Control Techniques



Model NumberDescription
0012668980000SAE1100SNP AC Servo Drive
0012668980000SXSA1100SNP AC Spindle Drive
0012668990001SXMaxax100 Servo Drive
0012668990002SXMaxax 200 Servo Drive
0012669090001SXControl Techniques FNC5 Motherboard
0012669090002RControl Techniques 110VAC Power Supply
0012669090002SXControl Techniques CNC Power Supply
0012669090004SXControl Techniques Servo Module
0012669090005SXControl Techniques FNC5 I/O Module
0012669090006SXControl Techniques Memory Module
0012669090010SXControl Techniques Operator Interface
055E2B300BACPA063110Control Techniques 0.43Kw Motor
055U2A300BACPA063110Control Techniques AC Servo Motor.
075U2C300BACAA075140Control Techniques Motor
075U2D305BACAA075140Control Techniques Motor
095U2B305BARAA100190Control Techniques AC Servo Motor.
115DMD301CAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
115DS05000Servo Motor
115DSB300CSAAControl Techniques AC Servomotor
115DSB3016Control Techniques AC Axis Motor
115DSB301CAAAADutymax Servo Motor
115DSC200CAAAADutyMax Servo Motor
115DSC300CDutymax Servo Motor
115DSC300CAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
115DSC300CSAADutymax servomotor
115DSC301CAAAAServo Motor
115DSC301HAAAAControl Techiques AC Servo Motor.
115DSD13330001Dutymax AC Servo Motor
115DSD200CAAAADutyMax DS Servo Motor
115DSD301CAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor.
115MSA040200AGDutymax MS Servo Motor
115MSA300TAAAAControl Techniques AC Dutymax MS Motor.
115MSB201TSAGControl Techniques Dutymax AC Servo Motors
115MSB300TAAAAControl Techniques Motor
115MSB301TAAAAControl Techniques Motor
115SLC200CBDAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
115SLC300CAPAAControl Techniques Unimotor
115SLD201CBPAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor.
115SLE300CAPAAControl Techniques AC Axis Motor
115U2B305BARAA115190Control Techniques.
115U2D301CAAEA115240Control Techniques AC Servomotor
115UMC300CACAAControl Techniques AC Servomotor
1266899/1SXMaxax 100 Brushless AC Servo Drive
12669091R50Control Techniques FNC5 Motherboard
12669094R50Control Techiques FNC5-001 Servo Module
12669095R50Control Techniques FNC5-004 I/O Module
12669096R50Control Techniques FNC5 Memory Module
140X14/28Control Techniques Midi Maestro Servo Drive
140X8/16Midi Maestro Servo Drive
142DMC301CAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
142DMD300CAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Moto
142DME300CAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
142DME301CAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor With Brake
142DS701HControl Techniques Motor
142DSA600HAFAAControl Techniques Dutymax DS Motor
142DSB200CAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
142DSB300HAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
142DSB300HAFAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
142DSB301CAAAAControl Techniques Brushless Servo Motor
142DSC3000AAAAServo Motor
142DSC300CAAAADutymAx DS Servo Motor
142DSC300CACAAControl Techniques Dutymax Servo Motor
142DSD300HCEControl Techniques Servo Motor
142DSD301CAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
142DSD301USControl Techniques AC Servomotor
142DSE300CAAAAControl Techniques AC Servomotor
142DSE301HAAAAControl Techniques Dutymax DS Motor
142SLC300CAPAAControl Techniques AC Servo motor.
142U2E300BAAAEA16524Control Techniques
0142U2E300CACAA165320Control Techiques AC Servo Motor.
142UMC300Control Techniques Unimotor
142UMC300CACAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
142UMD301CAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
142UMD301CACAABrushless AC Servomotor
142UME200CASAAControl Techniques AC Servomotor
142UME300CACAAControl Techniques AC Servomotor
142UME301CACAAControl Techniques AC Unimotor UM
142UPE300BAEEA165320-Control Techiques AC Servo Motor.
