meter Lead Cable
FR-CF70-ECF700 Control Card for FR-AF740-00770 to 01160
FR-CF70-ECTF700 Control Card for FR-AF740-01800 to 12120
FR-ConfiguratorSet-up and monitoring only software for F700 and
FR-D720S-008-ECINVERTER Input: 23A 1PH / Output: 0.8A 3PH /
FR-D720S-008-EC-SET0.2-400HzIncludesFR-D720S-008-EC inverter Radio filter and
0.1KWFR-D720S-014-EC0.2kWbreakerSingle phase high performance micro inverter
FR-D720S-014-EC-SET1.4AIncludes FR-D720S-014-EC inverter Radio filter and
0.2KWFR-D720S-025-EC0.4kWbreakerSingle phase high performance micro inverter
FRD-720S025ECMitsubishi2.5A 0.4KW 1PH Inverter
FR-D720S-025-EC-SETIncludes FR-D720S-025-EC inverter Radio filter and
0.4KWFR-D720S-042-ECMitsubishibreaker 0.75kW Single phase high performance
FR-D720S-042-EC-SETmicroIncludesinverterFR-D720S-042-EC4.2A inverter Radio filter and
0.75KWFR-D720S-070-EC1.5kWbreakerSingle phase high performance micro inverter
FR-D720S-070-EC-SET7AIncludes FR-D720S-070-EC inverter Radio filter and
1.5KWFR-D720S-100-EC2.2kWbreakerSingle phase high performance micro inverter
FR-D720S-100-EC-SET10AIncludes FR-D720S-100-EC inverter Radio filter and
2.2KWFR-D740-012-EC0.4kWbreakerThree phase high performance micro inverter
FR-D740-022-EC0.75kW1.2A Three phase high performance micro inverter
FR-D740-036-EC1.5kW2.2A Three phase high performance micro inverter
FR-D740-050-EC2.2kW3.6A Three phase high performance micro inverter
FR-D740-080-EC3.7kW5A Three phase high performance micro inverter
FR-D740-120-EC5.5kW8A Three phase high performance micro inverter
FR-D740-160-EC7.5kW12A Three phase high performance micro inverter
FR-D-Sub9-A7NP9-Pin16A connector for A7NP Profibus card
FR-DU07Simple keypad – standard with each A & F700 inverter
FR-DU07-IP54IP54 version Simple keypad
FR-E520-0.1KN0.1kW High performance CC-Link type compact
FR-E520-0.2KN0.2kWinverter.High performance CC-Link type compact
FR-E520-0.4KN0.4kW High performance CC-Link type compact
FR-E520-0.75KN0.75kWinverter High performance CC-Link type compact
FR-E520-1.5KINVERTERinverter 240VAC 1.5KW 2-HP CCLINK
FR-E520-1.5K-ECMitsubishi 1.5KW Inverter
FR-E520-1.5KN1.5kW High performance CC-Link type compact
FRE5202.2KECMitsubishiinverter 2.2k/w 220v 3ph AC Drive
FR-E520-2.2KN2.2kW High performance CC-Link type compact
FR-E520-3.7KN3.7kWinverterHigh performance CC-Link type compact
FR-E520-5.5KN5.5kWinverterHigh performance CC-Link type compact
FR-E520-7.5KN7.5kWinverterHigh performance CC-Link type compact
FRE 520S2.2 Kw Inverter c/w Keypad
FR-E520S-0.4K-EC1Phase High Performance Compact
FR-E520S-0.4K-EC0.4kW Single phase high performance compact
FR-E520S-0.4K-SETIncludesinverter2.5AE520S-0.4K-EC inverter keypad breaker and
FR-E520S-0.75K-ECMitsubishifilter(0.4kW0.75kWinverter)Single Phase 4A Inverter
FR-E520S-0.75K-SETIncludes E520S-0.75K-EC inverter keypad breaker and
FR-E520S-1.5K-ECMitsubishifilter(0.75kW1.5kWinverter)Single Phase 8A Compact Inverter
FR-E520S-1.5K-SETIncludes E520S-1.5K-EC inverter keypad breaker and
FR-E520S-2.2K-EC2.2kW Single phase high performance compact
FR-E520S-2.2K-SETIncludesinverter11AE520S-2.2K-EC inverter keypad breaker and
FR-E540filter2.2k (2.2kW inverter)
FR-E540-0.4K-CHTMitsubishi 0.4KW Inverter
FR-E540-0.4K-EC0.4kW Three phase high performance compact
FR-E540-0.75KMitsubishiinverter1.6AInverter FR-E540-0.75K
FR-E540-0.75K-EC0.75kW Three phase high performance compact
FR-E540-0.75KECMitsubishiinverter2.6A3Phase Inverter
FR-E540-1 5K-CNinverter
FR-E540-1.5K-ECMitsubishi 1.5kW Three Phase 4A Inverter
FR-E540-2.2KMitsubhishi 2.2kw inverter
FR-E540-2.2K-ECMitsubishi 2.2kW Three Phase 6A Compact Inverter
FRE5402.2KEC2.2kW Three phase high performance compact
FR-E540-3.7KFreqrol-E500inverter6A Series 3.7Kw Inverter
FR-E540-3.7K-CHT3.7kW Three phase high performance compact
FR-E540-3.7K-ECMitsubishiinverter9.5A3.7kW 9.5A Compact Inverter
FR-E540-5.5K-ECMitsubishi 5.5Kw E540 Inverter
FR-E540-7.5K-CHTMitsubishi 7.5 Kw Inverter
FR-E540-7.5K-EC7.5kW Three phase high performance compact
FR-E540-7.5K-NAE500inverter7.5KW17A Inverter
FR-E5MDRS-485 Multidrop card for E500 inverters not KN type
FR-E5NCCC-Link interface for E500 inverters not KN type
FR-E5NDDeviceNET interface for E500 inverters not KN type
FR-E5NPProfibus interface for E500 inverters not KN type
FR-E5PKeypad Backplate for FR-PA02-02
FR-E720S-030-ECMitsubishi Single Phase 0.4kW Inverter
FR-E720S080SC-ECMitsubish Drive
FR-E740-120-ECMitsubishi Drive 5.5kW 12A 3 Phase
FR-E740-170ECMitsubishi inverter
FR-E-H3700VVVF Inverter
Frequol3.0KW inverter single phase input 240V
FR-F4018.5K-ECMitsubishi 18.5K Inverter
FR-F420Mitsubishi F400 Freqrol 3.7kW 220V 3 Phase
FR-F440-30KMitsubishi Freqrol F400 30Kw Inverter
FR-F540-15K-ECMitsubishi 15Kw inverter
FR-F54018.5K-ECMitsubishi 18.5K Inverter
FR-F540-22k-EC22kw Inverter
FR-F740-00023-ECF700 Three phase standard duty inverter 2.3A
FR-F740-00038-EC(0.75kW)F700Three phase standard duty inverter 3.8A (1.5kW)
FR-F740-00052-ECMitsubishi F700 Three Phase 2.2kW Inverter
FR-F740-00083-ECF700 Three phase standard duty inverter 8.3A (3.7kW)
FR-F740-00126-ECF700 Three phase standard duty inverter 12.6A
FR-F740-00170-ECF700(5.5kW)Three phase standard duty inverter 17A (7.5kW)
FR-F740-00250-ECF700 Three phase standard duty inverter 25A (11kW)
FR-F740-00310-ECF700 Three phase standard duty inverter 31A (15kW)
FR-F740-00380-ECF700 Three phase standard duty inverter 38A
FR-F740-00470-ECMitsubishi(18.5kW) F700 47A (22kW) Three Phase Inverter
FR-F740-00620-ECF700 Three phase standard duty inverter 62A (30kW)
FR-F740-01160-ECMitsubishi F700 Series 55kW Inverter
FR-F740-5.5kFRF74000126EC – MITSUBISHI (156573) VT THREE
FR-F740-55kLD-11.5inverter AMPS (5.5KW)
FR-F740-5.5K-CHT1Mitsubishi F700 5.5kw inverter.
FR-F740-7.5K-CHT1Mitsubishi 7.5Kw F700 Drive
FR-F740-7.5KWMitsubishi 7.5Kw F700 Inverter
FR-F746-00023-ECF746 Three phase IP54 standard duty inverter 2.3A
(0.75KW)FR-F746-00038-EC(0.75kW)F746Three phase IP54 standard duty inverter 3.8A
(1.5KW)FR-F746-00052-EC(1.5kW)F746Three phase IP54 standard duty inverter 5.2A
(2.2KW)FR-F746-00083-EC(2.2kW)F746Three phase IP54 standard duty inverter 8.3A
(3.7KW)FR-F746-00126-EC(3.7kW)F746Three phase IP54 standard duty inverter 12.6A
FR-F746-00170-ECF746 Three phase IP54 standard duty inverter 17A
(7.5KW)FR-F746-00250-EC(7.5kW)F746Three phase IP54 standard duty inverter 25A
(11KW)FR-F746-00310-EC(11kW)F746Three phase IP54 standard duty inverter 31A
(15KW)FR-F746-00380-EC(15kW)F746Three phase IP54 standard duty inverter 38A
(18.5KW)FR-F746-00470-EC(18.5kW)F746Three phase IP54 standard duty inverter 47A
(22KW)FR-F746-00620-EC(22kW)F746Three phase IP54 standard duty inverter 62A
(30KW)FR-F746-00770-EC(30kW)F746Three phase IP54 standard duty inverter 77A
(37KW)FR-F746-00930-EC(37kW)F746Three phase IP54 standard duty inverter 93A
(45KW)FR-F746-01160-EC(45kW)F746Three phase IP54 standard duty inverter 116A
FR-FSU-01800-RE250Floor Standing Unit for A/F740-01160 to 01800
FR-FSU-02600ElectronicFloorStandingTripMCCB;UnitforNF250-SGWA/F740-021603P up to 02600
FR-FSU-02600-RE250Floor Standing Unit for A/F740-02160 Electronic Trip
FR-FSU-02600-RE400FloortypeMCCB;StandingNF250-SGWUnitforA/F740-026003P with Electronic
FR-FSU-03610TripFloortypeStandingMCCB;UnitNF400-SEPforA/F740-032503P200-400Aupto 03610
FR-FSU-03610-RE400Floor Standing Unit for A/F740-03250 – 03610 with
FR-FSU-04810ElectronicFloorStandingTriptypeUnit forMCCB;A/F740-04320NF400-SEPup3Pto200-400A04810
FR-FSU-04810-RE630Floor Standing Unit for A/F740-04320 – 04810 with
FR-FSU-06830ElectronicFloorStandingTriptypeUnit forMCCB;A/F740-05470NF630-SEPup3Pto300-630A06830
FR-FSU-06830-RE630Floor Standing Unit for A/F740-05470 with Electronic
FR-FSU-06830-RE800FloorTriptypeStandingMCCB;UnitNF630-SEPforA/F740-061003P300-630A-06830 with
FR-FSU-08660ElectronicFloorStandingTriptypeUnit forMCCB;A/F740-07700NF800-SEPup3Pto400-800A08660
FR-FSU-08660-RE1000Floor Standing Unit for A/F740-07700 – 08660 with
FR-HC-H15K KITElectronicZeroHarmonicTriptypeConverterMCCB;andNF1000-SSregeneration3P500-1000Aoption31A
FR-HC-H30K KITZero Harmonic Converter and regeneration option 57A
FR-HC-H55K KITZero Harmonic Converter and regeneration option
FR-HC-H7.5K KITZero110AHarmonic Converter and regeneration option 17A
FR-K-1500BMitsubishi Freqrol 8 Amp Inverter
FR-K-H5.5K5.5Kw Inverter
FRPA-0202Parameter unit
FR-PA07Simple keypad
FR-PU01Handheld Programmer
FR-PU01EHandheld Programmer
FR-PU02E-1Mitsubishi Parameter Unit for A140
FR-PU02ER-1Mitsubishi Parameter Unit for A140
FR-PU03EMitsubishi Parameter Unit for A024/A044
Fr-PU04Mitsubishi Handheld Programmer
FR-PU0710 Key parameter unit with extended functions for
FR-RC-H15KF700External regenerative converter for upto 15kW
FR-RC-H30KExternal regenerative converter for upto 30kW
FR-RC-H55KExternal regenerative converter for upto 55kW
FR-RJ45-HUB10RS485 10 port hub
FR-RJ45-HUB4RS485 4 port hub
FR-RJ45-TRRS485 terminal resistor
FR-S520-1.5KS500 1.5KW Inverter
FR-S520E-0.4Freqrol-S500 0.4kw inverter
FR-S520E-1.5K-ECMitsubishi 1.5kw inverter
FR-S520E-2.2KMitsubishi 2.2kw inverter
FR-S520S-0.2K-ECS500 Series 0.2Kw Inverter
FR-S520S-0.2K-ECR1Phase High Function Inverter
FR-S520S-0.4K-ECS500 Series 0.4Kw Inverter
FR-S520S-0.4K-ECRMitsubishi 0.4Kw Inverter
FR-S520S-0.75K-ECS500 Series 0.75Kw Inverter
FR-S520S-0.75K-RMitsubishi 0.75KW Inverter
FR-S520S-0.75KWS500 Series 0.75Kw Inverter
(UNFILTERED)FRS520-SEMitsubishi FRS 520-SE 1.5kw Inverter
FR-S520SE-0Mitsubishi 0.4Kw Inverter
FR-S520SE-0.2K-EC0.2kW Single phase micro inverter FR-PU04
FR-S520SE-0.2K-SETIncludescompatibleS520SE-0.2K-EC1.4A inverter breaker and filter
FR-S520SE-0.4K-CHTInverter(0.2kW inverter)
FR-S520SE-0.4K-EC0.4Kw Inverter
FR-S520-SE0.4K-EC0.4kW Single phase micro inverter FR-PU04
FR-S520SE-0.4K-SETIncludescompatibleS520SE-0.4K-EC2.5A inverter breaker and filter
FR-S520SE-0.75K-EC0.75kW(0.4kWSingleinverter)phase micro inverter FR-PU04
FR-S520SE-0.75K-SETIncludescompatibleS520SE-0.75K-EC4.1A inverter breaker and filter
FR-S520SE-1.5K-CHTPower(0.75kW1.5 inverter)kw
FR-S520SE-1.5K-EC1.5kWInput: 17.4ASingle1PHphaseAC200-240Vmicroinverter60hrz,FR-PU04Output is 7.4A
FR-S540-0.75KMitsubishicompatibleS5007.0A0.75Kw Inverter
FR-S540E-0.4K-EC0.4kW Three phase micro inverter FR-DU04
FR-S540E-0.75K-EC0.75kWcompatibleThree1.3Aphase micro inverter FR-DU04
FR-S540E-1.5K-EC1.5kWcompatibleThree2.5Aphase micro inverter FR-DU04
FR-S540E-2.2K-EC2.2kWcompatibleThree4.1Aphase micro inverter FR-DU04
FR-S540E-3.7KMitsubishicompatible3.7KW5.8A Inverter
FR-S540E-3.7K-EC3.7kW Three phase micro inverter FR-DU04
FR-SB-2-7.5KFRSBcompatibleFreqrol8.5ASpindle Drive
FR-SB2A-7.5KFreqrol FR-SB Inverter
FR-SEFreqrol AC Spindle Drive
FR-SE-2-11KMitsubishi FR Spindle Drive
FR-SE-2-15KMitsubishi Freqrol AC Spindle Controller
FR-SE-2-18.5KMitsubishi Freqrol FR-SE 18.5kW Spindle Drive
FR-SE-2-22KMitsubishi Freqrol AC Spindle Drive
FR-SE-2-22K-A-C-EMitsubishi Freqrol AC Spindle Drive
FR-SE-2-26K-CSpindle Controller
FR-SE-2-5.5KMitsubishi Freqrol 5.5Kw
FR-SE-2-5.5K-A-CFreqrol 5.5Kw Servodrive
FR-SE-2-7.5K-BN401UMitsubishi Freqrol FR-SE Spindle Drive
FR-SF-2-11KMitsubishi FR-SF Spindle Drive
FR-SF-2-11K-CAC Spindle Drive
FR-SF-2-11KPMitsubishi Spindle Drive
FR-SF-2-11KP-BCMitsubishi Spindle Drive
FR-SF-2-11KP-CMitsubishi Spindle Unit
FR-SF-2-11KP-DCMitsubishi FR-SF AC Spindle Drive
FR-SF-2-11KP-RCMitsubishi FR-SF Freqrol Spindle Controller
FR-SF-2-11KP-TCFreqrol Servodrive
FR-SF-2-11K-TMitsubishi Freqrol AC Spindle Controller FR-SF
FR-SF-2-15K-CMitsubishi Freqrol FR-SF Spindle Drive
FR-SF-2-15K-TCMitsubishi Freqrol FR-SF Spindle Drive
FR-SF-2-18.5KP-BCG18.5kw Spindle Drive
FR-SF-2-18.5KP-RCFreqrol AC spindle controller
FR-SF-2-18.5KP-TCGMitsubishi Freqrol AC Spindle Controller
FR-SF-2-22K-TMitsubishi Freqrol FR-SF Spindle Drive
FR-SF-2-26KMitsubishi Freqrol 26kW Spindle Drive
FR-SF-2-45K-BCGSpindle Drive
FR-SF-4-11K-HRMitsubishi Freqrol FR-SF Spindle Drive
FR-SF-4-11KP-BCMitsubishi Freqrol FR-SF Spindle Drive
FR-SF-4-18.5KP-BC0Mitsubishi Freqrol FR-SF Spindle Drive
FR-SF-4-18.5KP-TMitsubishi Freqrol FR-SF Spindle Drive
FR-SF-4-26KP-TMitsubishi Freqrol FR-SF AC Spindle Controller
FR-SF-4-26KP-TE26Kw Servodrive
FR-SF-4-7.5 KP-TMitsubishi Freqrol AC Spindle Control
FR-SFJ-2-3.7K-TMitsubishi AC Spindle Controller
FR-SFJ/SGJ-2-5.5K.7.5KMitsubishi Electric Resistor Brake Unit R-UNIT-2
FR-SGJ-2-7.5KFreqrol AC Spindle Controller FR-SGJ
FR-SR-11KP-CMitsubishi AC Spindle Drive
FR-SX-2-1.1KMitsubishi Spindle Drive
FR-SX-2-22KMitsubishi Freqrol 22Kw Spindle Drive
FR-T623-7.5KVA-AKInverter 3.5KW 300VDC
FR-U120-1.5KFreqrol-U100 1.5KW Inverter
FR-U120S-0Freqrol-U100 0.75k/w AC Drive
FR-U120S-0.2K-ERInverter Drive
FR-U120S-0.4-ER0.4kw Freqrol-U100 inverter
FR-U120S-0.4K-ERMitsubishi Freqrol -U100 0.4KW Inverter
FR-U120S-0.75K-ER0.75kW INVERTER
FR-U120S-N0.2K-EC0.22KW inverter 240v s.phase
FR-U120S-N0.4K-ECFreqrol-U100 0.4KW Inverter
FR-U120S-N0.75K-ECFreqrol U100 0.75Kw Inverter
FR-U120S-NO.4K-ECMitsubishi 0.4Kw Inverter
FR-UDA01Adapter for mounting the S500 inverters on DIN rail
FR-UDA02S520SEAdapter 0.75Kformountingandbelowthe S500 inverters on DIN rail
FR-V240E-11KVector Drive
FR-V240E-1.5KVector Drive
FR-V240E-15KVector Drive
FR-V240E-18.5KVector Drive
FR-V240E-2.2KVector Drive
FR-V240E-22KVector Drive
FR-V240E-30KVector Drive
FR-V240E-37KVector Drive
FR-V240E-45KVector Drive
FR-V240E-5.5KVector Drive
FR-V240E-5.7KVector Drive
FR-V240E-7.5KVector Drive
FR-V420E-3.7KVector Drive
FR-V540-1.5K-NAMitsubishi V500 1.5kw Vector Drive
FR-V540 2.2kinverter
FR-VPBPosition Control Unit
FR-Z024-0.2KMitsubishi FR-Z Series 0.2Kw Inverter
FR-Z024-0.4K0.4kw Inverter
FR-Z024-0.4K-ULMitsubishi Z024-0.4K 1/2HP Inverter
FR-Z024-0.75KMitsubishi Freqrol FR-Z Series 0.75 kw Inverter
FR-Z024-1.5KMitsubishi Freqrol 1.5KW Inverter
FR-Z024-3.7K3.7Kw inverter
FR-Z024-S0.37KMitsubishi Freqrol 0.37kw Drive
FR-Z024-S0.75KMitsubishi Freqrol FR-Z Series 0.75 kw Inverter
FR-Z024-S1.5KFreqrol inverter 1.5 kW
FR-Z024-S2.2KMitsubishi 2.2KW Inverter
FR-Z120-1.5KMitsubishi 1.5kW Drive
FR-Z120-S0.75K0.75kw Freqrol -Z120 240V
FR-Z120-S1.5KFreqrol-Z120 1.5KW Inverter
FR-Z120-S3.OKMitsubishi Freqrol -Z120 3kw inverter
FR-Z120-S3 OK-AFFrequol Z120 Inverter
FR-Z220-0.4KMitsubishi Frequrol 0.4kW Inverter
FR-Z220-0.75KPFreqrol Z200 0.75KW AC Drive
FR-Z220-11KMitsubishi Freqrol Z200 11KW Drive
FR-Z220-1.5KP1.5 kW Freqrol
FR-Z220-1.5K-ULFreqrol-Z200 2HP Inverter
FR-Z220-2.2KMitsubishi Freqrol Z200 2.2Kw Inverter
FR-Z220-3.7KWMitsubishi Freqrol 3.7KW Z200 Inverter
FR-Z220-5.5K-ULMitsubishi Frequel 7.5KW drive
FR-Z220-7.5KMitsubishi Frequel 7.5KW drive
FR-Z240-15K-ERMitsubishi Z200 15Kw Drive
FR-Z240-2.2K-ERFreqrol Z200 2.2kw inverter
FR-Z240-22K-ERMitsubishi Freqrol Z200 22Kw Inverter
FR-Z240-2.2KWKP.EPMitsubishi Freqrol Z200 2.2Kw Inverter
FR-Z240-30K-ERMitsubishi Freqrol Z200 30Kw Inverter
FR-Z240-37-ERMitsubishi Freqrol Z200 37Kw Inverter
FR-Z240-3.7KMitsubishi Freqrol Z200 3.7Kw Inverter
FR-Z240-3OK-ULMitsubishi Freqrol Z200 40 HP Inverter
FR-Z240-4.0K-ERMitsubishi Freqrol Z200 4.0Kw Inverter
FR-Z240-4.OK-ERMitsubishi Freqrol Z200 4KW Inverter
FR-Z240-5.5K-ERMisubishi 5.5kw FREQROL z200 Inverter
FR-Z240-55K-ERMisubishi 55kw FREQROL z200 Inverter
FRZ240-7 5KERMitsubishi Freqrol Z200 series 7.5KW Drive
FR-Z240-7.5K-ER7.5kW Inverter
FRZ240-7.5KPMitsubishi 7.5 kW Freqrol Inverter
FR-Z300Mitsubishi Freqrol Z300 inverter
FR-Z320-11KFreqrol Z300 inverter 11kW
FR-Z320-11K-ULMitsubishi Freqrol Z300 11KW Inverter
FR-Z320-3 7K-ULInverter
FR-Z340-11K-ERMitsubishi Freqrol Z300 11Kw Inverter
