Model NumberDescription
101011-3Honeywell Relay PCB
102651-2103000000-100valve controller
10420F-0043-43Honeywell 10420F-0043-43 HMI (for HC900 System)
130916Honeywell GasAlertMicro 5
14505132-002HWL 14505132-002 AE INTELLIGENT CARD
14506788-00414506788-004DNFS FS90 LH CMD CNTR PWB
155706-BMBnetwork comms unit
190797-YAWUniversal Controller
190887-EECUniversal Controller
191002-ABAMinipack 200 Controller
191074mk3 supra controller (control panel)
191400-GLCHoneywell MP400 MK2 Controller
1LS244-4CRSLimit Switch
24CE2-S6Honeywell Safety Limit with 6m of Cable
30731832-001ProcessorAC100/240VCardDC 24V 10A
30755317Circular Charts (100 per Box)
30756081-001Honeywell DR1000 Main Board
30GW50010002HoneywellModule Monitoring PCB
3800G15EHoneywell Barcode Scanner
396-115IPC Monitor Loader
4-12-1997-573832 output digital card
42203758-03SERS232 Cable for Barcode Scanner
45.006.587-003Boiler control card
45.007.040-001Honeywell Control PCB
45.007.351-003 REV.APlug-in control PCB
46 178907-002Honeywell Ultra-Violet Amplifier Flame Current Lev
46190140-501Man-machine interface DPR250
46190305-001Honeywell Chart Recorder Input PCB
46190314PLC Output Module 0-24MA
46190332-001Honeywell CPU Board
486DX-2/66IPC PC
50001251-501Honeywell QX Portable Case
50016133-501Honeywell TrendManager Pro Software
51107595-100Power Supply Unit
51196655-100Honeywell DSC Power Supply Board
51197149-10021″ Colour Monitor
51301874-100Honeywell Mux Logic PC Board
51303991-100Honeywell High Level Analog Input PCB
51304085-100Honeywell Dual Low Level Analog Input
51304453-100Honeywell Analog Input High Level/STI Input
51304477-100lowMU-TAIH02levelanalogTerminationmultiplexerAssembly PCB
51304487-100 J FDigital output card
51309202-175Honeywell Low Level Analog Input FTA
51309218-125FTA LLMUX RTD
51309275 rev CHigh Performance I/O Link
51309280-100Honeywell Dual Low Level Analog Input
51400993-100Honeywell membrane keyboard and pcb
51401497-100Honeywell 2 Node Power Supply
51401635-150High Performance Com/Cti
51401952-200Honeywell Keyboard Interface PCB
522VL-ALimit Switch
600-0048DCS Card
60130505-001Honeywell PCB Board
60130572-001Honeywell PCB Board
60133227-001Honeywell PCB Board
60139839-001Honeywell PCB Board
60142074-001Honeywell PCB Board
60146139-002Honeywell PCB Board
60147679Honeywell PCB Board
60155689-001Honeywell PCB Board
60156198-005Honeywell PCB Board
60-80-600-000-F00-CU00Minitrend Unit
620-0020GeneratorMemoryModule&XYPositioner2K 620 Series
620-0021Memory Module 4K
620-0022Memory Module 8K
620-0023Memory Module 16K
620-0024Memory Module 24K
620-00252K Memory Module
620-00264K Memory Module
620-00278K Memory Module
620-0030System Control Module
620-0031Register Module 2K & 2K
620-0033Parallel Link Driver
620-0036Processor Power Supply Module
620-0038Control Network Module
620-0039Registrar Module 4K & 4K
620-0041620-10/15 Power Supply
620-0042Communications Interface Module
620-0043CCommunications Interface Module
620-0044Communications Interface (Honeywell
620-0045I/O Expanded Module