190UMA300CBMAAControl Techniques Keyless Servo Motor
190UMA301CACAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
190UMB 300HACAAControl Techniques uni motor ac servo
190UMB301CACAAservo motor
190UMC300HAGAAControl Techniques AC Servomotor
190UMD201HACAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
190UMD300HControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
190UMD300HAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
200X25/50Maxi Maestro Servo Drive
2400-6000Focus 1 DC Drive
2400-8000Fucus 1 DC Drive. 0.25HP.
3130-0291Control Techniques PCB Card
3135-7102Control Techniques ASP10 Drive Unit
3-424-2227AA2100 CNC Pendant
3-525-0998KTI Keyboard
3847-8790Control Techniques Inverter
4200-0010RFI Filter for use with unidrive Size 1
4200-0027RFI Filter for use with unidrive Size 2
42001111110A Line Choke for 55KW Inverter
42001301Line Choke For 120KW High Power CDE Inverter
4200-6112EMC (RFI) FILTER
4400-0032CT DC Link Inductor
4400-0045CT DC Link, Inductor 45ADC For V1850, Choke
4400-0075CT DC Link, Inductor 75ADC, Choke
4500-0096Control Techniques Comms Cable
4Q2/12Small DC Drive
4Q2/30Small DC Drive
543 759 000Thumbwheel Interface PCB
60X10/20Mini Maestro Servo Drive
60X14/28Mini Maestro Servo Drive
60X3/6Mini Maestro Servo Drive
60X7/14Mini Maestro Servo Drive
6300-800012Amp Dc Drive
6542-0282Control Techniques Mounting Bracket for UNI2403
6M15Mentor 1 15kw Single Quad
6M30Mentor 1 30kw Single Quad
6M304QA364140187KTK variable speed thyristor controller 85amp/30kw
6M37.5MentorDCdrive1 37.5kw Single Quad DC drive
6M4Q15Mentor 1 6M4Q15
6M4Q15Mentor 1 15kw Four Quad
6M4Q30Mentor 1 30kw Four Quad
6M4Q37.5Mentor 1 37.5kw Four Quad
6M4Q56Mentor 1 56kw Four Quad
6M4Q7.5Mentor 1 7.5kw Four Quad
6M4Q75Mentor 1 75kw Four Quad
6M56Mentor 1 56kw Single Quad DC Drive
6M75Mentor 1 75kw Single Quad
6M7.5Mentor 1 7.5kw Single Quad
6MD340Mentor 1 340kw Single Quad
6MD450Mentor 1 450kw Single Quad
6MD4Q340Mentor 1 340kw Four Quad
6MD4Q450Mentor 1 450kw Four Quad
6MD4Q750Mentor 1 750kw Four Quad
6MD750Mentor 1 750kw Single Quad
6ME250Mentor 1 250kw Single Quad
6ME300Mentor 1 300kw Single Squad
6ME4Q250Mentor 1 250kw Four Quad
6ME4Q300Mentor 1 300kw Four Quad
6MS125Mentor 1 125kw Single Quad
6MS150Mentor 1 150kw Single Quad
6MS200Mentor 1 200kw Single Quad
6MS4Q125Mentor 1 125kw Four Quad
6MS4Q150Mentor 1 150kw Four Quad
6MS4Q200Mentor 1 200kw Four Quad
75DAS600HAFAAControl Techniques AC Servo motor.
75DSA300TAAAADutymax Servo Motor.
75DSA600CAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
75DSB300CAaaaControl Tecniques Servo Motor
75DSB300HAAAAControl Techniques Duty MAX DS motor
75DSB301CAAAAAServo Motor
75 DSB 301Hdutymax motor
75DSB301Hdutymax ac servomoter.
75DSD300CControl techniques Motor
75DSD300CAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
75MSB300TAAAAControl Techniques DutyMax AC Servo Motor
75MSB600TAAAAControl Techniques AC Servomotor
75U2C300CACAA075140Servo Motor
75UMA300CACAAControl Techniques AC Servomotor
75UMB300CACAAUnimotor UM 75UMB
75UMC000CAServo Motor
75UMC300CACAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
75UMD300CACAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor.
9200-1007Commander inverter Control PCB
94N0621 T.9-112/LControl Techniques AC Spindle Motor.