FR-Z340-2.2K-ERMitsubishi Freqrol Z300 2.2Kw Inverter
FR-Z340-5.5K-ER5.5Kw Inverter
FR-Z340-5.5K-ULMitsubishi Freqrol Z300 5.5Kw Inverter
FR-Z340-7.5K-ERMitsubishi Freqrol Z300 7.5Kw Inverter
FT3420ETMitsubishi Industrial Touchscreen Monitor
FT3420ETL14 Colour Monitor
FTS1000S2D1-32Mitsubishi Thyristor Stack
Fuse HM32 32 AFuse HM32
40AFuse LM05 05AFuse LM05
FX0-10LDRProgram loader/transporter for FX0 / FX0S
FX0-14MR-ESMitsubishi PLC Brick
FX0-20MR-ESProgrammable contoller
FX0-20MT-DSS24 vdc transistor plc unit
FX0-30MR-ESMitsubishi PLC Brick
FX0-30MT-DSSMitsubishi PLC
FX0N-16EX-ES/UL16 inputs (24V DC)
FX0N-16EYR-ES/ULRelay output block – 16 points
FX0N-16EYT-ESS/ULTransistor output block – 16 points
FX0N-232ADPRS-232 No Protocol Communications port
FX0N-32NT-DPProfibus DP Interface (slave)
FX0N-3A2 channel input 0-10V 4-20mA 1 channel output 0-10V
FX0N-40MR-ESMitsubishi4-20mA PLC Brick
FX0N-485ADPRS-485 or RS-422 No Protocol communications port
FX0N-60MT-DSSMitsubishi Programmable Controller
FX0N-65ECOptional 650mm extension cable to extension blocks
FX0N-8EX-UA1/UL110V AC input block – 8 points
FX0S-10MR/ESMitsubishi Melsec
FX0S-14MR-ES/ULMitsubishi PLC, 8 IN, 6 RELAY OUT, 110V/24
FX0S-20MRMitsubshi FX0 Brick
FX0S-20MT-DSSMitsubishi FX0 PLC Brick
FX0S-30MR-DSMitsubishi Melsec
FX0S-30MR-ES/ULMitsubishi PLC CPU-E
FX-101APPLICApplication examples for the FX0 / FX0S / FX0N /
FX-10DM-E2FX2Cline/controlFX2NandandFXdisplay panel
FX-10DU-EData access unit inc. cable
FX-10PMitsubishi Melsec Programming Panel
FX-10P-EMitsubishi Melsec Programming Panel
FX10 PSU1 Amp power Supply
FX128 MR – ESMitsubishi 128 I/O Relay Module
FX-128MR-ESMitsubishi PLC Brick
FX-128MR-ES/ULMitsubishi FX-128MR PLC Brick
FX 128 MT – ESS128 I/O Transistor
FX-128MT-ESSMitsubishi PLC Brick
XNFX-16EX-ES16 Input 24 Volt DC
FX 16 EYR-ES16 output Relay
FX 16 EYS-ES16 Output Triac
FX 16 MR – ES16 I/O Relay
FX 16 MT – ESS16 I/O Transistor
FX16 NTFX Melsecnet/Mini Network
FX 16 YET-ESS16 O/T Transistor
FX1 HCHigh Speed Counter Module
FX1N-14MR-DS8 inputs (24V DC) 6 relay outputs 24V DC supply
FX1N-14MR-ES/UL8 inputs (24V DC) 6 relay outputs 100-240V AC supply
FX1N-14MT-DSS8 inputs (24V DC) 6 transistor outputs 24V DC supply
FX1N-1DA-BDDigital to analogue 1 channel 12 bit 0V to +10V
FX1N-232-BD4-20mARS232boardDC (non isolated)
FX1N-24MR-DS14 inputs (24V DC) 10 relay outputs 24V DC supply
FX1N-24MR-ES/UL14 inputs (24V DC) 10 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX1N-24MT-001Mitsubishisupply I/O Module
FX1N-24MT-DSS14 inputs (24V DC) 10 transistor outputs 24V DC
FX1N-2AD-BDsupplyAnalogue to digital 2 channel 12 bit 0V to +10V
FX1N-2EYT-BDTransistor4-20mADCoutput board – 2 points
FX1N-40MRMelsec Programmable Controller
FX1N-40MR-DS24 inputs (24V DC) 16 relay outputs 24V DC supply
FX1N-40MR-ES/UL24 Inputs/16 Outputs
FX1N-40MR-ES/UL24 inputs (24V DC) 16 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX1N-40MT-DSS24supplyinputs (24V DC) 16 transistor outputs 24V DC
FX1N-422-BDsupplyRS422 board (non isolated)
FX1N-485-BDRS 485 board (non isolated)
FX1N-4EX-BD24V DC input board – 4 points
FX1N-5DMPLC mounted maintenance display module for FX1S /
FX1N-60MRFX1NMitsubishi FX1N PLC Brick
FX1N-60MR-DS36 inputs (24V DC) 24 relay outputs 24V DC supply
FX1N-60MR-ES/ULMitsubishi Brick Type PLC
FX1N-60MT-DSS36 inputs (24V DC) 24 transistor outputs 24V DC
FX1N-8AV-BDsupply8channel analogue variable potentiometer setting
FX1N BATboardBattery for FX1N
FX1N-CNV-BDConverter board for connection to FX0N ADP modules
FX1N-EEPROM-8L8K step memory cassette with program loader /
FX1N Starter KitStartertransporterkit: FX1N-14-MR-ESfunctionforFX1SGX/FX1NDeveloper FX Software
FX1 PGCablePulseOutputSwitch ModuleStripPLC training book and Applications
FX-1PGprogrammable controller
FX-1PG-Eprogramable controller
FX1S-10MR-DS6 inputs (24V DC) 4 relay outputs 24V DC supply
FX1S-10MR-ES/UL6 inputs (24V DC) 4 relay outputs 100-240V AC supply
FX1S-10MT-DSS6 inputs (24V DC) 4 transistor outputs 24V DC supply
FX1S-14MR-DS8 inputs (24V DC) 6 relay outputs 24V DC supply
FX1S-14MR-ES/UL8 inputs (24V DC) 6 relay outputs 100-240V AC supply
FX1S-14MT-DSS8 inputs (24V DC) 6 transistor outputs 24V DC supply
FX1S-20MR-DS12 inputs (24V DC) 8 relay outputs 24V DC supply
FX1S-20MR-ES/UL12 inputs (24V DC) 8 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX1S-20MT-DSS12 inputs (24V DC) 8 transistor outputs 24V DC supply
FX1S-30MR-DS16 inputs (24V DC)14 relay outputs 24V DC supply
FX1S-30MR-ES/UL16 inputs (24V DC) 14 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX1S30MRES/ULsupplyMitsubishi FX1S PLC Brick
FX1S-30MT-DSS16 inputs (24V DC) 14 Transistor Outputs 24V DC
FX1S Starter KitStartersupply kit: FX1S-10-MR-ES GX Developer FX Software
FX 20 DUMitsubishiLB-IN Data Access Unit
FX-20-DU-CABMitsubishi 2 Meter Cable
FX20 DU-EFX Data Access Unit
FX-20DU-EMisubishi Melsec Programming Panel
FX 20MR-ESMitsubishi PLC
FX-20PMitsubishi Melsec Programming Panel
FX-20P-CABMitsubishi Programmable Controller
FX-20P-CAB01.5 metre from FX0 / FX0S to FX-20P-E / FX-10P-E
FX-20P-CABO1.5 metre from FX0 / FX0S to FX-20P-E / FX-10P-E
FX-20P-CADP0.3m adapter cable used together with MAC 40+ CAB
FX-20P-E-SET1Full function programmer 4 lines for All FX Family
FX-20P-MFXD-ESystemincludesupgradecable cartridge for FX-20P-E for use with all
FX-20PSUFX2AmpPLC’sPowerincludingSupplyFX1S / FX1N
FX-232ADPMitsubishi FX-232ADP Programmable Controller
FX 232 AWCRS 232 Communication Block
FX-232AWCRS232 to RS422 interface (opto-isolated)
FX-232CAB-1Programming cable F900/A900 GOT
FX2 40 AWSERIESParrelOutput Module
FX 24 MR – DS24 I/O Relay DC PWRD 24 V DC I/P
FX 24 MR – ES24 I/O Relay
FX 24 MR – UA124 I/O Relay
FX-24 MT – ESSMitsubishi 24 I/O Transistor PLC Brick
FX-25DU-EMitsubishi Data Access Unit
FX 2AD-PTTemperature Sensor Module
FX-2AD-PTMitsubishi PLC Expansion I/O
FX-2AD-PTMitsubishi Analog Module
FX 2DAMitsubishi FX D/A Converter Module 2 Channel
FX-2DAMitsubishi PLC Expansion Module
FX2N-10PGPulse train output module 1 channel 1Mpps maximum
FX2n-128MR-001Mitsubishi PLC
FX2N-128MR-ES/UL64 inputs (24V DC) 64 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-128MT-ESS/UL64supplyinputs (24V DC) 64 transistor outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-16CCL-MsupplyCC-Link master
FX2N-16EX-ES/UL16 inputs (24V DC)
FX2N-16EYR-ES/ULExtension block – 16 points relay output
FX2N-16EYT-ESS/ULTransistor output block – 16 points
FX2N-16LNK-MI/O Link Master module for FX0N and FX2N PLC’s
FX2N-16MR-DS8 inputs (24V DC) 8 relay outputs 24V DC supply
FX2N-16MR-ES/UL8 inputs (24V DC) 8 relay outputs 100-240V AC supply
FX2N-16MR-UA1/UL8 inputs (110V AC) 8 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-16MT-DSS8supplyinputs (24V DC) 8 transistor outputs 24V DC supply
FX2N-16MT-ESS/UL8 inputs (24V DC) 8 transistor outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-1HCsupplyHighspeed counter module. 1 channel 12 and AB
FX2N-1PG-EPulse train output module 1 channel 100kpps
FX2N-20PSUmaximum2Amp24 VDC power supply
FX2N-232-BDRS 232 board (non isolated)
FX2N-232IFRS232C Communications Interface block
FX2N-2ADAnalogue to digital 2 channel 12 bit 0V to +10V
FX2N-2DA4-20mADigitaltoDCanalogue 2 channel 12 bit 0V to +10V
FX2N-2LC4-20mADedicatedDC2 loop PID control block
FX2N-32ASI-MAS-i Master for FX Series PLC’s single network single
FX2N-32CANmasterCANopen Communications Module
FX2N-32CCLCC-Link Interface (slave)
FX2N-32DP-IFProfibus DP remote I/O station
FX2N-32DP-IF-DProfibus remote I/O block – uses standard FX0N and
FX2N-32ERFX2NMitsubishiI/OandFX2N-32MRanaloguePLCspecialBrickfunction block (except
FX2N-32ER-ES/UL16 inputs (24V DC) 16 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-32ET-ESS/UL16supplyinputs (24V DC) 16 transistor outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-32MR-DS16supplyinputs (24V DC) 16 relay outputs 24V DC supply
FX2N-32MRES/UL16 inputs (24V DC) 16 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-32MR-ES/ULsupply16inputs (24V DC) 16 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-32MR-UA1/ULsupply16inputs (110V AC) 16 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-32MT-DSS16supplyinputs (24V DC) 16 transistor outputs 24V DC
FX2N-32MT-ESS/UL16supplyinputs (24V DC) 16 transistor outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-422-BDsupplyRS422 board (non isolated)
FX2N-485-BDRS 485 board (non isolated)
FX2N-48ER-DS24 inputs (24V DC) 24 relay outputs 24V DC supply
FX2N-48ER-ES/UL24 inputs (24V DC) 24 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-48ER-UA1Extension Block
FX2N-48ER-UA1/UL24 inputs (110V AC) 24 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-48ET-DSS24supplyinputs (24V DC) 24 transistor outputs 24V DC
FX2N-48ET-ESS/UL24supplyinputs (24V DC) 24 transistor outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-48MPsupplyMitsubishi Melsec PLC
FX2N-48MR-001Mitsubishi 24 Channel PLC Brick
FX2N-48MR-DS24 inputs (24V DC) 24 relay outputs 24V DC supply
FX2N-48MR-ES/UL24 inputs (24V DC) 24 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-48MR-UA1/ULsupply24inputs (110V AC) 24 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-48MS-E/ULsupplyMitsubishi FX2N PLC Brick
FX2N-48MT-DSS24 inputs (24V DC) 24 transistor outputs 24V DC
FX2N-48MT-ESS/UL24supplyinputs (24V DC) 24 transistor outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-4ADsupplyAnalogue to digital 4 channel 12 bit -10V to +10V
FX2N-4AD-PT4-20mAPT100inputDC0-20mAblock4channelDC 12 bit 3 wire
FX2N-4AD-TC(temperatureTCinputblockinput)4channel 12 bit J and K thermocouples
FX2N-4DA(temperatureDigitaltoanalogueinput)4 channel 12 bit -10V to +10V
FX2N-5A4-20mAFXAnalogueDC Module – 1 Output Channel 4 Input
FX2N-64DNETChannelsDeviceNet Interface (slave)
FX2N-64MR-DS32 inputs (24V DC) 32 relay outputs 24V DC supply
FX2N-64MR-ES/UL32 inputs (24V DC) 32 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-64-MR-ES/ULMitsubishisupply 32 inputs (24V DC) 32 relay outputs
FX2N-64MR-UA1/UL100-240V32inputs(110VACsupplyAC) 32 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-64MTsupplyMelsec Transistor Unit
FX2N-64MT-DSS32 inputs (24V DC) 32 transistor outputs 24V DC
FX2N-64MT-ESS/UL32supplyinputs (24V DC) 32 transistor outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-80MRMitsubishi PLC Brick
FX2N-80MR-DS40 inputs (24V DC) 40 relay outputs 24V DC supply
FX2N-80MR-ES/UL40 inputs (24V DC) 40 relay outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-80MT-DSS40supplyinputs (24V DC) 40 transistor outputs 24V DC
FX2N-80MT-ESS/UL40supplyinputs (24V DC) 40 transistor outputs 100-240V AC
FX2N-8ADAnalogue to digital temperature/voltage/current input
FX2N-8AV-BD8Analoguechannelvariable16bit setting board 8 channel
FX2N-8ER-ES/ULpotentiometer4inputs(24VDC)setting&4boardRelay outputs block – 8 I/O
FX2N-8EX-ES/ULpoints8inputstotal(24V DC)
FX2N-8EYR-ES/ULRelay output block – 8 points
FX2N-8EYT-ESS/ULTransistor output block – 8 points
FX2NC-100BPCBCable for 24V DC supply to input units
FX2NC-100MPCBCable for 24V DC supply to CPU
FX2NC-10BPCB1Crossover cable for input units
FX2NC-16EX-DS16 Inputs (24V DC)
FX2NC-16EX-T-DS16 Inputs Screw terminal type (24V DC)
FX2NC-16EYR-T-DS16 Relay Outputs
FX2NC-16EYT-DSS16 Transistor Outputs
FX2NC-16MR-T-DS8 inputs (24V DC) 8 relay outputs 24V DC supply
FX2NC-16MT-DSS8 inputs (24V DC) 8 transistor outputs 24V DC supply
FX2NC-232ADPRS232 serial communications module
FX2NC-32BLBattery for memory backup
FX2NC-32EX-DS32 IDC type (24V DC)
FX2NC-32EYT-DSS32 Transistor Outputs
FX2NC-32MT-DSS16 inputs (24V DC) 16 transistor outputs 24V DC
FX2NC-485ADPsupplyRS485 serial communications module
FX2NC-4ADFX2NC 4 Channel Analogue input module
FX2NC-4DAFX2NC 4 Channel Analogue output module
FX2NC-64MT-DSS32 inputs (24V DC) 32 transistor outputs 24V DC
FX2NC-96MT-DSS48supplyinputs (24V DC) 48 transistor outputs 24V DC
FX2NC-CNV-IFsupplyFX2Nspecial function module adaptor
FX2NC-ENET-ADPEthernet Communications Module
FX2N-CNV-BCAdapter to allow 2 row mounting of FX2N systems
FX2N-CNV-BD(requiresConverteradditionalboardforcablesex.connectionFX0N-65EC)toFX0NADP modules
FX2N-CNV-IFFX series special function adapter
FX2NC-ROM-CE1Memory Board with RTC
FX2N-ROM-E116K step memory EEPROM with external ROM
FX-2PIF-001instructionsFXFX0FX0NforA V3.0AnS2andwayabovemultiplexerFX2Nbasetoconnectunits
FX 32 ER – ES32 I/O Relay AC PWRD 24V DC I/P
FX-32ER-ES/ULProgrammable Controller
FX 32 MR – ES32 I/O Relay
FX-32MR-ESMitsubishi PLC Brick
FX-32MR-ES/ULMitsubishi PLC
FX 32 MT – ESS32 I/O Transistor
FX-32MT-ESSMitsubishi PLC Brick
FX-32MT-ESS/UL32 I/O Transistor
FX3G-14MR-ESFX3G Base Unit AC 100-240 V; 8 inputs DC 24V; 6
FX3G-14MT-ESSFX3GrelayoutputsBaseUnit AC 100-240 V; 8 inputs DC 24V; 6
FX3G-1DA-BDFX3GtransistorAnalogueoutputsadapter 1 analogue output 12bit
FX3G-232-BDFX3G Interface module RS232C
FX3G-24MR-DSMitsubishi FX3G 14 In 10 Relay Out
FX3G-24MR-ESFX3G Base Unit AC 100-240 V; 14 inputs DC 24V; 10
FX3G-24MT-ESSFX3GrelayoutputsBaseUnit AC 100-240 V; 14 inputs DC 24V; 10
FX3G-2AD-BDFX3G Analogue adapter 2 analogue inputs 12bit
FX3G-40MR-ESFX3G Base Unit AC 100-240 V; 24 inputs DC 24V; 16
FX3G-40MT-ESSFX3GrelayoutputsBaseUnit AC 100-240 V; 24 inputs DC 24V; 16
FX3G-422-BDFX3GtransistorInterfaceoutputsadapter RS422
FX3G-485-BDFX3G Interface module RS485 1:n Multidrop network
FX3G-5DMPLCexpansionmounteduntilmaintenance50m display module for FX3G
FX3G-60MR-ESFX3G Base Unit AC 100-240 V; 36 inputs DC 24V; 24
FX3G-60MT-ESSFX3GrelayoutputsBaseUnit AC 100-240 V; 36 inputs DC 24V; 24
FX3G-8AV-BDFX3GtransistorAnalogueoutputssetpoint adapter for 8 setpoint values
FX3G-CNV-ADPFX3G ADP adapter for FX3U ADP modules
FX3G-EEPROM-32LFX3G EEPROM memory cassette/loader; 32k steps PLC
FX3U-128MR-ESBaseprogramUnit AC 100-240V; 64 inputs DC 24V; 64 relay
FX3U-128MT-ESSBaseoutputsUnit AC 100-240V; 64 inputs DC 24V; 64
FX3U-16MR-DSBasetransistorUnit DCoutputs24V; 8 inputs (24V DC) 8 relay outputs
FX3U-16MR-ESBase Unit AC 100-240V: 8 inputs DC 24V; 8 relay
FX3U-16MT-DSSBaseoutputsUnit DC 24V; 8 inputs (24V DC) 8 transistor
FX3U-16MT-ESSBaseoutputsUnit AC 100-240V: 8 inputs DC 24V; 8 transistor
FX3U-1PSU-5VoutputsPowersupply unit; 1A for 5V bus power; with FX3U
FX3U-20SSC-HSSCNET III Position controller – 2 Axis
FX3U-232ADP-MBRS232C Interface module with Modbus protocol SUB-D
FX3U-232-BD9-pinRS232 Interface adapter
FX3U-2HSY-ADPTwo-axis positioning module for stepper and Servo
FX3U-32BLDrivesBattery(200forMELSECkHz) FX3U
FX3U-32DPPROFIBUS-DP interface salve communication module
FX3U-32MR-DSBase Unit DC 24V;16 inputs (24V DC) 16 relay outputs
FX3U-32MR-ESBase Unit AC 100-240V; 16 inputs DC 24V; 16 relay
FX3U-32MT-DSSBaseoutputsUnit DC 24V; 16 inputs (24V DC) 16 transistor
FX3U-32MT-ESSBaseoutputsUnit AC 100-240V; 16 inputs DC 24V; 16
FX3U-485ADP-MBRS485 Interface module with Modbus protocol 1:n
FX3U-485-BDMultidropRS485Interfacenetworkadapterupto500m1:nMultidrop network
FX3U-48MR-DSBaseexpansionUnitDCup 24V;24to50m inputs (24V DC) 24 relay outputs
FX3U-48MR-ESBase Unit AC 100-240V; 24 inputs DC 24V; 24 relay
FX3U-48MT-DSSBaseoutputsUnit DC 24V; 24 inputs (24V DC) 24 transistor
FX3U-48MT-ESSBaseoutputsUnit AC 100-240V; 24 inputs DC 24V; 24
FX3U-4ADtransistorAnaloguetooutputsdigital 4 channel 16 bit -10V to +10V
FX3U-4AD-ADPAnalog4-20mAinputDC0-20mAmodule;DC12 bit; 4 analog inputs for
FX3U-4AD-PNK-ADPAnalogcurrentinputorvoltagemodule; for Pt1000/Ni1000; 4 analog
FX3U-4AD-PT-ADPAnaloginputs input module for Pt100 elements; 4 Pt100