620-0046620-10/15 Power Supply 24V DC 8A
620-0047Processor Power Supply 24V DC
620-0048Data Collection Module
620-0052Communications Interface Module
620-0053I/O Expanded Module 512 I/O
620-0054System Control Module
620-0055Register Module 2K * 2K
620-0056Register Module 4K * 4K
620-0057512 I/O Control Module
620-00581024 I/O Control Module
620-0073Honeywell Processor Board
620-0073CProcesor Module
620-0080620-25/35 Processor
620-0083620-15 Power Supply (15A)
620-0083CProcessor Power Supply Module
620-00852048 I/O Control Module
620-0086Honeywell PLDM Module
620-0088Parallel Link Driver Module
620-0090Honeywell IPC 620 Processor Rack
620-0636Processor Module
620-1030620-10 Processor with 0.5K Memory
620-1031620-10 Processor with 1K Memory
620-1032620-1032 Processor with 2K Memory
620-1036620-10 Processor 2K Memory 512 I/O
620-1037620-10 Processor 4K Memory 512 I/O
620-1200620-12 Processor 2K Memory
620-1300620-13 Processor 4K Memory
620-1530620-15 Processor with 0.5K Memory
620-1531620-15 Processor with 1K Memory
620-1532620-15 Processor with 2K Memory
620-1536620-15 Processor 2K Memory 512 I/O
620-1537620-15 Processor 4K Memory
620-1633Honeywell 620-16 Processor 8K Memory
620-1690CProcesor Rack
620-2030620-20 Processor Module
620-2032620-20 I/O Control Module
620-2033620-20 Processor Module with Junp I
620-2616620-26 Processor 16K Memory
620-3030620-30 Processor Module
620-3032620-30 I/O Control Module
620-3033620-30 Processor Module with Junp I
620–3090Honeywell Augmented Processor Rack
620-3632620-36 Processor 32K Memory
620-3691Honeywell Augmented Processor Rack
621-0004SDM Module
621-0006BDC Converter
621-0007Reed Relay Output 6 Point
621-0008Pulse Input 4 Channel
621-0009Input Simulator
621-0010Analog Output Module 4 Channels
621-0010RCAnalog Output Card
621-0012ASC11 Module
621-0014Thermocouple / Millivolt Input Module
621-0016Controller Access Module
621-0018Absolute Encoder Module
621-0019Pulse Quadrate Module
621-0020Universal Analogue Module
621-0020RUniversal Analogue Module
621-0020RCUniversal Analogue Module
621-0021Enhanced Diagnostic Module
621-0022A 8 Channel AN Input Calib.
621-0024Pulse Input (4 Input)
621-0096Serial I/O Module
621-0306High Speed Counter Module
621-057624V DC Module 24 I/P 8 O/P 2A
621-1101115V AC / DC Isolated Input 6 Point
621-1150115V AC Input
621-1151115V AC Input
621-116016 Point 115V AC Input
621-1160RPLC OutPut Module
621-1175115V AC Input
621-118032 Point 115V AC Input
621-1180RPLC Output Module
621-1200230V AC / DC Input
621-1201230V AC / DC Isolated Input 6 Point
621-125016 Point 240V AC Input
621-125116 Point 240V AC Input Isolated
621-150024V AC Input
621-155024V AC Input
621-2100230V AC Output
621-2101115V AC Isolated Output 6 Point
621-2102115V AC Output Self Protected
621-2150Honeywell 115V AC Output
621-2150RHoneywell OUTPUT MODULE 115 VAC
621-2175115V AC Output 0.5 A
621-2175R6212175R OUTPUT MODULE
621-2200230V AC Output
621-2201230V AC Isolated Output 6 Point
621-250024V AC Output