94UMB300CACAAControl Techniques Servomotor
9585-0750C. Techniques FNC5 Spindle Drive
95DSA200HAFAAControl Techniques Dutymax DS Motor
95DSB300USControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
95DSB301TAAAADutymax Servo Motor
95DSB30JCDutyMax DS Motor
95DSC300CAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
95DSC300HControl Techniques Dutymax DS. AC Servo Motor
95DSD300HAAAADutymax DS Motor
95DSE301CAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
95MSB300TAAAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor.
95SLB300CAPAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
95UMA301CACAAUnimotor UMA Servo Motor
95UMB300CACAAServo Motor
95UMB301CACAAControl Techniques Unimotor UM
95 UMC 300 0ASAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
95UMC300CBCAAControl techniques unimotor
95UMC301CARAABrushless AC servomotor 6 poles
95UMD300CACAAControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
9601-0054Operator panel for DBE220 servo drive
AC200/3000Maxax AC Servo Drive
AH600DXFTXXControl Techniques SFE2-600 Soft Start
ASP-5Cheetah II/Anyspeed DC Drive
ASP-7Control Techniques Cheetah Anyspeed DC Drive
B95B0573T9-112L5.5 KW Induction Motor
BMR4E30/6AControl Techniques AC Servo Motor
BV522/10-15-1Reta Electronic PCB
C20005/2.1Power Supply Module
C70000/DControl Techniques FNC5 Motherboard
C80000C. Techniques FNC5 Motherboard
C80010Control Techniques FNC5 Memory Module
C80020/3.00Control Techniques FNC5 Power Supply
C80021Control Techniques FNC5 Power Supply
C80021/3.00Control Techniques FNC5 Power Supply
C80030C. Techniques FNC5 I/O Module
C80030/1.00Control Techniques FNC5 I/O Module
C80043C. Techniques FNC5 Servo Module
C80043/3.00Control Techniques FNC5 Servo Module
C80202Control Techniques FNC5 Operator Interface
CD110CD1 Drive 1.1kw
CD1100CD1 Drive 11kw
CD11110CD2 Drive 1.1kw
CD11150CD2 Drive 1.5kw
CD11220Control Techniques CD2 2.2Kw Inverter
CD150CD1 Drive 1.5kw
CD1500CD1 Drive 15kw
0/AO-RDCD1850CD1 Inverter 18.5kw
CD220CD1 Drive 2.2kw
CD2200CD1 Drive 22kw
CD2 2200CD1 Drive 22kw
CD3000CD1 Drive 30kw
CD3700CD1 Drive 37kw
CD400CD1 Drive 4kw
CD4500CD1 Drive 45kw
CD5500CD1 Drive 55kw
CD75CD1 Drive 0.75kw
CD750CD1 Drive 7.5kw
CD7500CD1 Drive 75kw
CDE075Control Techniques CDE 0.75KW Inverter
CDE110CDE Drive 1.1kw
CDE1100CDE AC Drive 11Kw
CDE1100S11Kw Servodrive.
CDE150CDE Drive 1.5kw
CDE1500CDE Drive 15kw
CDE1850CDE Drive 18.5kw
CDE220CDE Drive 2.2kw
CDE2200CDE Drive 22kw
CDE3000CDE Drive 30kw
CDE3000RLCommander CDE inverter 37 kW
CDE3700CDE Drive 37kw
CDE400CDe Drive 4kw
CDE4500CDE Drive 45kw
CDE550CDE Drive 5.5kw
CDE5500CDE Drive 55kw
CDE75CDE Drive .75kw
CDE750CDE Drive 7.5kw
CDE7500CDE Drive 75kw
CDII110CD2 AC Drive 1.1Kw
CDII150CD2 Drive 1.5kw
CDII220CD2 Drive 2.2kw
CDII400CD2 Drive 4kw
CDII550CD2 Drive 5.5kw
CDII75CD2 Drive 0.75kw