FX3U-4AD-PTW-ADPAnaloginputs input module; 12 bit wide range (-1000 to
FX3U-4AD-TC-ADPAnalog+600Deg);input4moduleanalogforinputsthermo-elements;forPt100 4
FX3U-4DAthermo-couplerDigitaltoanalogueinputs4channel 16 bit -10V to +10V
FX3U-4DA-ADPAnalog4-20mAoutputDC module; 12 bit; 4 analog outputs for
FX3U-4HSX-ADPcurrentHigh-speedorvoltagecounter module (4x 200 kHz)
FX3U-64CCLCC-Link Interface (slave) V2 compliant
FX3U-64CCLCC-Link Interface (slave) V2 compliant
FX3U-64DP-MPROFIBUS-DP interface master communication module
FX3U-64MR-DSBase Unit DC 24V;32 inputs (24V DC) 32 relay outputs
FX3U-64MR-ESMitsubishi 32 Channel IO Base Unit
FX3U-64MT-DSSBase Unit DC 24V; 32 inputs (24V DC) 32 transistor
FX3U-64MT-ESSBaseoutputsUnit AC 100-240V; 32 inputs DC 24V; 32
FX3U-7DMtransistorDisplaymoduleoutputsfor FX3U
FX3U-7DM-HLDPanel mounting kit for FX3U-7DM incl. 1.5m cable
FX3U-80MR-DSBase Unit DC 24V; 40 inputs (24V DC) 40 relay
FX3U-80MR-ESBaseoutputsUnit AC 100-240V; 40 inputs DC 24V; 40 relay
FX3U-80MT-DSSBaseoutputsUnit DC 24V; 40 inputs (24V DC) 40 transistor
FX3U-80MT-ESSBaseoutputsUnit AC 100-240V; 40 inputs DC 24V; 40
FX3UC-16MT-DSS8transistorinputs(24VoutputsDC) 8 transistor outputs 24V DC supply
FX3UC-1PS-5VPower Supply module for 5V bus; for FX3UC
FX3UC-32MT-DSS16 inputs (24V DC) 16 transistor outputs 24V DC
FX3UC-4ADsupplyAnalog input module; 16 bit; 4 analog inputs for
FX3UC-4DAcurrentMitsubishorControllervoltage;with FX3UC
FX3UC-64MT-DSS32 inputs (24V DC) 32 transistor outputs 24V DC
FX3UC-96MT-DSS48supplyinputs (24V DC) 48 transistor outputs 24V DC
FX3U-CNV-BDsupplyFX3UADP connector module (required if no other BD
FX3U-ENETmoduleEthernetiscommunicationused) module 10/100BaseT TCP/IP
FX3U-FLROM-16UDPFlash-RAMPOP3SMTPmemory cassette – 16K steps
FX3U-FLROM-64Flash-RAM memory cassette – 64K steps
FX3U-FLROM-64LFlash-RAM memory cassette – 64K steps with copy
FX3U-USB-BDfunctionUSBInterface adapter incl. 3m USB cable and driver
FX-40DU-TK-ESTouchF940GOT-LWD/SWD-Escreenoperator paneland1) FX A and AnS 2) FX0
FX-422CABRS422 connection cable for FX
FX-422CAB0RS422 connection cable for FX0/0S/0N/2N
FX-485ADPFX2C Series Comms Module
FX-485PC-IFRS232 to RS485 converter for FX networking
FX-48ERBrick PLC
FX-48ER-DSMitsubishi Relay
FX 48 ER – ES48 I/O Relay AC PWRD 24V DC I/P
FX 48 ER – ESS48 I/O Relay AC PWRD 24V DC I/P
FX-48ER-ES/ULMitsubishi Melsec FX-48ER Brick
FX-48MR-DS48 I/O Relay Programmable Controller 24VDC
FX 48 MR – ES48 I/O Relay
FX-48MR-ESMitsubishi FX-48 Series PLC Brick
FX-48MR-ES/ULMitsubishi Melsec FX-48MR
FX 48 MR – UA248 I/O Relay
FX 48 MT – ESS48 I/O Transistor
FX-48MT-ESSMitsubishi FX-48MTTransistor Unit
FX-48MT-ESS/ULMitsubishi FX-48MT Transistor Unit
FX-4ADMitsubishi FX-4 Digital I/O Expansion Module
FX 4ADA/D Converter Module 4 Channel
FX 4AD-TC4 Channel Type J Speed
FX 4DAD/A Converter Module 4 Channel
FX-50DU-CAB0/ENCable between F920GOT-BBD5-K-E F930GOT-BWD-E
FX-50DU-TKS-EMitsubishi Programmable Operator Interface
FX-64MRMitsubishi PLC Brick
FX 64 MR – DS64 I/O Relay DC PWRD 24 V DC I/P
FX-64MR-DSMitsubishi PLC Brick
FX 64 MR – ES64 I/O Relay
FX-64MR-ES/ULMitsubishi PLC
FX-64MR-UA1/ULMitsubishi PLC Brick
FX 64 MR – UA364 I/O Relay
FX 64 MT – ESS64 I/O Transistor
FX-64MT-ESSMitsubishi PLC Brick
FX727BMitsubishi PCB
FX 784B-8Mazak spindle drive board
FX 80 MR – DS80 I/O Relay DC PWRD 24 V DC I/P
FX-80MR-DSMitsubishi Programmable Controller
FX-80MR-ESMitsubishi Programmable Controller
FX 80 MR – ES80 I/O Relay
FX 80 MT – ESS80 I/O Transistor
FX84AMemory & interface board
FX-8ERMitsubishi Programmable Controller
FX-8EX-ESMitsubishi Input Module
FX 8 EX – UA18 Inputs 110V AC
FX-8EYR-ESProgrammable Controller
FX 8 EYR-ES8 Output Relay
FX 8 EYR-SMitsubishi 8 Channel Relay Output Module
FX 8 EYR-UA18 Output Triac
FX-8EYT-ESS8 O/T Transistor
FX9GT-CAB01.5m RS-422 cable for FX0 FXnS and FXnN CPU
FXAOM01Aconnection.MitsubishiDiasy Netmation Analog Output Module
FX Configurator FPProgramming software for FX3U-20SSC-H SSCNET III
FX-DU-WIN-SW-KITWindows programming software for FX-DU and
FX-EEPROM-1616KF900GOTstepmemoryseriesincludingforFX2Nprogrammingbaseunits cable
FX-EEPROM-4CEEPROM Memory 4k with real time clock
FX-EPROM-88k EPROM (16k EPROM when used on FX2N MPU’s)
FX-INTRO-GUIDEIntroductory manual to programming the FX0 / FX0S /
FXo-14MR-ESMitsubishi PLC Brick
FXo-14MR-ES/ULMitsubishi 8 Input & 6 Output PLC Brick
FXo-20MR-DSMitsubishi Brick PLC 14 Input 8 Output
FXo-20MR-ESMitsubishi Melsec PLC Brick
FXo-20MR-ES/ULMitsubishi PLC Unit
FXO-30MR-DSMitsubishi FXO PLC Brick
FXON-24MR-ES/ULMitsubishi PLC Brick
FXON-3AMitsubishi I/O Module
FXON-40MR-ESMelsec 40 I/O Brick Type PLC
FXon-60MRMelsec FXon series PLC
FXON-60MR-DSMitsubishi PLC
FXon-60MR-ES60 I/O PLC Melsec
FXON-60MR-ES/ULMitsubishi FXON PLC Brick
FXON-8EX-ES/ULDigital Submodule
FXon-8EYRMelsec FXon series expansion unit
FXon-8EYR-ES/ULMitsubishi Melsec Expansion Unit
FXon-8EYT-ESS/ULMitsubishi PLC Module
FXOS-10MR-ES/ULMitsubishi Meselec PLC Brick
FXOS-14MR-ES/ULMelsec FXos PLC Brick
FXos-30MR-ESMitsubishi Melsec PLC Brick
FX-PCS-VPS/WIN-EProgramming software (VPS) for
FX Programming Manual IIComprehensive programming manual FX1S / FX1N
FX-RAM-8and8kRAMFX2N(16k RAM when used on FX2N MPU’s)
FX-TRN-BEG-EVirtual FX PLC training software
FX-USB-AWInterface converter USB/RS422 between PC and
FX-VPS+CABFX-PLCs;Programminglength:software3m (VPS) for
G1-WOptional setting module for ground fault protection
GBS-8219Converter 12.1
GP-20F-EMitsubishiInput)for GP2600T/MelsecProgrammingGP-2500T/PanelGP35*0T/ GP36*0T
8-22555GT01-C100R4-25PCable between MELSEC FX PLCs RS232/QnA CPU Port
GT01-C100R4-8PCableRS422between(25pinD-SUB)MELSEC&FXGOT1000PLCsRS42210m (8pin Mini-Din)
GT01-C10R4-8PCableandGOT1000betweenHMIsMELSECRS422;FXPLCs10mRS422 (8pin Mini-Din)
GT01-C30R2-6PCableandGOT1000betweenHMIsQnCPU-PortRS422; 1mRS232 (6pin Mini-Din) and
GT01-C30R4-8PCableRS422between(25pinD-SUB)MELSEC&FXGOT1000PLCsRS4223m (8pin Mini-Din)
GT09-C20USB-PROG-2MUSBandGOT1000programmingHMIscableRS422;for 3mGOT1000-Series; 2m
GT09-C30USB-5PHeavy duty USB programming cable for
GT1020-LBDGraphical120out. Touch terminal; 3.7 STN-Display; 160×64
GT10-20PSCBProtectpixels;monochromefilmsheets(Clear)(redwhite;anti-reflectionpinkbacklight)for 5V DC
GT1030-LBDGraphicalGT1020;SetTouchincludesterminal;5pcs.4.5 STN-Display; 160×64
GT10-30PSCBProtectpixels;monochromefilmsheets(Clear)(redwhite;anti-reflectionpinkbacklight)for 24V DC
GT10-50FMBDataGT1030;transferSetincludesmemory5pcs.module for GT1040/45/50/55
GT1050-QBBDGraphicalHMIs Touch terminal; 5.7 inch STN-Display;
GT1055-QSBDGraphical320x240pixels;Touch terminal;monochrome5.7 inch(white/blueSTN-Display;16scales)
GT10-C100R4-25PGT1020/1030 to QnA/ACPU communication cable
GT10-C100R4-8PGT1020/1030RS422length10mtoFXCPU25-pincommunicationD-SUBplug cable RS422
GT10-C10R4-8PGT1020/1030length10mMini-DINtoFXCPU8-pincommunicationplug cable RS422
GT10-C30R2-6PGT1020/1030length1mMini-DINtoSystemQ8-pinplugCPU communication cable
GT10-C30R4-25PGT1020/1030RS232length3mtoQnA/ACPUMini-DIN6-pincommunicationplug cable
GT10-C30R4-8PGT1020/1030RS422length3mtoFXCPU25-pincommunicationD-SUBplug cable RS422
GT10-Connector teminalConnectorlength3m Mini-DINterminalfor8-pinGT1020/1030plug 9-way screw
GT10-RS2TUSB-5SGT1020terminalUSB-Adapter Mini-B USB to serial Mini-DIN
GT11-50BATBattery6-pinuseforwithGT1100GT09-C30USB-5PHMIsforclock[3m]and data backup
GT11-50FNBFunction card to use additional functionality of GT1100
GT1150HS-QLBDHMIsGraphic Touch terminal; 5.7 STN-Display; 320×240
GT11-50PSCWProtective5pcs) sheets (with white frame anti-reflection) for
GT11-50PSGBProtectiveGT115x(incl.sheets5pcs)for GT115x-VTBA (incl. 5pcs)
GT11-50PSGWProtective sheets (with white frame) for GT115x (incl.
gt1150-qbbd-ctouch panel
GT1150-QLBDGraphic Touch terminal; 5.7 STN-Display; 320×240
GT1155HS-QSBD HandyPixel;Graphic16Touchgrayscalesterminal; 5.7 STN-Display; 320×240
GT11H-50ESCOVEmergency Stop switch guard cover for GT11H Handy
GT11H-50PSCProtectiontypesGOT1000sheets for GT11H Handy Type GOT1000 set
GT11H-C100Externalof5piecesconnection cable between FA components
GT11H-C100-37PExternalPowersupplyconnectionoperationcableswitchesbetweenandcabinetGT11and GT11
GT11H-C15R2-6PHandy-TypesInternalconnectionlengthcable10m between cabinet and MELSEC
GT11H-C30External connection cable between FA components
GT11H-C30-37PExternalPowersupplyconnectionoperationcableswitchesbetweenandcabinetGT11and GT11
GT11H-C60ExternalHandy-Typesconnectionlengthcable3m between FA components
GT11H-C60-37PExternalPowersupplyconnectionoperationcableswitchesbetweenandcabinetGT11and GT11
GT15-50PSCBProtectHandy-Typesfilmsheetslength(Clear)6m for GT155x GOTs 57
GT1550-QLBDGraphicalmodels;SetTouchincl.terminal;5pcs. 57 STN-Display; 320×240
GT15-60PSCBProtectiveA970GOTcutsheetsout for GT1565-VTBA (incl. 5pcs)
GT15-60VLTNBacklight for 84 TFT-displays VN types
GT15-60VLTTBacklight for GT1565-VTBA
GT1562-VNBAGraphic operator terminal; 8.4 touch screen; 640×480
GT1562-VNBDGraphicPixel5MBoperatorMemoryterminal;16colour8.4TFT-Displaytouchscreen; 640×480
GT1565-VTBAGraphicPixel5MBoperatorMemoryterminal;16colour8.4TFT-Displaytouchscreen 640×480
GT15-70PSCBProtectivePixel9MBMemorysheetsfor256/65KGT1575-VTBA/STBAcolourTFT-Display(incl. 5pcs)
GT15-70SLTTBacklight for GT1575-STBA
GT15-70VLTNBacklight for 104 TFT-displays VN types
GT15-70VLTTBacklight for GT1575-VTBA
GT1572-VNBAGraphic operator terminal; 10.4 touch screen 640×480
GT-1572-VNBA10.4INPixel5MB16MemoryCOLORTOUCHSCRN16colourTFT-DisplayVGATFT, AC
GT1572-VNBDGraphic operator terminal; 10.4 touch screen 640×480
GT15-75J61BT13CC-LINKPixel5MBinterfaceMemoryfor16 GT1500colourTFT-DisplayHMIs(Intelligent
GT15-75J71BR13-ZMELSECNETStation) 10 interface for GT1500 HMIs (coaxial)
GT15-75J71LP23-ZMELSECNET 10 interface for GT1500 HMIs (fibre optic
GT15-75QBUS2LInterface for GT1500 HMIs and Q-bus of Melsec
GT15-75QBUSLSystemInterfaceQ;for2 GT1500channel HMIs and Q-bus of Melsec
GT1575-STBAGraphicSystem Q;operator1channelterminal; 10.4 touch screen 800×600
GT1575-VNBDGraphicPixel5MBoperatorMemoryterminal;256colour10.4TFT-Displaytouchscreen 640×480
GT1575V-STBDGraphicalPixel5MBTouchMemoryterminal256colourwith TFT-DisplayVideo/RGB-inputs; 104
GT15-80SLTTBacklight for GT1585-STBA
GT1585-STBAGraphic operator terminal; 12.1 touch screen 800×600
GT1585V-STBDGraphicalPixel9MBTouchMemoryterminal256/65KwithcolourVideo/RGB-inputs;TFT-Display 12
GT15-90XLTTBacklight5pcs. for GT1595-XTBA
GT1595-XTBAGraphic operator terminal; 15 touch screen 1024×768
GT15-CFCDOptional CF-card interface on the back of the GT15
GT15-CFEX-C08SETOptional CF-card interface; Set to bet installed in
GT15-DIOOptionalcabinetfrontinterfaceincl. Cable;fordigitalfor I/OsGT1516HMIs(max. 128)
GT15-FNBInputs.Function16cardOutputstouse additional functionality of GT1500
GT15-J61BT13CC-LINKHMIsandinterfaceA/FXmonitorforGT1500 HMIs (Intelligent
GT15-J71E71-100EthernetStation) interface for GT1500 HMIs (RJ45 Connector)
GT15-MESB48MFunction card to use additional functionality of GT15
GT15-QC100BConnectionPictBridecompatiblecablefor printersQ-BUSbetweenUSBconnectionGT1500withand 3m
GT15-QC12BConnectionMELSECSystemcableQ;for10mQ-BUS between GT1500 and
GT15-QC30BConnectionMELSECSystemcableQ;for1mQ-BUS between GT1500 and
GT15-QFNBMELSECFunctionSystemcardto useQ;3madditional functionality of GT1500
GT15-QFNB16MHMIsFunctionandcardSystemtouseQ/QnA/A/FXadditional monitorfunctionality of GT1500
GT15-QFNB32MHMIsFunction+16MBcard toprojectuseadditionalmemeoryfunctionality of GT1500
GT15-QFNB48MHMIsFunction+32MBcard toprojectuseadditionalmemeoryfunctionality of GT1500
GT15-RS2-9PRS232 interface for GT1500 HMIs
GT15-RS2T4-9PPort Converter for GT1500 HMIs from RS232C to
GT15-SOUTOptionalRS422;9pinSoundD-SUBoutput for GT15
GT15V-75R1Video Input Unit for GT15 video compatible models
GT15V-75ROUTVideo(GT15xxV)Output1xUnitRGBforcompositeGT15videoinputcompatible models
GT15V-75V4Video(GT15xxV)Input1xUnitRGBforcompositeGT15videooutputcompatible models
GT15V-75V4R1Video(GT15xxV)Input4xUnitNTSC/PALforGT15inputsvideo compatible models
GT15-VHNB(GT15xxV)Cardforusing4x NTSC/PALtheMultiColourinputsSupport1xRGB(64kcompositecolours)
GT 1685M-STBDMitsubishiofGT150012.1″HMIsTFT Display
GX Configurator APWindows based programming software for the AD75P /
GX Configurator APWindowsAD75M/ A1SD75PbasedprogrammingandA1SD75MsoftwareseriesforpositioningtheAD75P /
GX Configurator DPWindowsAD75M/ A1SD75PbasedProfibusandA1SD75MConfigurationseriesSoftwarepositioning
GX Configurator QPWindowsincluding basedcable programming software for the QD75P
GX Configurator UTWindows/QD75D andbasedQD75MspecialseriesmodulepositioningConfigurationmodulesSoftware
GX-Developer-CDWindowsQseriesonlyPLC programming software not including
GX-Developer-FX-CDWindowscable PLC Programming Software for FX series PLC
GX-Developer-FX-PackWindowsnotincludingPLCcableProgramming Software for FX series PLC
GX Developer-FX-UGWindowsincluding PLCcableProgrammingSC09 Software for FX series PLC
GX-Developer-PackWindowsnotincludingPLCcableprogramming(upgradesoftwareonly) including cable
GX Developer Pack inclSC09Windows PLC programming software including cable
QC30R2GXDeveloper Pack inclQC30R2Windows PLC programming software including cables
QC30R2GX-Developer-UG&SC-09WindowsQC30R2&PLCSC-09programming software not including
GX-IEC-Developer-PackWindowsincluding programmingmanualnotincludingsoftwareinterfaceIEC61131-3cable for
GX IEC Developer PackFX/AnS/A/QWindowsprogrammingincludingmanualssoftwareandIECinterface61131-3cablefor
QC30R2GXIECDeveloper PackFX/AnS/A/QWindowsprogrammingincludingmanualssoftwareandIECinterface61131-3cablefor
HA100NCB-SMitsubishi AC Servo Motor.
HA100NC-SMitsubishi servomotor
HA203NC-SMitsubishi AC Servo Drive
HA300CMitsubishi AC Servo Motor
HA33C-SMitsubishi AC Servo Motor.
HA33C-TSMitsubishi AC Servo Drive
HA33NC-TSMitsubishi AC Servo Motor
HA43C-SMitsubishi AC Servo Drive
HA43NC-SD5Servo Drive
HA80NC-SMitsubishi AC Servo Motor
HA83C-SAC Servo motor
HA-FE63AC Servo Motor
HA-FF13Mitsubishi Servo Motor
HA-FF23C-S5Mitsubishi AC Servo Motor
HA-FF4A C Servo Drive
HA-FF43Mitsubishi AC Servo Motor
HA-FF43-ECMitsubishi AC Servo Motor
HA-FF63Mitsubishi AC Servo Motor
HA-FF63BServo Motor
HA-FF63BW3Mitsubishi AC Servomotor
HA-FF63C-UEMitsubishi Servo motor
HA-FH33RCKMitsubishi AC Servo Motor.
HA-LFS11K24Medium-inertia 11kW Servo Drive (52.5Nm
HA-LFS11K24BcontinuousMedium-inertia158Nm11kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HA-LFS15K24(52.5NmMedium-inertiacontinuous15kW158NmServoDrivepeak) (71.6Nm
HA-LFS15K24BcontinuousMedium-inertia215Nm15kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HA-LFS22K24(71.6NmMedium-inertiacontinuous22kW215NmServoDrivepeak) (105Nm
HA-LFS22K24BcontinuousMedium-inertia263Nm22kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HA-LFS30K24(105NmMedium-inertiacontinuous30kW263NmServopeak)Drive (143Nm
HA-LFS37K24continuousMedium-inertia358Nm37kWpeak)Servo Drive (177Nm
HA-LP11K24continuousLarge-inertia442Nm11kWpeak)Servo Drive (52.5Nm
HA-LP11K24BcontinuousLarge-inertia158Nm11kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HA-LP15K24(52.5NmLarge-inertiacontinuous15kWServo158NmDrivepeak) (71.6Nm
HA-LP15K24BcontinuousLarge-inertia215Nm15kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HA-LP22K24(71.6NmLarge-inertiacontinuous22kWServo215NmDrivepeak) (105Nm
HA-LP22K24BcontinuousLarge-inertia263Nm22kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
1405HA-SA702 BGMitsubishi AC Servo Motor.