621-255024V Output
621-33005V DC Input
621-335024V DC Sink Input
621-345012V DC Sink Input
621-350012-24 DC Sink Input
621-350212-24V DC Fast Response Input
621-355024 Volt Input Module
621-355224V DC Sink Input Fast Response
621-356016 Point 24 V DC Input
621-3575Honeywell 24V DC Input
621-3580320 Point 24V DC Input
621-3580RInput module
621-3580RCInput Module
621-360048V DC Sink Input
621-365048V DC Sink Input
621-43505V DC TTL Input
621-450012-24V DC Source Input
621-450212-24V DC SIM Fast Response
621-455024V DC Source Input Module
621-63005V DC Source Input
621-63505V DC Source Input
621-645012V DC SRD Output Module 2A
621-650012-24 V DC Source
621-650112-24 V DC Source Self Protector
621-65038 Point 24V DC Self Protector Outpu
621-6550Honeywell 24V DC Source Output
621-6550ROutput Module
621-655124V DC Source Output 0.5A
621-655216 Point 24 V DC Output DIV POT
621-6575Honeywell OP Module 24V DC Output 0.5A
621-6575RCHoneywell OP Module 24V DC Output 0.5A
621-6576Honeywell 32 Channel 24VDC Output Module
621-660048V DC Source Output
621-665048V DC Source Output
621-6700120V DC Source Output
621-6701120V DC PNP SRC Output Module
621-9930Parallel I/O Module
621-9931I/O Rack Power Supply 115/230 VAC
621-9932I/O Rack Power Supply (24V DC)
621-9933I/O Rack Power Supply (15A)
621-9933CI/O Rack Power Supply (15A)
621-9934I/O Rack Power Supply (8A)
621-9935Serial I/O Module (SIOM)
621-9936Serial I/O Module (SLM)
621-9937Parallel I/O Module (8/16/32 Point
621-9938Serial I/O Module
621-9939Serial Link Module
621-9940Serial I/O Module (8/16/32 Point)
621-9990Honeywell IPC 621 I/O Rack
621-9991Honeywell IPC 621 I/O Rack
622-1030Honeywell Servo Axis Module
622-1040Servo Control Module
623-5000Loader Terminal
623-5001Loader Terminal
623-5020/5Loader Terminal Eprom / RAM
623-5021Loader Terminal DRAM
623-5030/6Loader Terminal MPU / VIDEO
623-5031Loader Terminal SERIAL I/O
623-5090Loader Terminal Tape Unit
623-5104Loader Terminal
623-5105Loader Terminal
623-60Honeywell Signal Converter
623-CRTLoader Terminal CRT Unit
626-8020SPC/SQC Processor Executive Module
628-2000Honeywell Cable Assembley
629-6019 CHoneywell Converter RS-485
709-601-001Honeywell ZXRA Base Active Repeater
8002-0-A0-BE0-100-5-0UMC551 Series Operator Interface
80363969-100Analog output 16 board
80552-212Temperature controller
9010-036Logic Processor
922FS2.5-A9P-SEHoneywell (Pepperl + Fuchs) Inductive Sensor
942-M0A-2D-1G1-220SHoneywell Controller
942-M3A-2D-1G1Honeywell Controller
ASE1118Honeywell Light Guard Emitter Unit
ASR1118Honeywell Light Guard Receiver Unit
Rev.001ASSY405325-001control unit
B362-2982-8-480.Dc Motor 180vdc 0.5hp. With Tacho.
BC7000LHoneywell Programmer
BMDX001A-002BHoneywell Information Systems BF6MDX PCB
500VBOUI/O Card
BTRM727A-001Honeywell Terminal
C10T6DTA05D0Honeywell Temperature Controller
C6097AHoneywell Gas Pressure Switch
C6097A2210Honeywell presure switches
C7012EHoneywell Purple Peeper Ultraviolet Flame Detector
C7061-A1020Honeywell Temperature Controller