CDII750CD2 Drive 7.5kw
CDIIDBUCT Dynamic Brake Unit
CDS150CDS Drive 1.5kw
CDS220CDS Drive 2.2kw
CDS75CDS Drive .75kw
LIMACCDV075CDV1 Drive .75kw
CDV110CDV1 Drive 1.1kw
CDV1100CDV1 AC Drive 11Kw
CDV150CDV1 Drive 1.5kw
CDV1500CDV1 Drive 15kw
CDV1850CDV1 Drive 18.5kw
CDV220CDV1 Drive 2.2kw
CDV2200CDV1 Drive 22kw
CDV3000CDV1 Drive 30kw
CDV3700CDV1 Drive 37kw
CDV400CDV1 Drive 4kw
CDV4500CDV1 Drive 45kw
CDV550CDV1 Drive 5.5kw
CDV5500CDV1 Drive 55kw
CDV750CDV1 Drive 7.5kw
CDV7500CDV1 Drive 75kw
CDV9000CDV1 Drive 90kw
CDVII075CDV2 Drive .75kw
CDVII110CDV2 Drive 1.1kw
CDVII1400CDV2 AC Drive 4Kw
CDVII150CDV2 Drive 1.5kw
CDVII220CDV2 Drive 2.2kw
CDVII 400Commander CDV2 Drive 4kw
CDVII550CDV2 Drive 5.5kw
CDVII750CDV2 Drive 7.5kw
CHEETAH-2HP0-90/0-180V DC 3.0 AMPS
Cheetah-II11 amp Dc Drive
CHEETAH SMControl Techniques 1.5Kw DC Drive
Commander CD 1501.5Kw Inverter
ControllerControlTechniquesControl Techniques Personality Module
CRL210PLUSControl Techniques Bar Graph Display
CSMESmall DC Drive
CT1002Midi Maestro 140X8/16 . 1.12kw DC Drive.
CT30Control Techniques 30Kw Soft Start
CTS2313Soft Start
DB1100SControl Techniques DB1100S AC Servo 11KW
DB140Digitax AC Servo Drive
DB140NPControl Techniques Brushless AC Servo Drive
DB1500Digitax Servo Drive
DB220Control Techniques 2.2Kw Servo Drive
DB2200Digitax Servo Drive
DB220NPControl Techniques 2.2kW AC Servo Drive
DB420Control Techniques 4.2kW Digitax Servo Drive
DB420NPBrushless AC Servo Drive 4.2kW
DB600Control Techniques 6KW Brushless AC Servo Drive
DB600NPBrushless AC Servo Drive
DB750NP7.5K/W Brushless AC ServoDrive ****** VERY
DBE1100SControl Techniques Digitax Servo Drive
DBE140Control Techniques Digitax Servo Drive
DBE220Control Techniques Digitax Servo Drive
DBE420Control Techniques Digitax Servo Drive
DBE600Control Techniques Digitax Servo Drive
DBE600Control Techniques Digitax Servo Drive
DBE750Control Techniques Digitax Servo Drive
DCD-140X14/28Control Techniques Servo Drive
DCD60X3/6Mini Maestro 60 x 3/6
DCD-60X7/14Mini Maestro Servo Amplifier
DCD60X7/14MINI MAESTRO 60 X 7/14
DCM2B30-03A2Control Techniques DC Servo Motor
DCM3F30/14B2Control Techniques DC Axis Motor
DCM6C 30/14 A2Dc Servo Motor
DCM6C30/14 A2Control Techniques DC Servo motor
DCM6D30/14A2Control Techniques DC Axis Motor
DCM6D30/14B2motor with tachometer and brake matador european
DCM6F 20/14 A2Matadormotor DC Servo Motor
DCN92598IMO Jaguar Keypad
DIN1012FDinverter RFI Input Filter
DIN1220025ADinverter AC Drive 0.25Kw
DIN1220037ADinverter .37kw
DIN1220055ADinverter .55kw
DIN1220075ADinverter 0.75kw
DIN1220075BControl Techniques 0.75kW Dinverter
DIN1220150BDinverter 1.5kw
DIN1220220BDinverter 2.2kw
DIN3220075BDinverter .75kw
DIN3220075BDinverter AC Drive 0.75Kw
DIN3220150BDinverter 1.5kw
DIN3220220BDinverter 2.2kw
DIN3380075BDinverter .75kw