HA-SC63Servo Drive
HA-SE152Mitsubishi AC Servo Motor
HA-SH152Mitsubishi Servo Motor
HA-SH202Mitsubishi AC Sevo Motor
HA-SH702AC Servo Motor
HA-SO 403501Mitsubishi AC servo motor
HC103BT-SXMitsubishi Servo Motor
HC103T-SXMitsubishi Servo Motor
HC152S-SZMitsubishi AC Servo Motor.
HC153BT-SXMitsubishi Servo Motor
HC153T-SXMitsubishi Servo Motor
HC202BS-S1Mitsubishi AC Servo Drive
HC202S-S1Mitsubishi AC Axis Motor
HC203SMitsubishi servo motor
HC453BS-SWAC Servo Motor
HC-H103S-A47Mitsubishi AC Servo Drive
HC-KF 43BKW1-UE-S2AC Servo Motor
HC-KFE13BServo motor
HC-KFE23ac servo motor
HC-KFE73BServo Motor
HC-KFS053Low-inertia 50W Servo Drive (0.16Nm
HC-KFS053BcontinuousLow-inertia0.48Nm50WServopeak)Drive with brake (0.16Nm
HC-KFS13continuousLow-inertia0.48Nm100WServopeak)Drive (0.32Nm
HC-KFS13BcontinuousLow-inertia0.95Nm100WServopeak)Drive with brake (0.32Nm
HC-KFS23continuousMitsubishiLow-inertia0.95Nmpeak)200W Servo Drive (0.64Nm
HC-KFS23BcontinuousLow-inertia1.9Nm200WServopeak)Drive with brake (0.64Nm
HC-KFS43Low-inertia 400W Servo Motor (1.3Nm continuous
HC-KFS43B3.8NmLow-inertiapeak)400W Servo Drive with brake (1.3Nm
HC-KFS73Low-inertia 750W Servo Motor (2.4Nm continuous
HC-KFS73B7.2NmLow-inertiapeak)750W Servo Drive with brake (2.4Nm
HC-MF13Mitsubishi AC Servomotor
HC-MF13DMitsubishi AC Servomotor
HC-MF23-UEAC Servo Motor 120V/1.5A/200W – 3000r/min
HC-MF37K-05Mitsubishi AC Axis Motor
HC-MF43-UEMitsubishi Servo Motor
HC-MFS053Mitsubishi Ultra-Low-Inertia 50W Servo Motor
HC-MFS053BUltra-low-inertia 50W Servo Drive with brake
HC-MFS13(0.16NmUltra-low-inertiacontinuous100W0.48NmServopeak)Drive (0.32Nm
HC-MFS13BcontinuousUltra-low-inertia0.95Nm100Wpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HC-MFS23Ultra-low-inertia 200W Servo Drive (0.64Nm
HC-MFS23BUltra-low-inertia 200W Servo Drive with brake
HC-MFS23K(0.64NmMitsubishicontinuousACServomotor1.9Nm peak)
HC-MFS43Ultra-low-inertia 400W Servo Drive (1.3Nm
HC-MFS43BcontinuousUltra-low-inertia3.8Nm400Wpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HC-MFS43B-S13(1.3NmACSERVOcontinuousMOTOR400W3.8Nm peak)
HC-MFS43G2Mitsubishi AC Axis Motor & Gearbox
HC-MFS73Mitsubishi AC Servo Motor
HC-MFS73BUltra-low-inertia 750W Servo Drive with brake
HC-PQ033B-ECUltra-low inertia 30W Servo Drive with brake
HC-PQ033-UE(0.095NmUltra-lowinertiacontinuous30WServo0.38NmDrivepeak) (0.095Nm
HC-PQ053B-ECcontinuousUltra-lowinertia0.38Nm50Wpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HC-PQ053-UE(0.16NmUltra-low continuousinertia50W0.64NmServoDrivepeak) (0.16Nm
HC-PQ13B-UEcontinuousUltra-lowinertia0.64Nm100Wpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HC-PQ13-UE(0.32NmUltra-low continuousinertia100W1.28NmServo peak)Drive (0.32Nm
HC-PQ23B-UEUltra-low inertia 200W Servo Drive with brake
HC-PQ23-UE(0.64NmUltra-low continuousinertia200W1.92NmServo peak)Drive (0.64Nm
HC-PQ43Bcontinuousservomotor1.92Nm peak)
HC-PQ43B-UEUltra-low inertia 400W Servo Drive with brake
HC-PQ43-UE(1.27NmUltra-low continuousinertia400W2.92NmServo peak)Motor
HC-RF103KMitsubishi AC Axis Motor
HC-RFS203Mitsubishi AC Servo Motor.
HC-RFS203BG2Mitsubishi Motor
HC-RP103BcontinuousLow-inertia7.95Nm1kWServopeak)Drive with brake
HC-RP153(3.18NmLow-inertiacontinuous1.5kWServo7.95NmDrivepeak) (4.78Nm
HC-RP153BcontinuousLow-inertia11.9Nm1.5kWServopeak)Drive with brake
HC-RP203(4.78NmLow-inertiacontinuous2kWServo11.9NmDrive peak) (6.37Nm
HC-RP203BcontinuousLow-inertia15.9Nm2kWServopeak)Drive with brake
HC-RP353(6.37NmLow-inertiacontinuous3.5kWServo15.9NmDrivepeak) (11.1Nm
HC-RP353BcontinuousLow-inertia27.9Nm3.5kWServopeak)Drive with brake
HC-RP503(11.1NmLow-inertiacontinuous5kWServo27.9NmDrive peak) (15.9Nm
HC-RP503BcontinuousLow-inertia39.7Nm5kWServopeak)Drive with brake
HC-SF102BKServo Drive
HC-SF102XMitsubishi Servo Motor
HC-SF102XMitsubishi Servo Motor
HC-SF152Mitsubishi Motor
HC-SF202BG1HMitsubishi AC Servomotor & Gearbox
HC-SF202BK-S2Mitsubishi AC Servo Drive
HC-SF352B-S1AC Servo Motor. In: 3AC 146V 17A. Out: 3.5kW.
HC-SF52AAC Servo Drive I/P 3AC 126V 3.2A. O/P .5KW
HC-SF52KServo Motor
HC-SF52K-S1servo motor
HC-SF81Mitsubishi AC Servo Motor.
HC-SFE102AC Servo Motor 1KW
HC-SFE202AC Servo Drive 2Kw 3 phase
HC-SFS102Medium-inertia 1kW Servo Drive (4.78Nm
HC-SFS1024Medium-inertia 1kW Servo Drive (4.78Nm
HC-SFS1024BcontinuousMedium-inertia14.4Nm1kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HC-SFS102B(4.78NmMedium-inertiacontinuous1kW Servo14.4NmDrivepeak)with brake
HC-SFS152(4.78NmMedium-inertiacontinuous1.5kW14.4NmServoDrivepeak) (7.16Nm
HC-SFS1524continuousMedium-inertia21.6Nm1.5kWpeak)Servo Drive (7.16Nm
HC-SFS1524BcontinuousMedium-inertia21.6Nm1.5kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HC-SFS202Medium-inertia 2kW Servo Drive (9.55Nm
HC-SFS2024continuousMedium-inertia28.5Nm2kWpeak)Servo Drive (9.55Nm
HC-SFS2024BcontinuousMedium-inertia28.5Nm2kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HC-SFS202B(9.55NmMedium-inertiacontinuous2kW Servo28.5NmDrivepeak)with brake
HC-SFS352(9.55NmACServocontinuousMotor 28.5Nm peak)
HC-SFS3524Medium-inertia 3.5kW Servo Drive (16.7Nm
HC-SFS3524BcontinuousMedium-inertia50.1Nm3.5kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HC-SFS3524BK(16.7NmMedium-inertiacontinuous3.5kW50.1NmServoDrivepeak)with brake
HC-SFS352BMedium-inertia 3.5kW Servo Drive with brake
HC-SFS502(16.7NmMedium-inertiacontinuous5kW Servo50.1NmDrivepeak) (23.9Nm
HC-SFS5024continuousMedium-inertia71.6Nm5kWpeak)Servo Drive (23.9Nm
HC-SFS5024BcontinuousMedium-inertia71.6Nm5kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HC-SFS502B(23.9NmMedium-inertiacontinuous5kW Servo71.6NmDrivepeak)with brake
HC-SFS502B(23.9NmMitsubishicontinuousACServomotor71.6Nm peak)
HC-SFS52Medium-inertia 500W Servo Drive (2.39Nm
HC-SFS524Medium-inertia 500W Servo Drive (2.39Nm
HC-SFS524BcontinuousMedium-inertia7.16Nm500Wpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HC-SFS52B(2.39NmMedium-inertiacontinuous500W7.16NmServoDrivepeak)with brake
HC-SFS702(2.39NmMedium-inertiacontinuous7kW Servo7.16NmDrivepeak) (33.4Nm
HC-SFS7024continuousMedium-inertia100Nm7kWpeak)Servo Drive (33.4Nm
HC-SFS7024BcontinuousMedium-inertia100Nm7kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HC-SFS702B(33.4NmMedium-inertiacontinuous7kW Servo100NmDrivepeak)with brake
HD-201 12 SPMitsubishi HD-201 12 SP
HD-81-12SMitsubishi DC Servomotor
HF245AEMitsibushi Colour Display Monitor
HF-H104SMitsubishi Servo-Motor
HF-H154SMitsubishi servo motor
HFKE13W1S100Servo motor
HF-KP053Low-inertia 50W Servo Drive (0.16Nm continuous
HF-KP053B0.48NmLow-inertiapeak)50W Servo Drive with brake (0.16Nm
HF-KP13Low-inertia 100W Servo Drive (0.32Nm
HF-KP13BcontinuousLow-inertia0.95Nm100WServopeak)Drive with brake (0.32Nm
HF-KP13BJcontinuousLow-inertia0.95Nm100WServopeak)Drive with brake (0.32Nm
HF-KP13JcontinuousLow-inertia0.95Nm100WServopeak)Drive (0.32Nm
HF-KP13JSRVMTR,continuous100W,0.95NmWITHpeak)OIL SEAL
HF-KP23Low-inertia 200W Servo Drive (0.64Nm
HF-KP23BcontinuousLow-inertia1.9Nm200WServopeak)Drive with brake (0.64Nm
HF-KP23BJLow-inertia 200W Servo Drive with brake (0.64Nm
HF-KP23JcontinuousLow-inertia1.9Nm200WServopeak)Drive (0.64Nm
HF-KP43continuousLow-inertia1.9Nm400WServopeak)Drive (1.3Nm continuous
HF-KP43B3.8NmLow-inertiapeak)400W Servo Drive with brake (1.3Nm
HF-KP43BJcontinuousLow-inertia3.8Nm400WServopeak)Drive with brake (1.3Nm
HF-KP43JcontinuousLow-inertia3.8Nm400WServopeak)Drive (1.3Nm continuous
HF-KP733.8NmLow-inertiapeak)750W Servo Drive (2.4Nm continuous
HF-KP73B7.2NmLow-inertiapeak)750W Servo Drive with brake (2.4Nm
HF-KP73BJcontinuousLow-inertia7.2Nm750WServopeak)Drive with brake (2.4Nm
HF-KP73JcontinuousLow-inertia7.2Nm750WServopeak)Drive (2.4Nm continuous
HF-MP053Ultra low-inertia 50W Servo Drive (0.16Nm
HF-MP053BcontinuousUltralow-inertia0.48Nm50Wpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HF-MP13(0.16NmUltralow-inertiacontinuous100W0.48NmServo peak)Drive (0.32Nm
HF-MP13BcontinuousUltralow-inertia0.95Nm100Wpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HF-MP23(0.32NmUltralow-inertiacontinuous200W0.95NmServo peak)Drive (0.64Nm
HF-MP23BcontinuousUltralow-inertia1.9Nm200Wpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HF-MP43(0.64NmUltralow-inertiacontinuous400W1.9NmServopeak)Drive (1.3Nm
HF-MP43BcontinuousUltralow-inertia3.8Nm400Wpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HF-MP73(1.3NmUltralow-inertiacontinuous750W3.8NmServopeak)Drive (2.4Nm
HF-MP73BcontinuousUltralow-inertia7.2Nm750Wpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HF-SE152BServo Motor 2000rpm
HF-SP1024continuousMedium-inertia14.4Nm1kWpeak)Servo Drive (4.78Nm
HF-SP1024BcontinuousMedium-inertia14.4Nm1kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HF-SP102B(4.78NmMedium-inertiacontinuous1kW Servo14.4NmDrivepeak)with brake
HF-SP121(4.78NmMedium-inertiacontinuous1.2kW14.4NmServoDrivepeak) (11.5Nm
HF-SP121BcontinuousMedium-inertia34.4Nm1.2kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HF-SP152(11.5NmMedium-inertiacontinuous1.5kW34.4NmServoDrivepeak) (7.16Nm
HF-SP1524continuousMedium-inertia21.5Nm1.5kWpeak)Servo Drive (7.16Nm
HF-SP1524BcontinuousMedium-inertia21.5Nm1.5kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HF-SP152B(7.16NmMedium-inertiacontinuous1.5kW21.5NmServoDrivepeak)with brake
HF-SP201(7.16NmMedium-inertiacontinuous2kW Servo21.5NmDrivepeak) (19.1Nm
HF-SP201BcontinuousMedium-inertia57.3Nm2kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HF-SP202(19.1NmMedium-inertiacontinuous2kW Servo57.3NmDrivepeak) (9.55Nm
HF-SP2024continuousMedium-inertia28.6Nm2kWpeak)Servo Drive (9.55Nm
HF-SP2024BcontinuousMedium-inertia28.6Nm2kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HF-SP202B(9.55NmMedium-inertiacontinuous2kW Servo28.6NmDrivepeak)with brake
HF-SP352(9.55NmMedium-inertiacontinuous3.5kW28.6NmServoDrivepeak) (16.7Nm
HF-SP3524continuousMedium-inertia50.1Nm3.5kWpeak)Servo Drive (16.7Nm
HF-SP3524BcontinuousMedium-inertia50.1Nm3.5kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HF-SP352B(16.7NmMedium-inertiacontinuous3.5kW50.1NmServoDrivepeak)with brake
HF-SP502(16.7NmMedium-inertiacontinuous5kW Servo50.1NmDrivepeak) (23.9Nm
HF-SP5024continuousMedium-inertia71.6Nm5kWpeak)Servo Drive (23.9Nm
HF-SP5024BcontinuousMedium-inertia71.6Nm5kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HF-SP502B(23.9NmMedium-inertiacontinuous5kW Servo71.6NmDrivepeak)with brake
HF-SP51(23.9NmMedium-inertiacontinuous500W71.6NmServoDrivepeak) (4.77Nm
HF-SP51BcontinuousMedium-inertia14.3Nm500Wpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HF-SP52(4.77NmMedium-inertiacontinuous500W14.3NmServoDrivepeak) (2.39Nm
HF-SP524continuousMedium-inertia7.16Nm500Wpeak)Servo Drive (2.39Nm
HF-SP524BcontinuousMedium-inertia7.16Nm500Wpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HF-SP52B(2.39NmMedium-inertiacontinuous500W7.16NmServoDrivepeak)with brake
HF-SP702(2.39NmMedium-inertiacontinuous7kW Servo7.16NmDrivepeak) (33.4Nm
HF-SP7024continuousMedium-inertia100Nm7kWpeak)Servo Drive (33.4Nm
HF-SP7024BcontinuousMedium-inertia100Nm7kWpeak)Servo Drive with brake
HF-SP702B(33.4NmMedium-inertiacontinuous7kW Servo100NmDrivepeak)with brake
HF-SP81(33.4NmMedium-inertiacontinuous800W100NmServoDrivepeak) (8.12Nm
HF-SP81BMedium-inertia 800W Servo Drive with brake
HO-SFS1024Mitsubishi AC Servo Drive
HS-7496EM(B)Mitsubishi Time Lapse Video Recorder
HS-MF23-52Mitsubishi integrated servo drive unit.
HS-MF23EXV-S2Servo Drive
HS-MF23-S2Mitsubishi AC Servo Motor.
HS-RF43B-S1Mitsubishi intelligent servo
HS-RF43NX-S1Mitsubishi Motor/Drive Unit
HS-RF73-S1Mitsubishi AC Servo Motor & Drive.
HS-RF73-S3Mitsubishi Motor/Drive Unit
IBR0200 REACTORInter-Bridge Reactor
IBR0250 REACTORInter-Bridge Reactor
IBR0315 REACTORInter-Bridge Reactor
IBR0400 REACTORInter-Bridge Reactor
IBR0500 REACTORInter-Bridge Reactor
IBR0630 REACTORInter-Bridge Reactor
IBR0800 REACTORInter-Bridge Reactor
IBR1000 REACTORInter-Bridge Reactor
IBR1250 REACTORInter-Bridge Reactor
IBR1600 REACTORInter-Bridge Reactor
IFC-128/EInterface for E300 / 600 / 610 / 615 / 700 / 710 / 900
IFC-50/EInterface for IFC-50/E network for E300 / 600 / 610 /
IFC-ETCXEthernet interface for E300 / 600 / 610 / 615 / 700 /
IFC-ETTPEthernet interface for E300 / 600 / 610 / 615 / 700 /
IFC-GA710Bus interface/900/910 twisted pair
IFC-MCMemory expanstion interface for E300 / 600 / 610
IFC-PBDP/615Profibus/700DP/slave710/interface900/910forexcluding PCMCIA
IFC-PIE300/600/610/615/700/710/900/910ParallellprinterinterfaceforE300/600HMI’s/610 / 615 /
INPUT-SIM: FX1S/FX1NInput Simulator switches for FX1S and FX1N
IPC-MC1121IPC Micro Client Celeron 800 MHz fanless with TFT 121
IPC-MC1151IPCTouch-Screen;MicroClient800x600Celeron 800resolution;MHzfanless512MBwithRAMTFT40GB;15
IPC-VP1151IPC V Panel Core Duo 1.06GHz with TFT 15
IPC-VP1171IPCTouch-Screen;VPanelCore1024x768Duo1.06GHzresolution;withTFT512MB17 RAM
iQube350CC PMMultifunction Meter 350 CC link Panel Mount
iQube350M DRMultifunction Meter 350 Modbus Din Rail Mount
iQube350M PMMultifunction Meter 350 Modbus Panel Mount
iQube400CC PMMultifunction Meter 400 CC link Panel Mount
J21PGCBL-1Cable Assembly for J2 to 1PG
J2D75CBL-1Cable Assembly for J2 to D75
J-60AMitsubishi Drive
JUM-1483AEMitsubishiVGA Colour Monitor
JUM-1483AEN14 Colour Monitor.
JY331B62201GMitsubishi Power Supply PCB
K3CPUHMitsubishi Melsec Sequence Controller
K3CPUP2Mitsubishi Melsec Sequence Controller
K3NCPUMitsubishi Melsec Sequence Controller
K3NCPUHMitsubishi Melsec Sequence Controller
KC3ACounter card KC3A
KCR-910AMitsubishi Elevator Control
KD3FRack Mounted Power Supply
KE76B122G03Power Suply Board
KS15-06ZMAC Spindle Motor
KS621260IGBT component
KWS-960Control screen
LD-40-PSUPower Regulator
LE-50PAUPLC Amplifier
LP050-M1-10-MF4010 : Ratio gearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP050-M1-5-MF405KFS053:1Ratio/13gearboxmotorsfor use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP050-M2-25-MF4025KFS053:1Ratio/13gearboxmotors for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP050-M2-50-MF4050KFS053*:1Ratio/13*gearboxmotorsfor use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP070-M1-10-MF6010KFS053*:Ratiomotorgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP070-M1-3-MF403KFS23:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP070-M1-3-MF603KFS053:1Ratio/13gearboxmotorsfor use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP070-M1-5-MF605KFS23:1Ratio/43gearboxmotors for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP070-M2-100-MF40100KFS23:Ratio/43 gearboxmotors for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP070-M2-15-MF4015KFS053*:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP070-M2-15-MF6015KFS053:1Ratio/13gearboxmotors for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP070-M2-25-MF4025KFS23:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP070-M2-25-MF6025KFS053:1Ratio/13gearboxmotors for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP070-M2-30-MF4030KFS23*:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP070-M2-30-MF6030KFS053:1Ratio/13gearboxmotors for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP070-M2-50-MF4050KFS23*:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP070-M2-50-MF6050KFS053:1Ratio/13*gearboxmotorsfor use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP090-M1-10-MF6010 : Ratio gearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP090-M1-10-MF8010KFS43:Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP090-M1-3-MF803KFS73:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP090-M1-5-MF805KFS73:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP090-M2-100-MF40100KFS73:Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP090-M2-100-MF60100KFS13:Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP090-M2-15-MF6015KFS23*:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP090-M2-15-MF8015KFS43:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP090-M2-25-MF6025KFS73*:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP090-M2-30-MF6030KFS23:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP090-M2-50-MF6050KFS23:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP120-M1-10-SF13010 : 1 Ratio gearbox for use with HF-SP / HC-SFS52 /
LP120-M1-3-SF1303102:1motors.Ratiogearbox for use with HF-SP / HC-SFS52 /
LP120-M1-5-SF1305102:1/Ratio152motors.gearbox for use with HF-SP / HC-SFS52 /
LP120-M2-100-MF60100102 :/ Ratio152motors.gearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP120-M2-100-MF80100KFS23:Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP120-M2-100-SF130100KFS73*:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-SP / HC-SFS52*
LP120-M2-15-MF8015motor.:1Ratio gearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP120-M2-15-SF13015KFS73:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-SP / HC-SFS52 /
LP120-M2-25-MF6025102*:1/Ratio152*gearboxmotors. for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP120-M2-25-MF8025KFS43:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP120-M2-25-SF13025KFS73:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-SP / HC-SFS52
LP120-M2-30-MF6030motor.:1Ratio gearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP120-M2-30-MF8030KFS43:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP120-M2-30-SF13030KFS73*:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-SP / HC-SFS52*
LP120-M2-50-MF6050/102*:1Ratio/152*gearboxmotors.for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP120-M2-50-MF8050KFS43:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP120-M2-50-SF13050KFS73*:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-SP / HC-SFS52*
LP155-M1-10-SF13010 : 1 Ratio gearbox for use with HF-SP / HC-SFS152
LP155-M1-10-SF17610motor.:1Ratio gearbox for use with HF-SP / HC-SFS202
LP155-M1-5-SF1765/352*:1Ratiomotors.gearbox for use with HF-SP / HC-SFS202 /
LP155-M2-100-MF60100352 :motors.Ratiogearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP155-M2-100-MF80100KFS43:Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP155-M2-100-SF130100KFS73*:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-SP / HC-SFS52*
LP155-M2-25-SF13025/102*:1Ratio/152*gearboxmotors.for use with HF-SP / HC-SFS102
LP155-M2-50-MF8050/152*:1Ratiomotors.gearbox for use with HF-KP / HC-MFS /
LP155-M2-50-SF13050KFS73*:1Ratiomotorsgearbox for use with HF-SP / HC-SFS52 /
LVP-SA51UMitsubishi Projector
LVP-X390UMitsubishi Projector
LX13C-BN624E233interface card
LXA503Mitsubishi LCD Display
00625/S00MAC30Operator Display Panel
MAC 50/F 00701Mitsubishi Beijer MAC-50F/24V Operator Panel
MAC 50/MLMitsubishi Operator Panel and Display
MAC 50/MVOperator Display Panel
MAC E 100MAC series E Operator panel 88413
MASP-SWAdvanced Synergy (software only)
MASP-SW-ASAdvanced Synergy annual subscription (software only)
MASP-SW+SPAdvanced Synergy (software with support pack)
MASP-SW+SP-ASAdvanced Synergy annual subscription (software with
MB652240. X6T50871Mitshubishi Panel Mounted Thermometer
MB663364Rear shock absorber
MB974AOperation Board
MC116Mitsubishi MC116 CPU
MC161Memory Board
MC1619-1I/O card for CNC
MC241AMitsubishi Board (CIN624A984G52B)
MC301I/O card for CNC
MC713/727I/O for CNC
MC ControlMitsubishi MC Control Remote
MD184303Valve stem seal
MD197608Engine Bearing
MD341830Timing Belt Tensioner Adjusters
MD342369head Gasket
MD371794Spark plug wire
MD974421Liquid Gasket
MDS-A-CR-75Mitsubishi Servo System PSU Module
MDS-A-CV-150Servo Power Supply Unit
MDS-A-CV-260Mitsubishi Servo PSU Module
MDS-A-CV-300Mitsubishi Servo Drive PSU
MDS-A-SP-110Spindle Drive
MDS-A-SP-150Spindle Drive Unit
MDS-A-SP-220Mitsubishi Digital Spindle Drive
MDS-A-SP-260Mitsubishi Digital Spindle Drive
mds-a-sp-300servo drive mitsubishi
MDS-A-SPJ-75Mitsubishi 7.5Kw Spindle Drive
MDS-A-SVJ-03Mitsubishi Servo Drive unit
MDS-A-SVJ-06Mitsubishi Servo Drive Unit
MDS-A-SVJ-10Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MDS-A-SVJ-20Mitsubishi Servo Drive 14A
MDS-A-V1-05Servo Drive
MDS-A-V1-10Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MDS-A-V2-0505Mitsubishi Servo Drive Unit
MDS-A-V2-1005Servo Drive
MDS-A-V2-2020Mitsubishi Servo Drive Unit
MDS-B-CV-110Mitsubishi MDS Servo Drive
MDS-B-CV-150Mitsubishi MDS Servo Drive
MDS-B-CV-185Mitsubishi MDS Power Supply
MDS-B-CV-220Mitsubishi MDS Servo Drive
MDS-B-CVE-260Mitsubishi PSU Module for Servo System.