CD3200single phase soft starter
CDE2200Honeywell Excel VRL 30KW AC Drive
CIMR-G3E4015Honeywell 15kW Inverter
CIMR-G3E4022Honeywell 22kW Inverter
CL40-AB-001-00Honeywell Controller
CL40-CA-101-00Honeywell Temperature Controller
CPK-2110B2100junction box
CPK-2110B3910flamable gases cartridge
CS0126B-LSBoiler control card
CW4500calcoil power module
0CXL0055V34A7C0Honeywell 7.5Kw Inverter
CXL0075V34A7C0Honeywell 11kW Inverter
CXL0150V34A710Honeywell 18.5Kw Inverter
CXLO150V34G5C1Variable frequency drive AHU-29 6E
CXS0015V34A2I1Honeywell 2.2Kw Drive
CXS0015V34G2C1Honeywell 2.2Kw Inverter
CXS0040V34A2I1Honeywell 4kw inverter
CXS0075V34G2I1Honeywell 11Kw Inverter
DC1010Temperature controller
DC200E-2-000-100000-0-Honeywell UDC2000 Mini-Pro Thermocouple Digital
DC2304B-EE-0A-10-00-0Honeywell UDC2300 Temperature Controller
DC230B-CE-0A-20-0B0P0Honeywell UDC2300 Temp. Controller
00-00-0DC230L-EE-00-10-0A0000Temperature Control
DC2500-CE-0A0R-200-00Honeywell UDC2500 Controller
DCF02.1low voltage safety controller
DCP1027110111000Honeywell Controller
DCP552BCTT0Z01E00Processs / temperature controller
DCP7218DK095000H0DCP700 Digital Control Programmer
DKO972Control Box 220/240V 50Hz 15VA
DLG976Burner control box
DM106Chart Recorder
DP102-0-A-00-A-Z-1-00-EHoneywell Chart Recorder with digital readout
DPR100Chart Recorder
DPR 1000Chart Recorder
DR4500Chart Recorder
DR4500AChart recorder processor card
DR450T-1000-00-001-0-PHoneywell Rotary Chart Recoder
W-0111DR450T-2222-00-000-0-0CHART RECORDER
DR45AT-1100-44-000-00Honeywell Chart Recorder
EC7850Flame Failure Unit
EC7850 A 1072Burner Control
EC7850A1072honeywell burner control
EC7850 A 1122Flame Failure Unit
EG1033AA01Honeywell Flame Detector/Amplifier Unit
+CEL3385A8003Network Control Unit
ELM REF : 190797-YADUniversal Controller.
EP2402-00Honeywell Positioner
EZV495 MAIMeasurex card
EZV497 SWIHoneywell Card
EZV516 MSII/O card
FF-SB14E04K-2Honeywell Light Guard Emitter
FF-SB14E06KLight curtain
FF-SB14E06K-52 BLight Guards
FF-SB14E08K-SLight Guard Transmitter & Receiver Units
FF-SB14 E08K-S2 Glightguard emitter
FF-SB14E104-S2L/3Honeywell Light Guard Emmitter
FF-SB14E104-S2L/3 –Honeywell Light Gaurd Emitter & Receiver
FF-SB14R104-S2LFF-SB14E10K-S2LHoneywell Light Guard Emmitter
FF-SB14E12K-S2L/FF-SB1Honeywell Light Guard Emitter & Receiver
4R12K-S2LFF-SB14R04KHoneywell Light Curtain Receiver
FF-SB14R04K-S2 AHoneywell Safety Light Gaurd
FF-SB14R06KLight curtain
FF-SB14R06K-S2 DLight Guard Reciever Unit
FF-SB14R104-S2L/3Honeywell Light Guard Receiver
FF-SB14R10K-S2/FF-SB14Honeywell Light Guards Emitter & Receiver
E10K-S2FF-SB14R10K-S2LHoneywell Light Guard Receiver
FF-SC10M08EHoneywell SC10 Light Guard Controller
FF-SC10M08G-DHoneywell SC10 Light Guard Controller
FF-SCAN218EDSC 10 Controller
FF-Scan218GL-DHoneywell Lightguard Controller
FF-SCAN3184-DHoneywell Light Guard Controller
FF-SCAN418E CSC 10 Controller
FF-SCAN418EDHoneywell SC10 Controller
FF-SEDGE6G2Honeywell Safety Scanner 24W 6m Range
FF-SEDGE6G2-1Safety Curtain.