DIN3380110BDinverter 1.1kw
DIN3380150BControl Techniques 1.5Kw Dinverter
DIN3380150BMControl Technique 1.5KW 3PH DInverter
DIN3380220BDinverter 2.2kw
DIN3380220BMDinverter 2.2kw
DIN3380300BDinverter 3kw
DIN3380400BControl Techniques 4kW Dinverter
DINI220025ADinverter .25kw
Dinverter 2AControl Techniques Dinverter
DirectAx 1Intelligent Motion Controller
Directax 2Intelligent Servo Control
DM100Maxax Servo Drive
DM200Maxax Servo Drive
DM300Maxax Servo Drive
DSM1-24-200.02-C40Contorl Techniques AC Servo Motor
DST1203Control Techniques Digitax ST
DST1402Control Techniques 3 Phase Drive
DST1405PControl Techniques Digitax Plus Drive
DTR90-010Brushless AC Servo Motor {Ser No:-788559
SequencerDutymaxBrake motor
75DSD3010???????DutymaxDSZSERVO MOTOR
Dutymax MXDutymax MX
DXE-490CControl Techniques AC Axis Motor
DXM-316C0.57KW 4000RPM 240vac
DXM-340C240v / 6.5A / 3000RPM
EB-203Control(EPSILONTechniques202) EB-203 Epsilon Base Servo Drive
ControllerELECTROSTATIC PLANTPower Coating System Machine
EN-204-00-000Control Techniques Drive
EN-208Control Techniques Servo Drive Digital 240VAC
F3N2EControl Techniques 10 Amp DC Drive
F3R2CControl Techniques 10 Amp DC Drive
F3R2C-RControl Techniques 10 Amp DC Drive
FM-3DNControl Techniques Programmer Module
FM-3PBControl Techniques Programmer Module w Profibus
FNC-006Control Techniques FNC5 Motherboard
FNC4Control Techniques FNC4 CNC Control Unit
FNC5FNC5 Rack and modules
FNC5-004Control Techniques FNC5 I/O Module
FNC5 Front Panel BezelControl Techniques FNC5 Front Panel Bezel
48/500FS5106-16-07Control Techniques Filter (8502-1775) 480V 16A
FXM3FXM Field Controller
FXM4FXM Field Controller
FXM510A-20AFXM Field Controller
FXM-5-20AControl Techniques FXM Field Controller
FXN-5Control Techniques Field Regulator
GPD1401Commander Inverter .75kw
GPD1402Commander Inverter 1.1kw
GPD1403Control Techniques Commander 1.5kW Inverter
GPD1404Commander Inverter 2.2kw
GPD1405Commandar Inverter 4.0kw
GPD2401Commander Inverter 5.5kw
GPD2402Commander Inverter 7.5kw
GPD2403Commander Inverter 11kw
GPD3401Control Techniques 15Kw Inverter
GPD3402GPD3402 Commander Inverter 18.5KW
GPD3403GPD3403 Commander Inverter 22KW
GPD3404Commander Inverter 30Kw
GPD3405Commander Inverter 37Kw
GPD4401Commander Inverter 45 kw
GPD4402Commander Inverter 55Kw
GPD4403Commander Inverter 75Kw
GPD4404Commander Inverter 90Kw
GPD4405Commander Inverter 110Kw
HB017Control Techniques 7.5Kw Spindle Drive
High Power CDEControl Techniques 120Kw CDE Inverter
HW2Unidrive Size 5 Control Module
IM/0022/KIConector Encoder CTM 17 pin P
IM/0023/KIConector resolver/sincos CTM 12 pin E
IN33Control Techniques CD Vector Drive Control PCB
IN40 ISS 2 7004-0013CT CD AC Drive Control Card
IN46Control Techniques CDV7500UK Supply Monitoring
IN91 Iss 3Control Techniques IN91 PCB
IN96Phase control PCB
ISS 07.00 7004-1003CPU board