MDS-B-SP-260Mitsubishi Spindle Drive Unit 26KW
MDS-B-SPA-150Servo Drive
MDS-B-SPH-110Mitsubishi 37A Spindle Drive Unit
MDS-B-SPH-185Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MDS-B-SPH-220Mitsubishi Spindle Drive Unit
MDS-B-SPJ2-37Spindle Amplifier
MDS-B-SPJ2-75Mitsubishi Spindle Drive Unit
MDS-B-SVJ2-073AC 6A Servo Drive Unit
MDS-B-SVJ2-10Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MDS-B-SVJ2-20Mitsubishi 14Amp Servo Drive
MDS-B-V1-10Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MDS-B-V1-20Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MDS-B-V1-35Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MDS-B-V1-45Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MDS-B-V2-0101Dual Axis Servo Drive 2 x 0.95A
MDS-B-V2-1005servo drive
profibus-DPMDS-B-V2-1010Servo Drive Unit
MDS-B-V2-3510Dual Axis Servo Drive
MDS-B-V2-3520Mitsubishi 16A Servo Drive
MDS-B-V2-3535Mitsubishi 16A Servo Drive
MDS-C1-CV-185Mitsubishi MDS Power Supply Unit
MDS-C1-CV-22026kw Power Supply
MDS-C1-CV-26026kw power supply unit
MDS-C1-CV-300Mitsubishi Power Supply Unit
MDS-C1-SP-260Spindle drive unit 26kw
MDS-C1-SPH-150Mitsubishi 15kW Spindle Drive
MDS-C1-SPH-37Mitsubishi CNC Controller
MDS-C1-SPM-185Single axis servo unit 18.5kW
MDS-C1-V1-20Mitsubishi Servo Drive= MDS-C1-V1-20
MDS-C1-V1-35Mitshubishi Servo Drive Unit
MDS-C1-V2-0505Servo Amplifier
MDS-C1-V2-4520Dual axis servo unit 4.5/2.0 kW
MDS-CH-CV-300Mitsubishi Power Supply
MDS-CH-V2-4535servo drive unit
MDS-CH-V3.90Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MDSDV3-202020Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MELFA WORKSsystemMS-Windows Robot simulation add-on for SOLID
Melsec/A77GOTOperator display
MF-2F230-007.230EMC filter for single-phase amplifiers up to 750W
MF-2F230-06-MFAinclusiveEMCfilter for single-phase MR-J3 200V amplifiers up
MF-2F230-06-MFBtoEMC600Wfilterinclusiveforsingle-phase MR-J3 200V amplifier –
MF-3F230-050.230EMC filter for 5kW and 7kW 3-phase 200V amplifiers
MF-3F480-010.230EMC filter for 1kW 3-phase 200V amplifiers and
MF-3F480-015.230MF3EMC600Wfilterto1kWforthree-phaseinclusive MR-J3 400V amplifier – 2kW
MF-3F480-015.233MFEMC filter for three-phase MR-J3 400V amplifier –
MF-3F480-025.230EMC3.5kWfilter for 2kW and 3.5kW 3-phase 200V amplifiers
MF-3F480-050.230MF3EMC filter for three-phase MR-J3 400V amplifiers
MHI-D400Mitsubishi MHI-D400 Servo Driver
MHI-D400DMitsubishi MHI-D400D Servo Driver
MHI-D750Mitsubishi MHI-D750G Servo Driver
MHI-D750GMitsubishi MHI-D750G Servo Driver
Mitsubishi CableMitsubishi Cable
Mitsubishi CNC rackMitsubishi CNC rack
Mitsubishi Fan UnitMitsubishi Fan Unit
Mitsubishi FX 8 ER – ES8 Inputs 24 Volt DC
Mitsubishi Melsec PLCSupply of Various Mitsubishi Melsec PLC Modules
ModulesMITSUCAB33A 3MProgramming cable
MJ-100RTRAMitsubishi PSU for Centeral Controller
MMF08C24DSFan for Mitsubishi FRA024S Inverter
MM:FR-T623-11KVA-AKInverter 6.5KW 300VDC
MN163902Engine Valve exhaust
Module ID No. I H2427Communication Control Module
Module ID No. I H2428Unit Control Module
MovemasterSafety Manual
Movemaster RP-1AHTechnical Manual
MP-133Metal Position Detector
MR157227Front Shock Abosorber
MR222261Clutch cover
MR296272Idler Arm L200
MR307247Brake Pad Rear Montero
MR571476Air Filter element
MR-A-1500PServo Drive
MR-A-TMSSCNET termination connector
MR-BATServo amplifier battery
MR-BKCNBrake connector set
MR-BKCNS1Brake connector for HF-SP series motors IP67
MR-BKS1CBL10M-A1-H10m motor brake cable – output towards motor shaft
MR-BKS1CBL10M-A1-L10m(highmotorbendingbrakelife)cable – output towards motor shaft
MR-BKS1CBL10M-A2-H10m motor brake cable (high bending life)
MR-BKS1CBL10M-A2-L10m motor brake cable
MR-BKS1CBL2M-A1-H2m motor brake cable – output towards motor shaft
MR-BKS1CBL2M-A1-L2m(highmotorbendingbrakecablelife) – output towards motor shaft
MR-BKS1CBL2M-A2-H2m motor brake cable (high bending life)
MR-BKS1CBL2M-A2-L2m motor brake cable
MR-BKS1CBL5M-A1-H5m motor brake cable – output towards motor shaft
MR-BKS1CBL5M-A1-L5m(highmotorbendingbrakecablelife) – output towards motor shaft
MR-BKS1CBL5M-A2-H5m motor brake cable (high bending life)
MR-BKS1CBL5M-A2-L5m motor brake cable
MR-BKS2CBL03M-A1-LBrake cable for HF-KP and HF-MP series motors – lead
MR-BKS2CBL03M-A2-LBrakeoutdirectioncablefortowardsHF-KPmotorandHF-MPshaft series-0.3mmotors-IP55–lead
MR-C10A1-UE100Woutdirectionservoamplifiertowards encoder(Single-phase-0.3m-IP55100V)-standard
MR-C10A-UEMitsubishi 100W Servo Amplifier (Single-phase 200V)
MR-C20AMitsubishi Servo Drive
MR-C20A1-UE200W servo amplifier (Single-phase 100V)
MR-C20A-UE200W servo amplifier (Single-phase 200V)
MR-C40AMitsubishi Melservo
MR-C40A-UE400W servo amplifier (Single-phase 200V)
MR-CCNSEncoder connector set (HC-PQ motor encoder and
MR ConfiguratorServoservoamplifiercontrollerconnector)configuration and tuning software
MR ConfiguratorServo(MR-J series)controller configuration and tuning software
MR-CPCATCBL3MRS232(MR-Jseries)serialcommunications cable (MR-C-T01 to
MR-C-T01Serial9-pinPCcommunicationsconnector) option (fits underneath MR-C
MR-CTBL05MConnectorservoamplifier)andcable from MR-C amplifier to MR-TB20
MR-DCL30K-4DCterminallinkreactorbox(0.5m)(Power factor improving reactor)
MR-DCL37K-4DC(30kWlinkrated)reactor (Power factor improving reactor)
MR-DCL45K-4DC(30kWlinkrated)reactor (Power factor improving reactor)
MR-DCL55K-4DC(30kWlinkrated)reactor (Power factor improving reactor)
MR-ECNMEncoder cable connector set for HF-KP and HF-MP
MR-EKCBL20M-HAmplifier side encoder connector cable for HF-KP and
MR-EKCBL20M-LAmplifierHF-MPseriessidemotorsencoder- 20mconnector-IP20cable-highforflexHF-KPcableand-
MR-EKCBL30M-HAmplifierHF-MPseriessidemotorsencoder- 20mconnector-IP20cable-standardforHF-KPflexand
MR-EKCBL30M-LAmplifierHF-MPseriessidemotorsencoder- 30mconnector-IP20cable-highforflexHF-KPcableand-
MR-ENCBL10M-H10mHF-MPencoderseries motorscable(2000rpm)-30m-IP20series-standardmotors flex(high
MR-ENCBL20M-H20mbendingencoderlife) cable (2000rpm) series motors (high
MR-ENCBL2M-H2mbendingencoderlife)cable (2000rpm) series motors (high
MR-ENCBL30M-H30mbendingencoderlife) cable (2000rpm) series motors (high
MR-ENCBL50M-H50mbendingencoderlife) cable (2000rpm) series motors (high
MR-ENCBL5M-H5mbendingencoderlife)cable (2000rpm) series motors (high
MR-ENCNSbendingEncoder life)connector (2000rpm) series motors
MR-H10TN-HAC Servo Amplifier
MR-H200AMisubishi Melservo 2kW Servo Drive
MR-H200AN2Kw Servo Drive
MR-H200BMitsubishi Melservo 2kW Servo Drive
MR-H350AC-ECMitsubishi 3.5Kw AC Servo Drive
MR-H350ANMitsubishi Servo Drive
MR-H500ACN-UEMitsubishi 28amp unit
MR-H700Aservo amplifier
MR-HDP01Pulse generator unit
MR-HENCSynchronous encoder unit
MR-HP55KA455kW converter unit (400V)
MR-J10AMitsubishi 100W Servo Amplifier
MR-J2-100AMitsubishi 1Kw MR-J Series Servo Drive
MR-J2-100C-S100Mitsubishi MR-J2 1Kw Servo Drive
MR-J2-100D-S24Servo Amplifier
MRJ2100DS24servo motor
MR-J2-200A2Kw AC Servo Drive
MR-J2-200CTMitsubishi 11A Servo Drive
MR-J2-350AMitsubishi 3.5Kw Servo Drive
MR-J2-350BMitsubishi MR-J Series Servo Drive
MR-J2-40AMitsubishi MR-J2 400W Servo Drive
MR-J2-40BMitsubishi MR-J2 400W Servo Drive
MR-J2-60AMitsubishi MR-J Series Servo Drive
MR-J2-60B3PH+1PH 200-230 V 50/60 Hz
MR-J2-60DMitsubishi MR-J Series Servo Drive
MR-J2-60D-S24Melservo unit 600W
MR-J2CN1Servo amplifier connectors (2 supplied)
MR-J2CN1MR-J3-B CN3 I/O connector
MR-J2CN1-AA-Motion controller / A1SD75M series module to
MR-J2CN1-AA-MotionMR-J2S-Bcontrolleramplifier /SSCNETA1SD75Mconnectorseriesmoduleset to
MR-J2CNSEncoder connector (2000rpm) series motors
MR-J2HBUS05M0.5m QD75M or MR-J2S-B amplifier to MR-J2S-B
MR-J2HBUS05M0.5mamplifierQD75MSSCNETorMR-J2S-Bbuscableamplifier to MR-J2S-B
MR-J2HBUS05M-Aamplifier0.5mA-MotionSSCNETcontrollerbuscable/A1SD75M series modules to
MR-J2HBUS1M1mMR-J2S-BQD75MamplifierorMR-J2S-BSSCNETamplifiercable to MR-J2S-B
MR-J2HBUS1M-A1mamplifierA-MotionSSCNETcontrollerbuscable/A1SD75M series mcdules to
MR-J2HBUS1M-A1mMR-J2S-BA-MotionamplifiercontrollerSSCNET/A1SD75Mcable series mcdules to
MR-J2HBUS5M5mMR-J2S-BQD75MamplifierorMR-J2S-BSSCNETamplifiercable to MR-J2S-B
MR-J2HBUS5M-A5mamplifierA-MotionSSCNETcontrollerbuscable/A1SD75M series modules to
MR-J2HBUS5M-A5mMR-J2S-BA-MotionamplifiercontrollerSSCNET/A1SD75Mcable series modules to
MR-J2M-20DUServo Drive
MR-J2M-40DUServo Amplifier Controller
MR-J2M-P8BPower Kit
MR-J2S-100AMitsubishi 1kW Servo Amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J2S-100A41kWcontrol)Servo(200Vamplifier3-phase only)(digital or analogue
MR-J2S-100B1kWcontrol)SSCNET(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (SSCNET bus
MR-J2S-100B41kWcontrol)Servo(200Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET bus control)
MR-J2S-100CL1kW(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (programmable) (200V
MR-J2S-10A100W3-phaseServoonly)amplifier (digital or analogue control)
MR-J2S-10A1servo(200Vdrivesingle-phase or 3-phase)
MR-J2S-10B100W SSCNET Servo amplifier (SSCNET bus
MR-J2S-10CL100Wcontrol)Servo(200Vamplifiersingle-phase(programmable)or3-phase) (200V
MR-J2S-10PG-KIT-1MMR-J2Ssingle-phasetoFX2N-10PGor3-phase)connection kit
MR-J2S-11KA411kW Servo amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J2S-11KBAMPcontrol)11KW(400V200V 3-phase)SSCNET
MR-J2S-11KB411kW Servo amplifier (SSCNET bus control)
MR-J2S-15KA415kW(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J2S-15KB415kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET bus control)
MR-J2S-200AMitsubishi(400V3-phase)2kWServo Amplifier
MR-J2S-200A4Mitsubishi 2kW Servo Amplifier
MR-J2S-200B2kW SSCNET Servo amplifier (SSCNET bus
MR-J2S-200B42kWcontrol)Servo(200VAmplifier3-phase)400V- 5.4 A
MR-J2S-200CL2kW Servo amplifier (programmable) (200V
MR-J2S-20A200W Servo amplifier (digital or analogue control)
MR-J2S-20B200W(200VSSCNETsingle-phaseServooramplifier3-phase) (SSCNET bus
MR-J2S-20CL200Wcontrol)Servo(200Vamplifiersingle-phase(programmable)or3-phase) (200V
MR-J2S-22KA422kWsingle-phaseServoamplifieror3-phase) (digital or analogue
MR-J2S-22KB422kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET bus control)
MR-J2S-30KA430kW(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J2S-30KB430kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET bus control)
MR-J2S-350A3.5kW(400V3-phase)Servoamplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J2S-350AServocontrol)Amplifier(200V 3-phase only)
MR-J2S-350A43.5kW Servo amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J2S-350B3.5kWcontrol)SSCNET(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (SSCNET bus
MR-J2S-350B43.5kWcontrol)Servo(200Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET bus control)
MR-J2S-350CL3.5kW(400V3-phase)Servoamplifier (programmable) (200V
MR-J2S-350CP3.5kW3-phaseAConly)Servo Drive
MR-J2S-37KA437kW Servo amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J2S-37KB437kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET bus control)
MR-J2S-40A400W(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (digital or analogue control)
MR-J2S-40B400W(200VSSCNETsingle-phaseServooramplifier3-phase) (SSCNET bus
MR-J2S-40B-EE006MR-J2Scontrol)400w(200VServosingle-phaseDrive or 3-phase)
MR-J2S-40CL400W Servo amplifier (programmable) (200V
MR-J2S-45KA445kW Servo amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J2S-45KB445kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET bus control)
MR-J2S-500A5kW(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J2S-500A45kWcontrol)Servo(200Vamplifier3-phase only)(digital or analogue
MR-J2S-500B5kWcontrol)SSCNET(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (SSCNET bus
MR-J2S-500B45kWcontrol)Servo(200Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET bus control)
MR-J2S-500CL5kW(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (programmable) (200V
MR-J2S-55KA455kW3-phaseServoonly)amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J2S-55KB455kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET bus control)
MR-J2S-60A600W(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J2S-60B600Wcontrol)SSCNET(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (SSCNET bus
MR-J2S-60B4600Wcontrol)Servo(200Vamplifiersingle-phase(SSCNETor3-phase)bus control)
MR-J2S-60CL600W(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (programmable) (200V
MR-J2S-700A7kWsingle-phaseServoamplifieror3-phase) (digital or analogue
MR-J2S-700A47kWcontrol)Servo(200Vamplifier3-phase only)(digital or analogue
MR-J2S-700B7kW SSCNET Servo amplifier (SSCNET bus
MR-J2S-700B47kWcontrol)Servo(200Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET bus control)
MR-J2S-700CL7kW(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (programmable) (200V
MR-J2S-70A750W3-phaseServoonly)Amplifier – Digital or Analogue Control –
MR-J2S-70B750W SSCNET Servo amplifier (SSCNET bus
MR-J2S-70B-EE006750Wcontrol)SERVO(200VDRIVEsingle-phase or 3-phase)
MR-J2S-70B-S255Mitsubishi servo drive
MR-J2S-70B-U005AC servo drive
MR-J2S-70CL750W Servo amplifier (programmable) (200V
MR-J2S-TB20KIT-05MMR-J2Ssingle-phaseconnectoror3-phase)kit(incl 2 x 20 way terminal blocks
MR-J2S-TB20KIT-1MMR-J2Sand2x connector0.5mcableskitfor(inclCN1A2x 20andwayCN1B)terminal blocks
MR-J2TBL05M0.5mand2connectorx1mcablesandforcableCN1AfromandMR-J2SCN1B) amplifiers to
MR-J2TBL1M1mMR-TB20connectorterminaland boxcable from MR-J2S amplifiers to
MR-J3-100A1kW Servo amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J3-100A41kWcontrol)Servo amplifier(200Vthree phase(digitalonly)or analogue
MR-J3-100B1kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-100B41kW(200VServothreeamplifierphase only) (SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-100T1kW(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (CC-Link) (200V three
MR-J3-100T41kWphaseServoonly)amplifier (CC-Link) (400V three
MR-J3-10A100Wphase)Servo amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J3-10A-S030Mitsubishicontrol) 100w(100VServosingle-phase)Drive
MR-J3-10B100W Servo amplifier (SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-10B1100W(200VServosingle-phaseamplifieror 3-phase)(SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-10T100W(100VServosingle-phase)amplifier (CC-Link) (200V
MR-J3-11KA411kWsingle-phaseServoamplifieror3-phase) (digital or analogue
MR-J3-11KB411kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET III bus
MR-J3-15KA415kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (digital or analogue