FF-SLE18112/FF-SLR1811Honeywell Light Guards Emitter & Receiver
2FF-SLE18112/FFSLR18112Honeywell Emmitter & Receiver
ArgoluxFF-SLU100R2ASHoneywell Safety Light Curtain Control Unit
FF-SPE44CXE SensorHoneywell Sensor
FF-SPE744TX2FF-SPS4 Series Sensor
FF-SPR44CRE SensorHoneywell Sensor
FF-SPR44TR2FF-SPS4 Series Sensor
FF-SRL-59022Safety Relay
FF-SRL60252Safety Relay
FF-SRS59392Honeywell Safety Curtain Interface Control Module
FF-ST4A12AM2ESafety Light Guard Emitter
FF-ST4A12AM2RSafety Light Guard Reciever
FF-SYA03400C2ELight Guard Emitter Unit
FF-SYA03400C2R/FF-SYASafety Light Curtains Receiver & Emitter
03400C2EFF-SYA14080C2E/FF-SYA1Emitter & Receiver Light Guards
4080C2RFF-SYA14096C2*Honeywell Light Guard Pair
FF-SYA14096C2E/FF-SYA1Honeywell Light Guard Pair Emitter & Receiver
4096C2RFF-SYA14096C2RHoneywell Lightguard Receiver
FF-SYA14128C2R /Honeywell Emitter & Receiver Light Guards
FF-SYA14128C2EFF-SYA30096C2R+FF-SYAHoneywell Light Guard Receiver & Emitter
30096C2EFF-SYA30112C2E/FF-SYA3Honeywell Light Guards Emitter/Receiver
0112C2RFF-SYA30128C2R/FF-SYAHoneywell Receiver/Emitter Light Guards Pair
30128C2EFF-SYA30144C2EHoneywell Lightguards Emitter/Receiver
FF-SYB14112M2E/FF-SYBHoneywell Light Guatds Emitter/Receiver
14112M2RFF-SYB30080M2E/RHoneywell Lightguard Emitter and Receiver (Pair)
FF-SYB30096M2RHoneywell Emitter and Receiver
FYQLA1-140R-3Honeywell Logic Amplifier
HMIB0-00-M00-020-F00-0Honeywell Minitrend V5 Chart Recorder
HMPB0-B0-000-E00-F10-0Honeywell Multitrend Plus V5 Paperless Data Recorder
HVS256-133-CS2Honeywell Camera Unit
HW-IOCY-3Honeywell Control Board
IC697PWR711HUnilogic Series 90-70 Power Supply
ICD-47EGB&W CCD camera
IPC1100D-00-00-0IPC1100 Programmable Controller
IWS-1013-HWHoneywell 12″ Monochrome Operator Interface
IWS-1834-HW14″ Colour VGA Flat Screen Operator Panel
LR34330Honeywell 51195066-100 Level 1 Component Type
M284Q1074Honeywell Modutrol IV Motor
M6184F101424V Non-Spring Return Foot Mounted Actuator with
M6284D1000Honeywell150lb-in.torqueModutrol IV Motor
M6284F1013Honeywell Floating Control Valve Motor
M6284F1014Honeywell Modutrol Motor
M6284F1078-F/UHoneywell actuator
M6285C1001Honeywell Motor
M628A1097Honeywell Modutrol IV Rotary Actuator Motor
M7284C1000(Replaces M744T1004)
M7284C1059HoneywellSeries72Modutrol24VNon-SpringIVMotorReturn Foot Mounted
M7284C1083HoneywellActuator Modutrol IV Motor
M7284Q1009Modutrol IV Motor
M7284Q1074Honeywell Modutrol IV Motor
M7285A1003120V 50/60Hz
M7285C1009120V 50/60Hz
M9484D1010Modutrol IV Motor
M9484F1057ENDHoneywellS Modutrol IV Motor
MCBA1428DV20Honeywell Digital Boiler Control
MCBA1456DHoneywell controller
MI-80-A0-A00-E00-F10-0Honeywell Minitrend V5 Chart Recorder
Minitrend V5TrendView Smart Recorder
ML6420A3015-3Electric actuator
ML7425A3005Honeywell Actuator
ML7425A3013Honeywell Actuator
ML7425B3004Honeywell Actuator
mrs1268/mes1268pair of lightguards
MU-TDOY23HRelay Output PCB
00000NXS0031V35A5H1SA1A3Honeywell MC00410 Inverter
00000NXS00385A2HISSS1A1A3Honeywell Inverter
0D300NXS0105V35A5HQSA1A30HoneyWell 55kw 105amp inverter IP54
PA001255H1SSSHoneywell 9/12A Drive
PA001652H1SSSHoneywell 16 Amp Inverter
PA222WFVRS Speed Sensor
PRC-SDS104SDS Powerd Roller Controller
Purple Peeper C7012Honeywell Flame Detector
(C7024)PurplePeeper C7012EHoneywell Purple Peeper
(1187)PurplePeeper C7027AHoneywell Ultra Violet Detector
Q642E100424VHoneywellDCinputController5VDC85A output
Q642V1004Honeywell Controller
Q7230A1005Adjustable Voltage or Current Control Module
R4341BFlame Failure Units
R4343Honeywell R4343 Flame Failure Controller
R4348Flame Failure Unit
R4348B/1057Honeywell Flame Failure Unit
R7061A1016Honeywell Dynamic Self-Check Amplifier
R7241 A1068Amplifier
R7323Honeywell Ultra Violet Amplifier
R7420F1045Honeywell Controller
R7451AMulticontrollers & Modules
R7451A1022-6Honeywell PCB
R7456A 1001Room Temperature Controller
R7511 A 1004-1Analogue & Digital Output Module
R7511 C 1000Digital I/O Module
R7847 B 1072Flame Failure Unit
R7861 A 1026Flame Failure Unit
RIABIBinary Input Unit.