KCC 9442Cleverax CPU PCB Card
LT30C.T. Soft Start
LYNX16Control Techniques 16 Amp DC Drive
LYNX 16Control Techniques 16A DC Drive
Lynx 8 1HPControl Techniques DC Drive 2.2Kw
LYNXM30DC Drive 7.5Kw
LYNXSM08Control Techniques DC Drive 2.2Kw
LYNXSM16DC Drive 4Kw
LYNX SM 16 3 HPinput : 240/415Vac 23A 50/60hz
LYNXSM30ouput:DCDrive0-180V/7.5Kw0-320V 16 amp
M105Control Techniques Mentor II Digital Variable Speed
M105GB14Control Techniques Mentor 2 37.5kW Single Quad
M105GB16Mentor 2 37.5Kw Single Quad
M105GB20Mentor 2 37.5Kw Single Quad
M105R14Control Techniques 37.5Kw DC Drive
M105RGB14Mentor 2 37.5Kw Four Quad
M105RGB16Mentor 2 37.5Kw Four Quad
M105RGB20Mentor 2 37.5Kw Four Quad
M1200GB14Mentor 2 450Kw Single Quad
M1200GB16Mentor 2 450Kw Single Quad
M1200GB20Mentor 2 450Kw Single Quad
M1200RGB14Mentor 2 450Kw Four Quad
M1200RGB16Mentor 2 450Kw Four Quad
M1200RGB20Mentor 2 450Kw Four Quad
M155-14ICDControl Techniques Quantum III 56KWDC Drive
M155GB14Mentor 2 56Kw Single Quad
M155GB16Mentor 2 56Kw Single Quad
M155GB20Mentor 2 56Kw Single Quad
M155R14Control Techniques 155 Amp DC Drive
M155R-14ICDControl Techniques Quantum DC Drive
M155RGB14Mentor 2 56kW Four Quad
M155RGB16Mentor 2 56Kw Four Quad
M155RGB20Mentor 2 56Kw Four Quad
M1850GB14Mentor 2 750Kw Single Quad
M1850GB16Mentor 2 750Kw Single Quad
M1850GB20Mentor 2 750Kw Single Quad
M1850RGB14Mentor 2 750Kw Four Quad
M1850RGB16Mentor 2 750Kw Four Quad
M1850RGB20Mentor 2 750Kw Four Quad
81A3A122M210GB14Mentor 2 75Kw Single Quad
M210GB16Mentor 2 75Kw Single Quad
M210GB20Mentor 2 75Kw Single Quad
M210RGB14Mentor 2 75Kw Four Quad
M210RGB16Mentor 2 75Kw Four Quad
M210RGB20Mentor 2 75Kw Four Quad
M256B14Mentor 2 7.5Kw 3 PH
M25GB14Mentor 2 7.5Kw Single Quad
M25GB16Mentor 2 7.5Kw Single Quad
M25GB20Mentor 2 7.5Kw Single Quad
M25R-14ICDControl Techniques Mentor II 10HP Drive
M25R-14RLMentor 2 25 Amp DC Drive
M25RGB14Mentor 2 7.5Kw Four Quad
M25RGB16Mentor 2 7.5Kw Four Quad
M25RGB20Mentor 2 7.5Kw Four Quad
M350GB14Mentor 2 125Kw Single Quad
M350GB16Mentor 2 125Kw Single Quad
M350GB20Mentor 2 125Kw Single Quad
M3.50RGB14Mentor 2 125Kw Four Quad
M350RGB14Control Techniques Mentor DC Drive
M350RGB16Mentor 2 125Kw Four Quad
M350RGB20Mentor 2 125Kw Four Quad
M420GB14Mentor 2 150Kw Single Quad
M420GB16Mentor 2 150Kw Single Quad
M420GB20Mentor 2 150Kw Single Quad
M420RGB14Mentor 2 150KW Four Quad Digital DC Drive
M420RGB16Mentor 2 150Kw Four Quad
M420RGB20Mentor 2 150Kw Four Quad
M45-14ICDQControl Techniques 530V 45A 20HP DC Drive
M45GB14Mentor 2 15Kw Single Quad
M45GB16Mentor 2 15Kw Single Quad
M45GB20Mentor 2 15Kw Single Quad
M45R-14ICDQQuantum III Digital DC Drive
M45RGB14Mentor2 45amp 15Kw Four Quad
M45RGB16Mentor 2 15Kw Four Quad
M45RGB20Mentor 2 15Kw Four Quad
M550GB14Mentor 2 200Kw Single Quad
M550GB16Mentor 2 200Kw Single Quad