MR-J3-15KB415kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET III bus
MR-J3-200A2kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (digital or analogue
MR-J3-200A42kWcontrol)Servo amplifier(200Vthree phase(digitalonly)or analogue
MR-J3-200B2kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-200B42kW(200VServothreeamplifierphase only) (SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-200T2kW(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (CC-Link) (200V three
MR-J3-200T42kWphaseServoonly)amplifier (CC-Link) (400V three
MR-J3-20A200Wphase)Servo amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J3-20B200Wcontrol)Servo(100Vamplifiersingle-phase)(SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-20B1200W(200VServosingle-phaseamplifieror 3-phase)(SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-20T200W(100VServosingle-phase)amplifier (CC-Link) (200V
MR-J3-22KA422kWsingle-phaseServoamplifieror3-phase) (digital or analogue
MR-J3-22KB422kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET III bus
MR-J3-350A3.5kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (digital or analogue
MR-J3-350A43.5kWcontrol)Servo(200Vamplifierthree phase(digitalonly)or analogue
MR-J3-350B3.5kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-350B43.5kW(200VServothreeamplifierphaseonly) (SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-350T3.5kW(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (CC-Link) (200V three
MR-J3-350T43.5kWphaseonly)Servo amplifier (CC-Link) (400V three
MR-J3-40AMitsubishiphase) 0.4kW Servo Amplifier
MR-J3-40A1400W Servo amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J3-40B400Wcontrol)Servo(100Vamplifiersingle-phase)(SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-40B1400W(200VServosingle-phaseamplifieror 3-phase)(SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-40T400W(100VServosingle-phase)amplifier (CC-Link) (200V
MR-J3-500A5kWsingle-phaseServoamplifieror3-phase) (digital or analogue
MR-J3-500A45kWcontrol)Servo amplifier(200Vthree phase(digitalonly)or analogue
MR-J3-500B5kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-500B45kW(200VServothreeamplifierphase only) (SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-500T5kW(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (CC-Link) (200V three
MR-J3-500T45kW Servo amplifier (CC-Link) (400V three
MR-J3-60A600Wphase)Servo amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J3-60B600Wcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-60B4600W(200VServosingle-phaseamplifieror 3-phase)(SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-60T600W(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (CC-Link) (200V
MR-J3-60T4600Wsingle-phaseServoamplifieror3-phase) (CC-Link) (400V
MR-J3-700A7kWthreeServophase)amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J3-700A7KWcontrol)servo drive(200V three phase only)
MR-J3-700A47kW Servo amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J3-700B7kWcontrol)Servo(400Vamplifier3-phase) (SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-700B47kW(200VServothreeamplifierphase only) (SSCNET III bus control)
MR-J3-700T7kW(400VServo3-phase)amplifier (CC-Link) (200V three
MR-J3-700T47kWphaseServoonly)amplifier (CC-Link) (400V three
MR-J3-70A750Wphase)Servo amplifier (digital or analogue
MR-J3-70B750Wcontrol)Servo(200Vamplifiersingle-phase(SSCNETor3-phase)IIIbus control)
MR-J3-70T750W(200VServosingle-phaseamplifieror 3-phase)(CC-Link) (200V
MR-J3BATMR-J3 battery for absolute encoder mode
MR-J3BCN1MR-J3-B SSCNET III connector set
MR-J3BTCBL03MMR-J3 battery connection extension cable
MR-J3BUS015M0.15m SSCNET III cable from Q17*HCPU to MR-J3
MR-J3BUS03M0.3mamplifierSSCNET(alsoIIIJ3 tocableJ3amplifier)fromQ17*HCPU to MR-J3
MR-J3BUS05M0.5mamplifierSSCNET(alsoIIIJ3 tocableJ3amplifier)fromQ17*HCPU to MR-J3
MR-J3BUS10M-A10mamplifierSSCNET(alsoIIIJ3externaltoJ3amplifier)cablefrom Q17*HCPU to
MR-J3BUS1M1mMR-J3SSCNETamplifierIIIcable(also J3fromto Q17*HCPUJ3amplifier)to MR-J3
MR-J3BUS20M-A20mamplifierSSCNET(alsoIIIJ3externaltoJ3amplifier)cablefrom Q17*HCPU to
MR-J3BUS3M3mMR-J3SSCNETamplifierIIIcable(also J3fromto Q17*HCPUJ3amplifier)to MR-J3
MR-J3BUS5M-A5mamplifierSSCNET(alsoIIIJ3externaltoJ3amplifier)cablefrom Q17*HCPU to
MR-J3CN1MR-J3-AMR-J3amplifierCN1I/O(alsoconnectorJ3toJ3 amplifier)
MR-J3CN6CBL1MMR-J3-A Monitor cable for CN6 (1m)
MR-J3-D01MR-J3-T extension I/O unit module
MR-J3ENCBL10M-A1-H10m encoder cable – output towards motor shaft
MR-J3ENCBL10M-A1-L10m(highencoderbendingcablelife) – output towards motor shaft
MR-J3ENCBL10M-A2-H10m encoder cable (high bending life)
MR-J3ENCBL10M-A2-L10m encoder cable
MR-J3ENCBL2M-A1-H2m encoder cable – output towards motor shaft
MR-J3ENCBL2M-A1-L2m(highencoderbendingcablelife)- output towards motor shaft
MR-J3ENCBL2M-A2-H2m encoder cable (high bending life)
MR-J3ENCBL2M-A2-L2m encoder cable
MR-J3ENCBL5M-A1-H5m encoder cable – output towards motor shaft
MR-J3ENCBL5M-A1-L5m(highencoderbendingcablelife)- output towards motor shaft
MR-J3ENCBL5M-A2-H5m encoder cable (high bending life)
MR-J3ENCBL5M-A2-L5m encoder cable
MR-J3ENSCBL10M-H10m encoder cable (high bending life)
MR-J3ENSCBL10M-L10m encoder cable
MR-J3ENSCBL20M-H20m encoder cable (high bending life)
MR-J3ENSCBL20M-L20m encoder cable
MR-J3ENSCBL2M-H2m encoder cable (high bending life)
MR-J3ENSCBL2M-L2m encoder cable
MR-J3ENSCBL30M-HEncodercable; for HF-SP(B) High-flex 30m IP67
MR-J3ENSCBL30M-L30m encoder cable
MR-J3ENSCBL30M-L30m encoder cable (high bending life)
MR-J3ENSCBL5M-H5m encoder cable (high bending life)
MR-J3ENSCBL5M-L5m encoder cable
MR-J3JCBL03M-A1-LEncoder cable for HF-KP and HF-MP series motors –
MR-J3JCBL03M-A2-LEncoderleadout cableindirectionforHF-KPtowardsand motorHF-MPshaftseries-motors0.3m- -IP20
MR-J3SCNSEncoderleadout connectorindirectionsettowardsforHF-SPencoderseries- 0.3mmotors-IP20IP67-
MR-J3-TB50KIT-2M50 way terminal block and 2m cable (for use with
MR-J40A400W Servo Drive
MR-J40A-C400W Servo Drive
MR-J60AAC Servo
MR-J70AAC Servo
MR-JCCBL10M-H10m encoder cable (high bending life)
MR-JCCBL10M-L10m encoder cable
MR-JCCBL10M-L10m encoder cable
MR-JCCBL20M-H20m encoder cable (high bending life)
MR-JCCBL20M-L20m encoder cable
MR-JCCBL2M-H2m encoder cable (high bending life)
MR-JCCBL2M-L2m encoder cable
MR-JCCBL30M-H30m encoder cable (high bending life)
MR-JCCBL30M-H30m encoder cable (high bending life)
MR-JCCBL30M-L30m encoder cable
MR-JCCBL50M-H50m encoder cable (high bending life)
MR-JCCBL5M-H5m encoder cable (high bending life)
MR-JCCBL5M-L5m encoder cable
MR-JCCBL5M-L5m encoder cable
MR-JHSCBL10M-H10m encoder cable (2000rpm) series motors (high
MR-JHSCBL10M-L10mbendingencoderlife) cable
MR-JHSCBL20M-H20m encoder cable (2000rpm) series motors (high
MR-JHSCBL20M-L20m encoder cable
MR-JHSCBL2M-H2m encoder cable (2000rom) series motors (high
MR-JHSCBL30M-H30m encoder cable (2000rpm) series motors (high
MR-JHSCBL30M-L30mbendingencoderlife) cable
MR-JHSCBL50M-H50m encoder cable (2000rpm) series motors (high
MR-JHSCBL5M-H5mbendingencoderlife)cable (2000rpm) series motors (high
MR-MC110PCI Motion Control Board
MR-MG30Profibus to SSCNET Gateway Module
MR-MQ100Single axis motion controller with Print mark
MR-PC1Sequence Controller
MR-PWCNFPower connector for HA-FF EC motors
MR-PWCNK1Power supply connector for HC-KFS / HC-MFS /
MR-PWCNK2HC-UFSPowersupply(3000rpm)connectorseriesformotorsHC-KFS / HC-MFS /
MR-PWCNS1HC-UFSPowersupply(3000rpm)connectorseriessetmotorsforHC-SFSwithbrake/HC-RFS /
MR-PWCNS2HC-UFSPowersupply(2000rpm)connectorseriessetmotorsforHC-SFS / HC-RFS /
MR-PWCNS3HC-UFSPowersupply(2000rpm)connectorseriessetmotorsforHC-SFS / HC-RFS /
MR-PWCNS4HC-UFSPowersupply(2000rpm)connectorseriesformotorsHF-SP52(4) to
MR-PWCNS5HF-SP152(4)Powersupplymotorsconnector for HF-SP202(4) to
MR-PWR-T-150-270150WHF-SP502(4)x270WmotorsBrake Resistor for use with
MR-PWR-T-400-120400WMR-J2S-60A4/B4x120WBrake Resistor for use with
MR-PWR-T-600-26600WMR-J2S-100A4/B4x26WBrake Resistor for use with
MR-PWR-T-600-47600WMR-J2S-700A4/B4x47WBrake Resistor for use with
MR-PWS1CBL10M-A1-H10mMR-J2S-200A4/B4powercable- output towards motor shaft
MR-PWS1CBL10M-A1-L10m(highpowerbendingcablelife)- output towards motor shaft
MR-PWS1CBL10M-A2-H10m power cable (high bending life)
MR-PWS1CBL10M-A2-L10m power cable
MR-PWS1CBL2M-A1-H2m power cable – output towards motor shaft
MR-PWS1CBL2M-A1-L2m(highpowerbendingcablelife)-output towards motor shaft
MR-PWS1CBL2M-A2-H2m power cable (high bending life)
MR-PWS1CBL2M-A2-L2m power cable
MR-PWS1CBL5M-A1-H5m power cable – output towards motor shaft
MR-PWS1CBL5M-A1-L5m(highpowerbendingcablelife)-output towards motor shaft
MR-PWS1CBL5M-A2-H5m power cable (high bending life)
MR-PWS1CBL5M-A2-L5m power cable
MR-PWS2CBL03M-A1-LPower supply cable for HF-KP and HF-MP series motors
MR-PWS2CBL03M-A2-LPower supply cable for HF-KP and HF-MP series motors
MR-PWS3CBL10M-A1-L10m-leadpoweroutincabledirection-outputtowardstowardsencodermotor-0.3mshaft- IP55 –
MR-PWS3CBL10M-A2-L10m power cable
MR-PWS3CBL2M-A1-L2m power cable – output towards motor shaft
MR-PWS3CBL2M-A2-L2m power cable
MR-PWS3CBL5M-A1-L5m power cable – output towards motor shaft
MR-PWS3CBL5M-A2-L5m power cable
MR-RB013Regenerative resistor – 10W – 52 Ohms
MR-RB032Optional regeneration unit – 30W – 40 Ohm
MR-RB033Regenerative resistor – 30W – 52 Ohms
MR-RB12Optional regeneration unit – 100W – 40 Ohm
MR-RB136-4Regenerative brake option (Brake unit) (1300W
MR-RB138-4Regenerative5Ohm) brake option (Brake unit) (3 x 1300W
MR-RB30Optional5Ohm(inregenerationparallel)) unit – 300W – 13 Ohm
MR-RB31Optional regeneration unit – 300W – 6.7 Ohm
MR-RB32Optional regeneration unit – 300W – 40 Ohm
MR-RB50Optional regeneration unit – 500W – 13 Ohm
MR-RB51Optional regeneration unit – 500W – 6.7 Ohm
MR-RB65Optional regeneration unit – 500 W – 8 Ohm
MR-RB6B-4Optional regeneration unit – 500 W – 20 Ohm (For
MR-RFH220-40400W400V3xphase40WBrakesystems)Resistor for use with
MR-RFH400-13600WMR-J2S-100A/B/CLx13WBrake Resistor for use with
MR-RFH75-40MR-J2S-700A/B/CL150Wx40WBrake Resistor for use with
MR-S1-100-E01Mazak Servo Drive
MR-S1-103-E01Version D
MR-S11-200-E01Servo drive
MR-S1-200-E31Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MR-S12-100A-E01Mitsubishi MR-S12-100A-E01 Servo Drive
MR-S12-100B-Z33Mitsubishi Sevo Drive
MR-S12-33A-E01Servo Drive
MR-S12-40A-Z33Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MR-S12-40B-Z33Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MR-S12-80A-E31Mitsubishi 80A Servodrive
MR-S12-80B-Z33Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MR-S12-80B-Z33Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MR-S1-80-E01Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MR-S1-80-E31servo drive
MR-S2-100A-E31Servo Unit.
MR-S2-100B-E01Mitsubishi CNC Servo Amplifier
MRS240A-Z33Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MR-S2-80A-E01Mitsubishi 80A Servodrive
MR-S3 80AA-E01Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MR-S80E-01AMR-S80E-01A Servo Drive
MR-SA102Mitsubishi Melservo-SA Servo Drive
MR-SA152Mitsubishi Melservo-SA Servo Drive
MR-SA152LAC servo
MR-SA352Mitsubishi Servo Drive
MR-SA352RMitsubishi Servo Drive
MR-SA502LMitsubishi Servo Drive
MR-SB 350AC Servo
MR-TB2020-way terminal box (use with MR-J2TBL1M or
M-S-A-P-150DC Servodrive
MSM152020Mitsubishi AC Servo Drive
MSS-11003Phase Soft Start
MSS-1203Phase Soft Start
MSS-14003Phase Soft Start
MSS-1453Phase Soft Start
MSS-163Phase Soft Start
MSS-1703Phase Soft Start
MSS-2053Phase Soft Start
MSS-233Phase Soft Start
MSS-2553Phase Soft Start
MSS-2903Phase Soft Start
MSS-303Phase Soft Start
MSS-3403Phase Soft Start
MSS-4103Phase Soft Start
MSS-453Phase Soft Start
MSS-4753Phase Soft Start
MSS-5803Phase Soft Start
MSS-603Phase Soft Start
MSS-6703Phase Soft Start
MSS-753Phase Soft Start
MSS-8003Phase Soft Start
MSS-853Phase Soft Start
MSS-9003Phase Soft Start
040H-057R-320C-0FS0-0MSSP-GXFX-SWStandard FX Synergy (software only)
MSSP-GXFX-SW-ASStandard FX Synergy annual subscription (software
MSSP-GXFX-SW+SPStandardonly) FX Synergy (software with support pack)
MSSP-GXFX-SW+SP-ASStandard FX Synergy annual subscription (software
MSSP-GXIEC-SWStandardwithsupportIECpack)Synergy (software only)
MSSP-GXIEC-SW-ASStandard IEC Synergy annual subscription (software
MSSP-GXIEC-SW+SPStandardonly) IEC Synergy (software with support pack)
MSSP-GXIEC-SW+SP-ASStandard IEC Synergy annual subscription (software
MSSP-GX-SWStandardwithsupportGX pack)Synergy (software only)
MSSP-GX-SW-ASStandard GX Synergy annual subscription (software
MSSP-GX-SW+SPStandardonly) GX Synergy (software with support pack)
MSSP-GX-SW+SP-ASStandard GX Synergy annual subscription (software
MTA-100Unbadged Keypad and Display Unit
MT-A140E-110K-02E1110Kw Inverter
MT-BR5-H75KBrake resistors more than one set may be needed for
MT-BU5-H150KBrakeMT-BU5unit for FR-A/F740-02160 to 03250
MT-BU5-H220KBrake unit for FR-A/F740-03250 to 04320
MT-BU5-H280KBrake unit for FR-A/F740-04320 to 05470
MT-BU5-H375KBrake unit for FR-A/F740-05470 to 07700
MT-BU5-H75KBrake unit for FR-A/F740-01800
MT DeveloperQ-Motion Controller programming software
MT DeveloperQ-MotionWin98/2000/NTController programming software
MT Developer 2-EQ-MotionWin98/2000/NTController programming software Win XP
MT Developer 2-EWindows based Q-Motion Controller programming
MT Developer 2-EsoftwareSoftware Upgrade for MT Developer to MT Developer
UpgradeMTDeveloper 2-MQ-ESingle2-E Axis Motion Controller MR-MQ100 software
MT Developer 2-MQ-ESingle Axis Motion Controller MR-MQ100 software
MT Developer UpgradeWindows XP Software Upgrade for MT Developer
MT Developer UpgradeWindows XP Software Upgrade for MT Developer
MX4-API-TKMx4 API Toolkit
MX4-B-1000AMX4-Business Server Software ?Max 1000 Assets?
MX4-B-100AMX4-Business Server Software ?Max 100 Assets?
MX4-B-10AMX4-Business Server Software ?Max 10 Assets?
MX4-B-20AMX4-Business Server Software ?Max 20 Assets?
MX4-B-500AMX4-Business Server Software ?Max 500 Assets?
MX4-B-50AMX4-Business Server Software ?Max 50 Assets?
MX4-B-5AMX4-Business Server Software ?Max 5 Assets?
MX4-B-ANNMX4-Business Annunciator add-in module*
MX4-B-DLMX4-Business DL Software Module
MX4-B-EXCMX4-Business Excel data browser add-in module
MX4-B-QCMX4-Business QC add-in module
MX4-B-TRTMX4-Business Trending add-in module
MX4-B-ULAMX4-Business Server Software ?Unlimited Assets?