RIABOHoneywell Binary Output Module
RL060-GC-011-000-E-03Honeywell RL Chart Recorder
RM7800 L 1012Burner Control Unit
RM7850A1001Honeywell Burner Controller
RM7850 A 1019Honeywell 7800 Series Automatic Programming Contro
RM7890 A 1007Honeywell Rectification Flame Amplifier
RP-1002EHoneywell Notifier (Alarm Box)
S4560B1055Honeywell Flame Failure Unit
S4560B 1055Honeywell Flame Failure Unit
S4560B 1056Honeywell Flame Failure Unit
S4560D 1101Honeywell Flame Failure Unit
S4560D1101Honeywell Flame Failure Unit
S4560D1135Honeywell Flame Failiure Unit
S4562DM1071BHoneywell Comb Burner Controller PCB
S 4565 C 1033 BDirect burner ignition
S4565CFControl unit
S4570LS 1059Honeywell Flame Failure Unit
S4582D 1005Electronic Aquastat, Pump Overrun & Ign. Control
S8600HHoneywell Auto Ignition Unit
SC10 FF-SC10M08ELightguard Controller
SDS-BR-P8Honeywell Smart Distributed System
SDS-C2CP18-RGPhoto Electric Sensore
SDS-SVP-R/PRetro reflective & Polar retro Sensors
STD924-E1A-00000-A1.CHoneywell Series 900 Differential Pressure Transmitter
STF128-E1H-031F0-S1.POHoneywell ST3000 Smart Pressure Transducer
D2-8139STF932-E1A-0C1F0-00.F1Honeywell ST3000 Smart Pressure Transducer
STS103-001-00006-24.F0Honeywell Hand Held Terminal
TC-CCR013Honeywell Redundant Net Interface
TCE434-7Honeywell Keyboard
TC-IXL061Honeywell Thermocouple Input Module
TK-FTEB01Connection Module
TK-IOLI01Pulse Input Module
TK-PRR021DCS Module
TMG BaseSatronics TMG740-2 Base Part Number 70205U
190591-NCUTuscan5(elm02)ref:-Universal controller
190797-YAU)Tuscan5(elm ref:-Universal controller
190797-YBU)Tuscan5(elm ref:-Universal controller
190797-YBX)Tuscan5(elm ref:-Universal controller
190887-EET)Tuscan5(elm ref:-Universal Controller
190887-EEVTuscan5(elm ref:-PT1000 Tuscan controller
U3300Honeywell Versa-Pro Universal Digital Controller
UDC1000Honeywell Thermocouple Digital Controller
UDC1200Honeywell Universal Digital Controller
UDC2000Honeywell Universal Controller
UDC23001/4 DIN universal digital controller
UDC3000Temperature Controller
UDC3300Honeywell Temperature Controller
UDC3500Honeywell Universal Contoller
UDC5000Temperature Controller
UDC6300Universal process controller
Ultra Violet Amp GreenHoneywell Green Amp
VB2EBBX2 way valve 41,3 CV
VRAB_CVideo Card
W4115A 1004BPCB inside gray box
W964 FHoneywell Aquatrol Temperature Control
XC 6010 B2CPU
XFL 521 1.02Analog Input Module
XL40A2MMIHoneywell Contol Module

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