M550GB20Mentor 2 200Kw Single Quad
M550RGB14Mentor 2 200Kw Four Quad
M550RGB16Mentor 2 200Kw Four Quad
M550RGB20Mentor 2 200Kw Four Quad
M700GB16Mentor 2 250Kw Single Quad
M700GB20Mentor 2 250Kw Single Quad
M700RGB14Mentor 2 250Kw Four Quad
M700RGB16Mentor 2 250Kw Four Quad
M700RGB20Mentor 2 250Kw Four Quad
M75GB14Mentor 2 30Kw Single Quad
M75GB16Mentor 2 30Kw Single Quad
M75GB20Mentor 2 30Kw Single Quad
M75RControl Techniques Mentor II 30kW DC Drive
M75RGB14Control Techniques Mentor 2 30kW Four Quad
M75RGB16Mentor 2 30Kw Four Quad
M75RGB20Mentor 2 30Kw Four Quad
M825-14CTControl Techniques Mentor II 300Kw DC Drive
M825GB14Mentor 2 300Kw Single Quad
M825GB16Mentor 2 300Kw Single Quad
M825GB20Mentor 2 300Kw Single Quad
M825RGB14Mentor 2 300Kw Four Quad
M825RGB16Mentor 2 300Kw Four Quad
M825RGB20Mentor 2 300Kw Four Quad
M900GB16Mentor 2 340Kw Single Quad
M900GB20Mentor 2 340Kw Single Quad
M900RGB14Mentor 2 340Kw Four Quad
M900RGB16Mentor 2 340Kw Four Quad
M900RGB20Mentor 2 340Kw Four Quad
MAESTRO 140 X 14/28D.C Servo Drive
MAX403M’Ax Servo Drive
M’Ax403_ANControl Techniques M’Ax Servo Drive
MAX406M’Ax Servo Drive
MAX409M’Ax Servo Drive
M’Ax 409_ANControl Techniques M’Ax Servo Drive
00MAX-4/11/03/016/08/0/1/MAX SERVO DRIVE
00MAX412M’Ax Servo Drive
MAX412ANControl Techniques 12.5A Servo Drive
0MAXAX100Control Techniques MAXAX100 Servo Drive
MAXAX200Control Techniques CT1002 2KW AC Servo Drive
MAXAX200 – 700421Maxax Personality Module
Maxax300Control Techniques Maxax300 Servo Drive
MC204Control Techniques Motion Coordinator
MD1 Iss.5Mentor 1 DC Drive CPU Control PCB
MD-430Control Techniques MD-430 Power Supply PCB
MD475Control Techniques Mentor 1 DC Drive PSU PCB
MDA-1Control Techniques Mentor 2 Control Card.
MDA-2Mentor 2 DC Drive Interface Card
MDA210Control Techniques Mentor Firing PCB
MDA210RControl Techniques Mentor Firing PCB
MDA6Mentor Firing PCB
MDA75RMentor Firing PCB
Memory ModuleControl Techniques Memory Module
Mentor 1 Front Panel &Mentor 1 Front Panel & PCB’s
PCB’sMentor IIControl Techniques DC Drive
MGE-205-CONS-0000CT AC Servo Motor
MGE-208-CONS-0000CT AC Servo Motor
MGE-316-CONS-0000Control Techniques AC Servo Motor
MGM-340-CONS-0000Control Techniques AC Servo Motor.
MP155A4Control Techniques Single Quad Mentor Drive
MP-2500Power Supply
MP45A445 Amp 2 Quadrant Dc Drive
MP550A4Control Techniques 480V Mentor Drive
NTE-207-CBNS-0000Control Techniques Servo Motor
PX60-10:1,STNTE-207-TONS-0000Control Techniques Servo Motor
NTE-212-CBNS-0000Control Techniques Servo Motor
NTE-320-CONS-0000Control Techniques AC Servo Motor.
NTM-330-CONS-00001.49kW motor
PCB# 7004-0043Control Card
PCB# 7004-0323PCB
PSBGYA-SOEPower Adaptor
Puma SMControl Techniques Puma SM 0.37kW DC Drive
PUMASMCT 0.37kw DC Drive
R115DSD300CControl Techniques Dutymax DS AC Sevo Motor.