MX4-Energy-100MX4 Energy 100 Data Channels
MX4-Energy-200MX4 Energy 200 Data Channels
MX4-Energy-25MX4 Energy 25 Data Channels
MX4-Energy-300MX4 Energy 300 Data Channels
MX4-Energy-50MX4 Energy 50 Data Channels
MX4-Energy-500MX4 Energy 500 Data Channels
MX4-Energy-MS100MX4 Energy Maintenance and Support 100 Data
MX4-Energy-MS200MX4ChannelsEnergy Maintenance and Support 200 Data
MX4-Energy-MS25MX4ChannelsEnergy Maintenance and Support 25 Data
MX4-Energy-MS300MX4ChannelsEnergy Maintenance and Support 300 Data
MX4-Energy-MS50MX4ChannelsEnergy Maintenance and Support 50 Data
MX4-Energy-MS500MX4ChannelsEnergy Maintenance and Support 500 Data
MX4-Energy-MS500+MX4ChannelsEnergy Maintenance and Support 500+ Data
MX4-HMI-100100Channelspoint 1 driver included
MX4-HMI-100-MXCOMP100 point 1 driver MxComponent included
MX4-HMI-300300 point 1 driver included
MX4-HMI-300-MXCOMP300 point 1 driver MxComponent included
MX4-HMI-600600 point 1 driver included
MX4-HMI-600-MXCOMP600 point 1 driver MxComponent included
MX4-HMI-APIConnectivity to Databases OPC etc
MX4-HMI-DRVExtra Mx4 HMI Driver (Maximum of 3 drivers per Mx4
MX4-HPCALHMI)MX4SCADA Historian & Portal Client License each
MX4-HPCAL-UTDMX4 SCADA Historian & Portal Client License unlimited
MX4-SCADA-150150 Point Full Server Licence
MX4-SCADA-15001500 Point Full Server Licence
MX4-SCADA-1500015000 Point Full Server Licence
MX4-SCADA-1500015000 Point Full Server Licence
MX4-SCADA-15000 DC15000 Display Client License
MX4-SCADA-15000 DC15000 Display Client License
MX4-SCADA-15000 IDC15000 Internet Display Client License
MX4-SCADA-15000 IDC15000 Internet Display Client License
MX4-SCADA-15000 IMC15000 Internet Manager Client License
MX4-SCADA-15000 IMC15000 Internet Manager Client License
MX4-SCADA-15000 MC15000 Manager Client License
MX4-SCADA-15000 MC15000 Manager Client License
MX4-SCADA-1500 DC1500 Display Client License
MX4-SCADA-1500 IDC1500 Internet Display Client License
MX4-SCADA-1500 IMC1500 Internet Manager Client License
MX4-SCADA-1500 MC1500 Manager Client License
MX4-SCADA-150 DC150 Point Display Client License
MX4-SCADA-150 IDC150 Point Internet Display Client License
MX4-SCADA-150 IMC150 Point Internet Manager Client License
MX4-SCADA-150 MC150 Point Manager Client License
MX4-SCADA-500500 Point Full Server Licence
MX4-SCADA-50005000 Point Full Server Licence
MX4-SCADA-5000 DC5000 Point Display Client License
MX4-SCADA-5000 IDC5000 Point Internet Display Client License
MX4-SCADA-5000 IMC5000 Point Internet Manager Client License
MX4-SCADA-5000 MC5000 Point Manager Client License
MX4-SCADA-500 DC500 Point Display Client License
MX4-SCADA-500 IDC500 Point Internet Display Client License
MX4-SCADA-500 IMC500 Point Internet Manager Client License
MX4-SCADA-500 MC500 Point Manager Client License
MX4-SCADA-7575 Point Full Server Licence
MX4-SCADA-75 DC75 Display Client License
MX4-SCADA-UTDUnlimited Point Full Server license
MX4-SCADA-UTD DCUnlimited Point Display Client License
MX4-SCADA-UTD IDCUnlimited Point Internet Display Client License
MX4-SCADA-UTD IMCUnlimited Point Internet Manager Client License
MX4-SCADA-UTD MCUnlimited Point Manager Client License
MX4-SH-1500MX4 SCADA Historian 1500 pt. License
MX4-SH-15KMX4 SCADA Historian 15000 pt Licence
MX4-SH-500MX4 SCADA Historian 500 pt. License
MX4-SH-5KMX4 SCADA Historian 5000 pt. License
MX4-SH-75MX4 SCADA Historian 150 pt. License
MX500 andSet-up and monitoring software for F700 and all 500
FR-ConfiguratorMX500andseriesSet-upinvertersandmonitoring(includingsoftwareSC-FR-PCforallcable)700 and 500
FR-ConfiguratorMX500and V30010-EseriesSet-upinvertersandmonitoring software for all 700 and 500
MXC-NW-UnlimitedMX Change Unlimited Networked
MX Configurator MCModem configuration tool with cable
MX Configurator MC CDModem configuration tool CD only
MXC-SA-2000MX Change 2000 Tag Stand Alone
MX-OPCMX OPC(V2) Server for all PLCs
MX OPCV6.01 Server for all PLCs
MXSheetMicrosoft Excel 2000 Add-in 1 License
MXSheet E10Microsoft Excel 2000 Add-in 10 License
MXSheet E20Microsoft Excel 2000 Add-in 20 License
MXSheet E5Microsoft Excel 2000 Add-in 5 License
MZ690115Oil Filter
N87B-8415-0Control Card
NCT-06-WTransformer 630A
NCT-10-WTransformer 1000A
NCT-12-WTransformer 1250A
NCT-16-WTransformer 1600A
NCT-20-WTransformer 2000A
NCT-25-WTransformer 2500A
NCT-32-WTransformer 3200A
NCT-40-WTransformer 4000A
NT-1002XUMitsubishi Display Module
24/15DBNV630-SP5BMitsubishi Make ELCB NV630-SP, VE-230-400-440
OI-FR-E5NCOCan Open interface card for E500 inverters not KN
OPR022 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 2.2K inverter 400V
(2.2kW)OPR037 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 3.7K inverter 400V
(3.7kW)OPR055 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 5.5K inverter 400V
(5.5kW)OPR075 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 7.5K inverter 400V
(7.5kW)OPR1100 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 110K inverter 400V
(110kW)OPR110Output ReactorOutput reactor for 11K inverter 400V
(11kW)OPR1320 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 132K inverter 400V
(132kW)OPR150Output ReactorOutput reactor for 15K inverter 400V
(15kW)OPR1600 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 160K inverter 400V
(160kW)OPR185Output ReactorOutput reactor for 18.5K inverter 400V
(18.5kW)OPR2200 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 220K inverter 400V
(220kW)OPR220Output ReactorOutput reactor for 22K inverter 400V
(22kW)OPR2800 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 280K inverter 400V
(280kW)OPR300Output ReactorOutput reactor for 30K inverter 400V
(30kW)OPR370 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 37K inverter 400V
(37kW)OPR3750 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 375K inverter 400V
(375kW)OPR4500 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 450K inverter 400V
(450kW)OPR450Output ReactorOutput reactor for 45K inverter 400V
(45kW)OPR550 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 55K inverter 400V
(55kW)OPR600 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 65K inverter 400V
(65kW)OPR800 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 75K inverter 400V
(75kW)OPR900 Output ReactorOutput reactor for 90K inverter 400V
OSA104S2Mitsubishi OAS104S2 Encoder
OSE-1024-3-15Mitsubishi Optical Encoder
OSE105S2Mitsubishi Mazak CNC Encoder
P30P-30Mitsubishi Power Supply
P-5210A4Mitsubishi Analogue I/O PCB
PAR-20MAAMitsubishi Air Conditioning MA Remote Controller
PAT0100 TRANSFORMERPhase Shift Transformer
PAT0125 TRANSFORMERPhase Shift Transformer
PAT0160 TRANSFORMERPhase Shift Transformer
PAT0200 TRANSFORMERPhase Shift Transformer
PAT0250 TRANSFORMERPhase Shift Transformer
PAT0315 TRANSFORMERPhase Shift Transformer
PAT0400 TRANSFORMERPhase Shift Transformer
PAT0500 TRANSFORMERPhase Shift Transformer
PAT0630 TRANSFORMERPhase Shift Transformer
PAT0800 TRANSFORMERPhase Shift Transformer
PCB210-5Control board
PCMCIA CARD 4MB4 Mb PCMCIA card to be used together with IFC-MC
PCMCIA CARD 8MB8 Mb PCMCIA card to be used together with IFC-MC
PCM-DA PCB with Lots of ICs
PCS015N-02.0-0C4Power Cable 4×1.5 mm? – Desina – for Power Chain
PCS015N-05.0-0C4PowerApplication;Cable2m4x1.5formm?HF-SP52(B)-Desina – for Power Chain
PCS015N-10.0-0C4PowerApplication;Cable5m4x1.5formm?HF-SP52(B)-Desina – for Power Chain
PCS015N-20.0-0C4PowerApplication;Cable10m4x1.5formm?HF-SP52(B)-Desina – for Power Chain
PCS015N-30.0-0C4PowerApplication;Cable20m4x1.5formm?HF-SP52(B)-Desina – for Power Chain
PCS025N-02.0-0C4PowerApplication;Cable30m4x2.5formm?HF-SP52(B)-Desina – for Power Chain
PCS025N-05.0-0C4PowerApplication;Cable2m4x2.5formm?HF-SP102(B)-Desina – for Power Chain
PCS025N-10.0-0C4PowerApplication;Cable5m4x2.5formm?HF-SP102(B)-Desina – for Power Chain
PCS025N-20.0-0C4PowerApplication;Cable10m4x2.5formm?HF-SP102(B)-Desina- for Power Chain
PCS025N-30.0-0C4PowerApplication;Cable20m4x2.5formm?HF-SP102(B)-Desina- for Power Chain
PCS040N-02.0-0C4PowerApplication;Cable30m4x4 mm?forHF-SP102(B)-Desina-for Power Chain
PCS040N-02.0-0C5PowerApplication;Cable2m4x4formm?HF-SP152(B)-Desina- for Power Chain
PCS040N-05.0-0C4PowerApplication;Cable2m4x4formm?HF-SP202(B)-Desina- for Power Chain
PCS040N-05.0-0C5PowerApplication;Cable5m4x4formm?HF-SP152(B)-Desina- for Power Chain
PCS040N-10.0-0C4PowerApplication;Cable5m4x4formm?HF-SP202(B)-Desina- for Power Chain
PCS040N-10.0-0C5PowerApplication;Cable10m4x4 mm?forHF-SP152(B)-Desina-for Power Chain
PCS040N-20.0-0C4PowerApplication;Cable10m4x4 mm?forHF-SP202(B)-Desina-for Power Chain
PCS040N-20.0-0C5PowerApplication;Cable20m4x4 mm?forHF-SP152(B)-Desina-for Power Chain
PCS040N-30.0-0C4PowerApplication;Cable20m4x4 mm?forHF-SP202(B)-Desina-for Power Chain
PCS040N-30.0-0C5PowerApplication;Cable30m4x4 mm?forHF-SP152(B)-Desina-for Power Chain
PD19AMitsubishi CNC Power Supply
PD23AMitsubishi Meldas CNC PSU
PLK-E-PALTouchscreen monitor
PM150DSA120IPM- Flat-Base Type
PM-20BLPLC Battery with connector
PM30CSJ060Mitsubishi Intelligent Power Module
PM50RVA120Mitsubishi 50A 1200V Intelligent Power Module
FWPPC-Set-WinXPembQinterfacPCWindows XP Embedded 512MB RAM
PPC-Set-WinXPproQ PC Windows XP Professional 512MB RAM
Projxstudio 2.0Project management software tool
Projxstudio 2.0 UpgradeUpgrade from previous version
PSU 100Power supply 1 Phase AC (85 – 264V) to 24V DC 10A
PSU 200Power supply 1 Phase AC (85 – 264V) to 24V DC 20A
PSU 200-3Power supply 3 Phase AC (3 x 320 – 575V) to 24V DC
PSU 25Power supply 1 Phase AC (85 – 264V) to 24V DC 2.5A
PSU 400-3Power supply 3 Phase AC (3 x 320 – 575V) to 24V DC
PSU 50Power supply 1 Phase AC (85 – 264V) to 24V DC 5A
PSU UWAUniversal wall Adapter
PUHY-200YMFMitsubishi Inverter
PW3-WPower supply AC 100-240V / DC 100-125V with output
PW5-WPower supply DC 100 – 240V with output contact
Q00CPUBasic Q CPU module 8k step memory 160ns per
Q00JCPUinstructionBasicQCPU Module
Q00JCPU-EBasic Q CPU module 8k step memory 200ns per
Q00UCPUinstructionQseries single processor type combined 5 slot base
Q01CPUBasic Q CPU module 14k step memory 100ns per
Q02CPUinstructionQCPUmodule 28k step memory 79ns per instruction
Q02HCPUmultiHighspeedprocessorQCPUcapabilitymodule 28k step memory 34ns per
Q02UCPUinstructionUniversalQmultiCPU processormodule20kcapabilitystepmemory 40ns per
Q03UDCPUinstructionUniversalQmultiCPU processormodule30kcapabilitystepmemory 20ns per
Q03UDECPUinstructionUniversalQmultiCPU processormodule30kcapabilitystepmemory 20ns per
Q04UDEHCPUinstructionUniversalQEthernetCPUmoduleenabled40k step memory 9.5ns per
Q04UDHCPUinstructionUniversalQEthernetCPUmoduleenabled40k step memory 9.5ns per
Q06CCPU-V-H01instructionCControllermultiCPUprocessorStandard ROMcapability16MB Work RAM
Q06HCPU32MBHighspeed Q CPU module 60k step memory 34ns per
Q06UDEHCPUinstructionUniversalQmultiCPU processormodule60kcapabilitystepmemory 9.5ns per
Q06UDHCPUinstructionUniversalQEthernetCPUmoduleenabled60k step memory 9.5ns per
Q12HCPUHigh speed Q CPU module 124k step memory 34ns
Q12PHCPUperQProcessinstructionCPU multimoduleprocessor124kstepcapabilitymemory 34ns per
Q12PRHCPUinstructionCPUModulemultiRedundantprocessorSystemcapability4096/8192 I/O Points
Q13UDEHCPUProcessUniversalfunctionsQCPUmodule124ksteps130k step memory 9.5ns per
Q13UDHCPUinstructionUniversalQEthernetCPUmoduleenabled130k step memory 9.5ns per
Q16-ST-CAB-06MSysteminstructionterminalmulti processorassembledcapabilitycableand connector 0.6M
Q170BATExternal battery holder
Q170BDCBL10M10m connection cable for A30BD-PCF (SSCNET
Q170BDCBL3Minterface3mconnectionboard)cable for A30BD-PCF (SSCNET
Q170BDCBL5Minterface5mconnectionboard)cable for A30BD-PCF (SSCNET
Q170CDCBL10Minterface10mconnectionboard) cable for A30CD-PCF (SSCNET
Q170CDCBL3Minterface3mconnectionboard)cable for A30CD-PCF (SSCNET
Q170CDCBL5Minterface5mconnectionboard)cable for A30CD-PCF (SSCNET
Q172CPUNinterface8-axesMotionboard)Controller (operation cycle 1.77ms and
Q172EXabove)SerialABS encoder interface (MR-HENC) x 2 – Tracking
Q172HCPUinputs8-axis xSSCNET2 III Motion Controller
Q172J2BCBL05M0.5m SSCNET cable from Q172CPU to MR-J2S / MR-J2
Q172J2BCBL05M-B0.5mamplifiercable from Q172 to MR-J2 / MR-J2S / Q170BAT
Q172J2BCBL1M1m SSCNET cable from Q172CPU to MR-J2S / MR-J2
Q172J2BCBL1M-Bamplifier1mcable from Q172 to MR-J2 / MR-J2S / Q170BAT
Q172J2BCBL5M5m SSCNET cable from Q172CPU to MR-J2S / MR-J2
Q172J2BCBL5M-Bamplifier5mcable from Q172 to MR-J2 / MR-J2S / Q170BAT
Q172LXServo external signal input module (FLS – RLS – STOP
Q173CPUN-32-axesDOG/CHANGEMotionControllerx8) (operation cycle 0.88ms and
Q173DVabove)SSCNET signal branching unit for Q173CPU (with
Q173DVCBL05Mexternal0.5mcablebatteryforconnectionholder) between Q173 and Q173DV
Q173DVCBL1M(Branching1mcableformodule)connection between Q173 and Q173DV
Q173HCPU(Branching32-axisSSCNETmodule)IIIMotion Controller
Q173J2B2CBL05M0.5m SSCNET cable from Q173CPU to MR-J2 / MR-J2S
Q173J2B2CBL1Mamplifier1mSSCNET(2cablelines)from Q173CPU to MR-J2 / MR-J2S
Q173J2B2CBL5Mamplifier5mSSCNET cable(2lines)from Q173CPU to MR-J2 / MR-J2S
Q173J2B4CBL05Mamplifier0.5mSSCNET(2cablelines)from Q173CPU to MR-J2 / MR-J2S
Q173J2B4CBL1Mamplifier1mSSCNET(4cablelines)from Q173CPU to MR-J2 / MR-J2S
Q173J2B4CBL5Mamplifier5mSSCNET cable(4lines)from Q173CPU to MR-J2 / MR-J2S
Q173J2BCBL05Mamplifier0.5mSSCNET(4cablelines)from Q173CPU to MR-J2 / MR-J2S
Q173J2BCBL1Mamplifier1mSSCNET(1cableline) from Q173CPU to MR-J2 / MR-J2S
Q173J2BCBL5Mamplifier5mSSCNET cable(1line)from Q173CPU to MR-J2 / MR-J2S
Q173PXamplifierINCsynchronous(1line)encoder (or MR-HDP01) x 3 –
Q1MEM-64S64kB SRAM card
Q1SJ71E71N-TEthernet Interface Module 10BaseT
Q25HCPUHigh speed Q CPU module 252k step memory 34ns
Q25PHCPUperQProcessinstructionCPU multimoduleprocessor252kstepcapabilitymemory 34ns per
Q25PRHCPUinstructionCPUModulemultiRedundantprocessorSystemcapability4096/8192 I/O Points
Q26UDEHCPUProcessUniversalfunctionsQCPUmodule252ksteps260k step memory 9.5ns per
Q26UDHCPUinstructionUniversalQEthernetCPUmoduleenabled260k step memory 9.5ns per
Q2ACPUMitsubishi CPU Module
Q2ASCPUCPU module 28k steps direct I/O maximum 512 stand
Q2ASCPU-S1aloneCPUmodule 60k steps direct I/O maximum 1024
Q2MEM-2MBFLinear Flash Card 2MB
Q2MEM-4MBFLinear Flash Card 4MB
Q2MEM-ADPPC card Adaptor
Q312B-ECPU base with 12 I/O slots and 1 power supply slot
Q312DBQ Universal CPU high speed base with 12 I/O slots and
Q32CBL-3MAssembled cable with D Sub plug 32 pin 3 meters
Q32CBL/3MMitsubishi Connection Cable 3 Meter
Q32CBL-5MAssembled cable with D Sub plug 32 pin 5 meters
Q32-ST-CAB-03MSystem terminal assembled cable and connector 0.3M
Q32-ST-CAB-03MSystem terminal assembled cable and connector 0.3M
Q32-ST-CAB-06MSystem terminal assembled cable and connector 0.6M
Q32-ST-CAB-06MSystem terminal assembled cable and connector 0.6M
Q32-ST-CAB1.5System terminal assembled cable and connector 1.5M
Q32-ST-CAB-15MSystem terminal assembled cable and connector 1.5M
Q32-ST-CAB-15MSystem terminal assembled cable and connector 1.5M
Q32-ST-CAB-30MSystem terminal assembled cable and connector 3.0M
Q32-ST-CAB-30MSystem terminal assembled cable and connector 3.0M
Q33B-ECPU base with 3 I/O slots and 1 power supply slot
Q35BMitsubishi Base Unit
Q35B-ECPU base with 5 I/O slots and 1 power supply slot
Q38BQ series
Q38B-ECPU base with 8 I/O slots and 1 power supply slot
Q38DBQ Universal CPU high speed base with 8 I/O slots and
Q38RB-E18 SlotspowerBasesupplyunitslotfor 2x redundant power supply
Q40-ST-CAB-06MSystem terminal assembled cable and connector 0.6M
Q40-ST-CAB-15MSystem terminal assembled cable and connector 1.5M
Q52BExtension base with 2 I/O slots
Q55BExtension base with 5 I/O slots
Q612BExtension base with 12 I/O slots and 1 power supply
Q61Pslot100 – 240 AC input 5V DV 6A output
Q61P-A1100-120 AC input 5V DC 6A output
Q61P-A2Mitsubishi 200-240 AC input 5V DC 6A output Power
Q62AD-DGHSupplyA/Dinput module 2 channel with distributor function
q62dad/a converter unit
Q62DA-FGD/A output module Ch to Ch isolated 2 Ch 0 to 16000
Q62DAN-10D/Atooutput+10Vmodule0-120002channels0to20mA0to 16000 -10 to +10V
Q62P0-12000100-240V0ACto 20mAinput5V DC 3A 24V DC 0.6A output
Q63BExtension base with 3 I/O slots and 1 power supply
Q63Pslot24V DC input 5V DC 6A output
Q63RPPower supply redundant type for Q38RB/Q68RB for
Q64ADA/D input module 4 channel 0 to 16000 -10 to +10V
Q64AD-GH0-12000A/Dinput0moduleto20mACh to Ch isolated 4 Ch 0 to 64000
Q64DA-10VMitsubishito+10VMelsec-QDCandD/A0toConverter20mA Unit
Q64DAND/A output module 4 channels 0 to 16000 -10 to
Q64P+10VMitsubishi0-12000100-240V0to20mAACinput 5V DC 8.5A Output
Q64PNModuleMitsubishi PLC Power Supply 100-240 Volts AC Input
Q64RDPt100 input module 4 channels
Q64RPPower supply redundant type for Q38RB/Q68RB for
Q64TCRT100-240V4looptemperatureACinput 5VDCcontrol85AmoduleoutputPt100 digital
Q64TCRTBWoutput4looptemperature control module Pt100 digital
Q64TCTToutput4looptemperaturewirebreakdetectioncontrolmodule thermocouple
Q64TCTTBWdigital4loop outputtemperature control module thermocouple
Q64TDV-GHChannel to channel isolated thermocouple and millivolt
Q65BinputExtensionmodulebase4 withchannels5I/O slots and 1 power supply
Q65WRBslotExtension base unit for QnPRH 5 I/O slots
Q68ADIMitsubishi A/D input module 8 channel 16 bit 0 to
Q68ADV12000A/Dinput0tomodule20mA8 channel 16 bit 0 to 16000 -10V to
Q68B+10VExtensionDC base with 8 I/O slots and 1 power supply
Q68DA1slotMitsubishi D/A Converter Module
Q68DAIND/A output module 8 channels 0 to 12000 0 to 20mA
Q68DAVMitsubishi Output Module
Q68DAVNMitsubishi D/A Output Module 8 Channels 0 to 16000
Q68RB-108slotsto+10Vextension unit for 2x redundant power supply
Q68RD3-GRTD(Q64RP)input+module8I/Oslots8channels (Req A6CON4)
Q68TD-G-H01Thermocouple input module 8 channels (Req A6CON4)
Q6BATCPU battery
Q6DIN1Din rail adaptor for Q38B/Q312B/Q68B/Q612B
Q6DIN2Din rail adaptor for Q35B/Q65B
Q6DIN3Din rail adaptor for Q33B
Q6HLD-R2Disconnection preventor RS232
Q6TE-18SSpring clamp terminal block
Q80BD-J71BR11MELSECNET/H Control/normal station coaxial cable
Q80BD-J71GP21S-SX?CC-Link IE PC Network dual loop fiber module
Q80BD-J71LP21-25MELSECNET/H(1000BASE-SX)Control/normalcontrol/normalstationstationSI fibre cable
QA1S65BQnS & AnS Extension to System Q Main rack 5 slot
QA1S68BQnS & AnS Extension to System Q Main rack 8 slot
QA65B-EQ & A Extension to System Q Main rack 5 slot
QA68B-EQ & A Extension to System Q Main rack 8 slot
QC06BConnection cable between base units 0.6m
QC100BConnection cable between base units 10.0m
QC10TRTracking-Cable between redundant QnPRHCPU length
QC12B10mConnection cable between base units 1.2m
QC30BConnection cable between base units 3.0m
QC30R2RS232 Programming Cable
QC30TRTracking-Cable between redundant QnPRHCPU length
QC30-USB30mUSBProgramming Cable
QC50BConnection cable between base units 5.0m
QD62High speed counter module 2 channels 200kHz
QD62D5/12/24VHighspeedDCcounterinputsinkmoduletransistor2channelsoutput500kHz RS422
QD62EinputHighspeedsinktransistorcountermoduleoutput 2 channels 200kHz
QD62E-CAB/3MCable5/12/24VbetweenDCinputQD62EsourceandtransistorSTN40-S output
QD70P4Multi Axis positioning Module 4 Axes
QD70P8Multi Axis positioning Module 8 Axes
QD75D1Single axis pulse output position control module (Qn)
QD75D1(DifferentialSingleaxispulseline-driver)output position control module (Qn)
QD75D2Two axes pulse output position control module (Qn)
QD75D2(DifferentialTwoaxespulseline-driver)outputposition control module (Qn)
QD75D4(DifferentialFouraxespulseline-driver)outputposition control module (Qn)
QD75D4(DifferentialFouraxespulseline-driver)outputposition control module (Qn)
QD75M1(DifferentialSingleaxisSSCNETline-driver)position control module (Qn)
QD75M2Two axes SSCNET position control module (Qn)
QD75M2Two axes SSCNET position control module (Qn)
QD75M4Four axes SSCNET position control module (Qn)
QD75MH1Single axis SSCNET III position control module (Qn)
QD75MH1Single axis SSCNET III position control module (Qn)
QD75MH2Two axes SSCNET III position control module (Qn)
QD75MH2Two axes SSCNET III position control module (Qn)
QD75MH4Four axes SSCNET III position control module (Qn)
QD75P1Single axis pulse output position control module (Qn)
QD75P2(Open-collector)Twoaxespulseoutput position control module (Qn)
QD75P2(Open-collector)Twoaxespulseoutput position control module (Qn)
QD75P4(Open-collector)Fouraxespulseoutput position control module (Qn)
QD75P4(Open-collector)Fouraxespulseoutput position control module (Qn)
QG60Dummy Unit
QH42P32 point input 24V DC (4mA) sink type 32 point output
QI60Interrupt module 16 point 12/24VDC (4mA/10mA)
QJ61BT11NCC-Link Master/Local module
QJ71AS92AS-i Master for Qn Series PLC’s dual network dual
QJ71BR11masterMELSECNET/H Master/Local coaxial cable
QJ71C24NLink module for communicating with computer (1 off
QJ71C24N-R2RS232)Linkmoduleandmultidropforcommunicatingfunction(1withoffcomputerRS485) (2 off
QJ71C24N-R4RS232LinkModuleports)for communicating with computer (2 off
QJ71DN91RS485/422DeviceNetinterfaceports) master module
QJ71DN91DeviceNet interface master module
QJ71E71-100Ethernet interface module 100Mbit/s
QJ71E71-B2Ethernet100BASETX/10BASE-Tinterfacemodule 10BASE2
QJ71E71-B5Ethernet interface module 10BASE5 TCP/IP or UDP
QJ71GP21S-SX??????????CC-Link IE Network dual loop fiber module
????QJ71GP21-SX??(1000BASE-SX)CC-LinkIENetworkcontrol/normaldualloopfiberstationmodulewith PSU
QJ71LP21-25(1000BASE-SX)MELSECNET/HMaster/Localcontrol/normalSIFibrestationoptic cable
QJ71LP21GMELSECNET/H Master/local GI 50/125 Fibre optic cable
QJ71LP21GEMELSECNET/H Master/local GI 62.5/125 Fibre optic
QJ71MB91cableMODBUS Serial protocol module with master and slave
QJ71MES96MESfunctionsInterface module and configuration software
QJ71MT91MODBUS /TCP protocol module with master and slave
QJ71PB92DfunctionsProfibusDP interface master module
QJ71PB92DProfibus DP interface master module
QJ71PB92VProfibus DP interface master module V1 Protocol
QJ71PB92VProfibus DP interface master module V1 Protocol
QJ71PB93DProfibus DP Slave Module for Qn Series
QJ71WS96Q Web server module 100BASETX Ethernet 5MB flash
QJ72BR15ROMMELSECNET/H Remote I/O controller coaxial cable
QJ72LP25-25MELSECNET/H Remote I/O controller SI Fibre optic
QJ72LP25GcableMELSECNET/H Remote I/O Station GI 50/125 Fibre
QJ72LP25GEMELSECNET/Hopticcable Remote I/O Station GI 62.5/125 Fibre
QM100DY-2HMitsubishi Block
QM100DY-HMitsubishi Transistor Module 100A 600V
QM150E3Y-HEModule Brand IR
QM600HA-24Mitsubishi Transistor Modules
QM75DY-HTransistor Block
QS90CBL-SE01Safety relay cable for extension unit 10cm
QS90CBL-SE15Safety relay cable for extension unit 1.5M
QS90SR2SN-CCCC-Link safety relay module input with positive
QS90SR2SN-EXcommonExtensionandsafetynegativerelay modulecommoninput with positive
QS90SR2SN-QcommonQseriessafetyandnegativerelaymodulecommoninput with positive
QS90SR2SP-CCcommonCC-Linksafetyandnegativerelaymodulecommoninput with positive
QS90SR2SP-EXcommonsExtension safety relay module input with positive
QS90SR2SP-QcommonsQseriessafety relay module input with positive
Q Terminal BlockQ terminal block
QX084Mitsubishi Rack Mounted 24V Power Supply
QX086Rack Mount Power Supply Quad Output
QX1016 point 100-120V AC (7mA) 16 points/common
QX288 point 240V AC 8 points/common
QX4016 point 24V DC input (4mA) sink type 16
QX40-S1points/common16point24VDC input (6mA) sink type 16
QX41points/common32point24VDC input (4mA) sink type 32
QX41-S1points/common32point24VDC input (4mA) sink type 32
QX42points/common64point24VDCHighinputspeed(4mA) sink type 32
QX50points/common16point48VAC/DC input (4mA) 16 points/common
QX71sink32pointtypeinput16points/commonforsensor5-12V DC input (1.2/3.3mA)
QX72sink64pointtypeinput32points/commonforsensor5-12V DC input (1.2/3.3mA)
QX80sink16pointtype24V32points/commonDCinput(4mA) source type 16
QX81points/common32point24VDC input (4mA) source type 32
QX82points/common64point24VDC input (4mA) source type 32
QX82-S1points/common64point24VDC input (4mA) source type 32
QY10Mitsubishi 16 Point Relay Module
QY18A8 point relay 240V AC/24V DC 2A contact all points
QY22independent16pointtriac 240V AC 0.6A/point 4.8A/common 16
QY40Ppoints/common16pointtransistor 12-24V DC 0.1A/point
QY42Psink64pointtypetransistor32points/common12-24VDC 0.1A/point 2A/common
QY50sink16pointtypetransistor32points/common12-24VDC 0.5A/point 4A/common
QY68Asink16pointtypetransistor16points/common5-24VDC 2A/point 8A/unit
QY80512mA/common16pointtransistorsink12-24Vtype 32DCpoints/common0.5A/point4A/common
QY81Psource32pointtypetransistor16points/common12-24VDC0.1A/point 2A/common
R28TBMitsubishi Teach Pendant
R46TB wall bracketR46TB Wall bracket
RG201BServodrive Card
RH-12SH8535 (CR2B)MELFA 4-axis; ±0025 mm; 12 kg; 850mm; IP20;
RH-18SH8535 (CR2B)MELFAincluding4-axis;driveunit±0025 mm; 18 kg; 850mm; IP20;
RH-6SH5520 (CR2B)MELFA 4-axis; ±002 mm; 6 kg; 550mm; IP20;
RH-CALCalibration pin
RND0411Remote AIO
RND0413Remote AIO
RobotSafety Manual
RobotSafety Manual
Robot grease 4BH02 01Grease 4BH02 for robot gears
KgRobot grease PS No.2 01Grease PS No.2 for robot gears
KgRobot grease SK1A 02 KgGrease SK1A for robot gears
RP-1/3/5AHStandard Specifications Manual (CR1-571) New release
RP156687servo motor
RP-1AH -3AH -5AHTechnical Manual
RP-1AH/3AH/5AHInstruction Manual (Robot arm setup and
RP-1AH (CR1)MELFAmaintenance)4-axis; 1 kg; including drive unit and manual
RP-3AH (CR1)MELFA 4-axis; 3 kg; including drive unit and manual
RP-5AH (CR1)MELFA 4-axis; 5 kg; including drive unit and manual
R-SMR-02V-BValve connection plug including contacts
R-SMR-09V-BHand output connector including contacts (black)
R-SMR-10V-NHand input connector including contacts (white)
RST-5XB-11Mitsubishi Pick Up Unit
RST-5XB-11PMitsubishi Pick Up Unit
RT toolbox2 simMS-WIN Robot Programming- and
RT toolbox2 standardMS-WINSimulation-Software;RobotprodeammingforSDseriessoftware
RTU-WORKS-10-STNRTU Configuration tool and OPC server 10 Stations
RTU-WORKS-15-STNRTU Configuration tool and OPC server 15 Stations
RTU-WORKS-20-STNRTU Configuration tool and OPC server 20 Stations
RTU-WORKS-25-STNRTU Configuration tool and OPC server 25 Stations
RTU-WORKS-5-STNRTU Configuration tool and OPC server 5 Stations
RUFC110Brake resistor set for BU-UFS 110; IP40; 4×68
RUFC15Ohm/2000WBrakeresistor for BU-UFS 15; IP40; 1x40Ohm/1200W
RUFC22Brake resistor for BU-UFS 22; IP40; 1x24Ohm/2000W
RUFC40Brake resistor set for BU-UFS 40; IP40; 2×68
RV-12S/12SLInstruction Manual
RV-12S/12SLTechnical Manual
RV-12S/12SLSpecification Manual
RV-12S (CR3)MELFA 6-axis; ?005mm; 12kg; 1086mm;
RV-12SD (CR3D)MELFA9.600mm/s;IP65/54;including6-axis;?005mm;12kg;drive1086mm;unit
RV-12SDL (CR3D)MELFA9.600mm/s;IP65/54;including6-Axis;?005mm;12kg;drive1384mm;unit
RV-12SL (CR3)MELFA9.500mm/s;IP65/54;including6-Axis;?005mm;12kg;drive1384mm;unit
R.PDRV-1A (CR1)MELFA 6-axis; ?002 mm; 1 kg; 418 mm; 2.200 mm/s;
RV-1A/RV-2AJTechnicalIP30;includingManualdrive unit
RV-1A/RV-2AJInstruction Manual
RV-1A/RV-2AJStandard Specifications Manual
RV-2A/3AJSpecification Manual
RV-2A/3AJInstruction Manual
RV-2AJ (CR1)MELFA 5-axis; ?002 mm; 2 kg; 410 mm; 2.100
RV-3S/3SJ Robot ArmManualmm/s;IP30; including drive unit
RV-3SB (CR2B)MELFA 6-Axis; ?002mm; 3kg; 642mm; 5.500mm/s;
RV-3SDB (CR2D)MELFAIP65;including6-Axis;?002mm;driveunit3kg; 642mm; 5.500mm/s;
RV-3SDJB (CR2D)MELFAIP65;including5-Axis;?002mm;driveunit3kg; 641mm; 5.300mm/s;
RV-3SJB (CR2B)MELFAIP65;including5-Axis;?002mm;driveunit3kg; 641mm; 5.300mm/s;
RV-3S / RV-3SJSpecificationIP65;includingManualdrive unit
RV-3S / RV-3SJInstruction Manual
RV-3S / RV-3SJInstruction Manual
RV-4A/5AJ/3AL/4AJLTechnical Manual
RV-4A/5AJ/3AL/4AJLStandard Specifications Manual
RV-4A/5AJ/3AL/4AJLInstruction Manual (Robot arm installation and
RV-6S/6SLTechnical Manual
RV-6S/6SLSpecification Manual
RV-6S/6SLInstruction Manual
RV-6S (CR2B)MELFA 6-Axis; ?002mm; 6kg; 696mm; 9.300mm/s;
RV-6SD (CR2D)MELFAIP65/54;6-Axis;including?002mm;driveunit6kg; 696mm; 9.300mm/s;
RV-6SDL (CR2D)MELFAIP65/54;6-Axis;including?002mm;driveunit6kg; 902mm;
RV-6SL (CR2B)MELFA8.500mm/s;IP65/54;6-Axis;?002mm;including6kg;902mm;driveunit
RV-CAB4Connection cable PC – drive unit (RS232C serial); 25/9
RV-E-1E-GR35SConnection cable for customer specific valves
RV-E-1E-INSTCalibration jig
RV-E3JTechnical Manual
RV-E-E/A-cable 15I/O-port cable with connector; 5m
RV-E-E/A-cable 5I/O-port cable with connector; 5m
RV-E-Fuse-I/O (LM32)Fuse for the digital input/output card; 3.2A
RV-E-Fuse-PneuFuse for the pneumatic hand interface card; 1.6A
RV-E-HND-ADAPHand flange adapter
RV-E-SIM BOXSimulation box for digital I/O-port
RV-ST-E/AI/O port connection plug
SC-03Medoc Programming Adaptor
SC-03S1Mitsubishi Medoc Programming Lead
SC-03S2Mitsubishi Medoc Programming Lead
SC-09 PROG.CABLEPLC to PC interface module
F.FX0FXASC-09PROG.CABLEPLC to PC interface module
SC-FR-PCInverter programming software cable
SD4321CH/FMMitsubishi 14 Colour Monitor
SERVOCOM + CABServo set-up software with communication connection
SERVOCOM + CABServocable set-up software with communication connection
SERVOCOM SOFTWAREcableServo set-up software only
SF-CAADrive Card
SF JR 63Msmall induction motor
SHT-A500-W1x16AC/DC 380 – 500V
SHT-AD250-WAC/DC 100 – 250V
SHT-D048-WDC 24 – 48V
SJ-11AMitsubishi AC Spindle Motor
SJ-15 AMitsubishi AC Spindle Motor.
SJ 15 AMServo Drive
SJ-22XUMitsubishi AC Spindle Motor
SJ-5.5AMitsubishi AC Spindle motor
SJ-N0.4AMitsubishi AC Spindle motor
SJ-VL11-0711Mitsubishi AC Spindle Motor
SLT0040 TRANSFORMERPhase Shift Transformer
SLT0050 TRANSFORMERPhase Shift Transformer
SLT0063 TRANSFORMERPhase Shift Transformer
SLT0080 TRANSFORMERPhase Shift Transformer
SLT0100 TRANSFORMERPhase Shift Transformer
SPS-002 / A9GT-PW /Mitsubishi Drive power board
ST1AD2-IAnalogue input module 2 Inputs Current 12 Bit signed
ST1AD2-VAnalogue1Module sizeinput module 2 Inputs Voltage 12 Bit signed
ST1B-E3Y16Base 16×3 Screw type terminal for 16 pt. Digital
ST1B-E3Y2Baseoutput2x3moduleScrew(ST1Y16-TE2typeterminal/ ST1Y16-TPE3)for2pt.Digital output
ST1B-E4IR2Basemodule2x4(ST1Y2-TE2Screwtype/terminalST1Y2-TPE3)for2 pt. Relay- and
ST1B-E4P2-DBaseanalog2x4moduleScrew(ST1Y2-R2typeterminal/ST1ADforbus/ST1DA)refresh module
ST1B-E4P2-H-SETBase(ST1PDD)2x4Screw type terminal for power supply
ST1B-E4P2-R-SETBasemodule2x4(ST1PSD)Screwtype terminal for power refresh
ST1B-E4X16Basemodule16x4(ST1PSD)Screwtype terminal for 16 pt. Digital input
ST1B-E4X2Basemodule2x4(ST1X16-DE1)Screwtypeterminal for 2 pt. Digital input
ST1B-E6X4Basemodule2x6(ST1X2-DE1)Screwtype terminal for 4 pt. Digital input
ST1B-S3Y16Basemodule16x3(ST1X4-DE1)Springclamp terminal for 16 pt. Digital
ST1B-S3Y2Baseoutput2x3moduleSpring(ST1Y16-TE2clampterminal/ST1Y16-TPE3)for2pt.Digital output
ST1B-S4IR2Basemodule2x4(ST1Y2-TE2Springclamp/ST1Y2-TPE3)terminalfor 2 pt. Relay- and
ST1B-S4P2-DBaseanalogue2x4 moduleSpringclamp(ST1Y2-R2terminal/ST1ADforbus/ST1DA)refresh
ST1B-S4P2-H-SETBasemodule2x4(ST1PDD)Springclamp terminal for power supply
ST1B-S4P2-R-SETBasemodule2x4(ST1PSD)Springclamp terminal for power refresh
ST1B-S4X16Basemodule16x4(ST1PSD)Spring clamp terminal for 16 pt. Digital
ST1B-S4X2inputBase2x4moduleSpring(ST1X16-DE1)clampterminal for 2 pt. Digital input
ST1B-S6X4moduleBase2x6(ST1X2-DE1)Springclamp terminal for 4 pt. Digital input
ST1DA1-IAnaloguemodule(ST1X4-DE1)outputmodule 1 Output Current 12 Bit
ST1DA2-VAnaloguesigned1Moduleoutput sizemodule 2 Outputs Voltage 12 Bit
ST1H-BTsignedCCLink1HeadstationModulesizeCC Link slave
ST1H-PBProfibus DP Headstation Profibus Slave up to 12MBaud
ST1PDDPower distribution and Bus refresh module 24V DC
ST1PSDPowersupplysupply module 24V DC supply for internal
ST1RD2RTDbackplaneinput module 2 channel PT100 PT1000 1Module
ST1SSIsizeAbsolute encoder input module 1 Chan up to 2MHz
ST1X16-DE1Input module 16 Inputs 24V DC Source 8 Module size
ST1X2-DE1Input module 2 Inputs 24V DC Source 1 Module size
ST1X4-DE1Input module 4 Inputs 24V DC Source 1 Module size
ST1Y16-TE2Output module 16 Outputs Transistor 24VDC 0.5A with
ST1Y16-TPE3OutputFuseSourcemodule8Module16Outputssize Transistor 24VDC 1A
ST1Y2-R2OutputProtectedmoduleSource2 Outputs8ModuleRelaysize 1 Module size
ST1Y2-TE2Output module 2 Outputs Transistor 24VDC 0.5A with
ST1Y2-TPE3OutputFuseSourcemodule1Module2OutputssizeTransistor 24VDC 1A
ST32System terminal 32 points
ST32-3System terminal 32 points 3 terminal rows with
SU-30ACNC Servodrive
FanucSupplyPartsofVariousMitsubishi Kit
SW3D5C-ACT-EMXfor configurationComponentActiveXandparameterizationCommunicationofSupportVIPAFMTools355
SW3D5C-ACT-E10MXSingleComponentLicense ActiveX Communication Support Tools
SW3D5C-ACT-E20MX10LicenseComponent ActiveX Communication Support Tools
SW3D5C-ACT-E5MX20LicenseComponent ActiveX Communication Support Tools
SW5D5C-GTWORKS-EGT Works Windows based programming software for
SW5D5C-GTWORKS-EGTGOTWorksseriesWindowsofHMIs.based programming software for
T3ACPU-S2A2 – CPU Module
TB-16EX-C16 point spring terminal input block
TB-16EX-S16 point screw terminal input block
TB-20-C20 pin spring terminal output block
TB-20-S20 pin screw terminal output block
TB-8EX-C8 point spring terminal input block
TB-8EX-S8 point screw terminal input block
TB-8EY-C8 channel spring terminal input block
TB-8EY-S8 channel screw terminal input block
TB-8-RELAY-6A *Set of 8Set of 8 relays for TB-8EY
pcsTB-8-TRANSISTOR-2ASet of 8 transistors for TB-8EY
TB-CON10-CSpring terminals for FX2NC extension units
TB-CON11-CSpring terminals for FX2NC base units
TB-EX-CAB-1M1m cable for TB-#EX and TB-20 blocks
TB-EX-CAB-3M3m cable for TB-#EX and TB-20 blocks
TB-EX-CAB-5M5m cable for TB-#EX and TB-20 blocks
TB-EY-CAB-1M1m cable for 2 x TB-#EY blocks
TB-EY-CAB-3M3m cable for 2 x TB-#EY blocks
TB-EY-CAB-5M5m cable for 2 x TB-#EY blocks
TB-PIB-BLIsolated bridge strip for TB-8EY – blue 50cm
TB-PIB-RDIsolated bridge strip for TB-8EY – red 50cm
TB-SPIsolation plate for TB-8EY
T-GRD01-S2Mitsubishi Control PCB
TJ-WTest jumper
T-PWR 548-S4Control PCB card
TRA30CMitsubishi TRA30C Servo Drive
TRA31AMitsubishi TRA31A Servo Drive
TRA41Mitsubishi TRA Series Servo Drive
TRA41AMitsubishi TRA41A Servo Drive
TRA60CMitsubishi TRA60C Servo Drive
TRA61AMitsubishi TRA61A Servo Drive
TRA61BServo Axis Drive 6.00 kg / 13.23 Lbs
TRA8A-LMitsubishi Dual DC Drive
TRS50BMitsubishi 50A Servo Drive
TS 4511N8921E200ROBOT MOTOR.
TS 5146 N63Encoder
TSX DSF 635Mitsubishi Output Module
UCON-A120B-W (INST)Controller AC 100 – 120V Inst. trip (Time delay
UCON-A120-W (INST)adjustable)ControllerACb-contact100-120V Inst. trip (Time delay
UCON-A240A-W (INST)adjustable)ControllerACb-contact200-240V Inst. trip (Time delay
UCON-A240B-W (INST)adjustable)ControllerACa-contact200-240V Inst. trip (Time delay
UCON-A240-W (INST)adjustable)ControllerACb-contact200-240V Inst. trip (Time delay
UCON-A460B-W (INST)adjustable)ControllerACb-contact380-460V Inst. trip (Time delay
UCON-A460-W (INST)adjustable)ControllerACb-contact380-460V Inst. trip (Time delay
UCON-D0110B-W (INST)Controlleradjustable)DCb-contact100-110V Inst. trip (Time delay
UCON-D0110-W (INST)Controlleradjustable)DCb-contact100-110V Inst. trip (Time delay
UCON-D024B-W (INST)Controlleradjustable)DCb-contact24VInst. trip (Time delay adjustable)
UCON-D024-W (INST)Controllerb-contact DC 24V Inst. trip (Time delay adjustable)
UCON-D048B-W (INST)Controllerb-contact DC 48V Inst. trip (Time delay adjustable)
UCON-D048-W (INST)Controllerb-contact DC 48V Inst. trip (Time delay adjustable)
UCON-D125B-W (INST)Controllerb-contact DC 120 – 125V Inst. trip (Time delay
UCON-D125-W (INST)Controlleradjustable)DCb-contact120-125V Inst. trip (Time delay
UCON-D220-W (INST)Controlleradjustable)DCb-contact220-250V Inst. trip (Time delay
UCON-D250B-W(INST)adjustable)ControllerDCb-contact220-250V Inst. trip (Time delay
UCONLABEL-Wadjustable)LabelforUnderb-contactvoltage trip controller
UFS22460V BRAKE UNIT – 7.5 TO 40HP
Unbadged Mitsubishi ACUnbadged Mitsubishi AC Servomotor
UNKNOWNUnknown Mitsubishi Encoder
UNKNOWNMitsubishi AC Spindle Motor
unknown ….encoder
Unknown (rubbed offMitsubishi Drive
USB-CAB-5MUSB 2.0 connection cable USB A to USB B (mini) 5m
USB-RS232UC232A USB-RS232 Adapter for A700
USB-SC09Mitsubishi Programming Cable
US-N20TESolid State Contactor
UVT-05SSBtime delay
W278150G02Mitsubishi INV/S03 Board
WHC2282ADrive P.C.B
WM1-WMain setting module for generator protection use
WM2-WMain setting module for generator protection use (for
WM3-WAE2000-SWAMainsettingmoduleandAE4000-SWA)forgenerator protection use (for
&sWS1-WMain setting module for general protection use
WS2-WMain setting module for general protection use (for
WS3-WMain setting module for general protection use (for
XBTZ909Mitsubishi Cable Magelis
XBTZ939RS232CMitsubishi Interface Unit
XC-1429CMitsubishi 14 Chassis Mount Monitor
XC-FMFYControl Board for Mitsubishi Limiserv X
XC-KB-12Mitsubishi Synchroniser
XL25UPowerMitsubishiSupplyColorView 3 LCD projector
Y-2000Field test device (Y 2000)
Z024-S1.5KMitsubishi Freqrol 1.5Kw Inverter
z200 fr22200.4kInverter
Z22CA3.7EControl Card for FR-Z220-3.7K
ZCT-323-WExternal3-ENTRYZero phase Current transformer for load for
ZCT-324-WExternalAE1000-1600Zero phase34-pole/AE2000-3200Currenttransformer3-polefor load for
ZT-100B-WExternal Zero phase Current transformer for
ZT-30B-WExternal Zero phase Current transformer for
ZT-60B-WExternal Zero phase Current transformer for

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