R115DSE301HAAAADutymax DS Motor
R115MSB070201AGControl Techniques AC Servomotor
R142DSC300HAAAADutymAx DS Servo Motor
R75DSB300CControl Techniques Dutymax DS Servo Motor
SA005Spindax Servo Drive
SA010Spindax Servo Drive
SA016Spindax Servo Drive
SA022Control Techniques AC Spindle Drive 11K/W 22A
SA022/1100Control Techniques Spindax Servo Drive 11K/W 22A
SA038(9585-0750)SpindaxServo Drive
SA059Spindax Servo Drive
SA091Spindax Servo Drive
SA110Spindax Servo Drive
SA1100SControl Techniques 11KW AC Spindle Drive
SA1100SNPControl Techniques 11KW AC Spindle Drive
SA150Spindax Servo Drive
SA750Control Techniques SA750 Spindle Drive 7.5K/W
SAE1100SNPControl Techniques 11Kw Spindle Drive
SD1000Digitax Gate Drive Card
SD104Control pod
SE112000025Commander SE1 Inverter 0.25Kw
SE11200025Commander SE1 Inverter 0.25Kw
SE11200037Commander SE1 Inverter 0.37Kw
SE11200055Commander SE1 Inverter 0.55Kw
SE11200075Commander SE1 Inverter 0.75Kw
SE 11200075Control Techniques 0.75 KW inverter
SE23400075Commander230V-3Phase,SE217AInverterCont.0.75KwOutput Current, Nema 1
SE23400075SE 1.5T 0.75 Kw
SE23400110Commander SE2 Inverter 1.1Kw
SE23400150Commander 1.5kW SE2 Inverter
SE23400220Commander SE2 Inverter 2.2Kw
SE23400300Commander SE4.5T Inverter 3Kw
SE23400400Commander SE2 Inverter 4Kw
SE2D200075Commander SE2 Inverter 0.75Kw
SE2D200110Commander SE2 Inverter 1.1Kw
SE2D200150Commander SE2 Inverter 1.5Kw
SE2D200220Commander SE2 Inverter 2.2Kw
SE33200550Commander SE3 Inverter 5.5Kw
Se33200750Commander SE3 Inverter 7.5Kw
SE33400550Control Techniques 5.5KW Inverter Commander SE
SE33400550Commander SE3 Inverter 5.5Kw
SE33400750Commander SE3 Inverter 7.5Kw
SE4340110Commander SE4 Inverter 11Kw
SE43401100Commander 11KW AC Drive
SE43401500Commander SE4 Inverter 15Kw
SE43401850Commander SE18.5KW AC Drive
SE5340220022Kw Commander SE
SE53403000Control Techniques Commander 30KW inverter
SE5340370030Kw Commander Inverter
SFE2-300Control Techniques Softstart 300A
SFE2-600Control Techniques SFE2 Drive
SK1200025Control Techniques 0.25Kw Inverter
SK2201Control Techniques 4k/w AC Drive
SK2202Control Techniques 5.5k/w AC Drive
SK24037.5kW/Commander11kW15kW Inverter
SK240415KW Inverter
SK3401ClimateControlTechniquesControl(SK)AC Drive
SK3402Control Techniques Inverter
SK3403Control Techniques 22/30Kw Commander SK Drive
SK4403Control Techniques Commander SK 460VAC 45/055KW
SK480V-1.5KWControl Techniques 1.5Kw SK Commander Inverter
SK6402Control Techniques Commander AC Drive
SKA1200055Commander SK series 550W
SKA1200075Control Techniques 0.75 KW Inverter
SKA120037Control Techniques Inverter
SKB3400037Control tech Commander SK 0.37 kw Inverter
SKB3400075Control Techniques 0.75Kw Commander SK Drive
SKB3400110Commander SK 1.1kw inverter
SKB3400150Control Techniques 1.5kW Inverter
SKBD200110attachmentsLeroySomer 1.1kW Digidrive Inverter
SKBD200150Control Techniques Commander SK Inverter 220V 7A
SKC34002201.5kWControl Techniques Commander SK 2.2kW Inverter
SKC3400300Control Techniques Inverter 3 kW
SKC3400400Control Techniques 4kW Commander SK Drive
SKCD2002202.2kw Inverter
SKD3400550Control Techniques 5.5KW AC DRIVE
SKD34007507.5Kw Inverter
SMD150Soft Start
SMD200Soft Start
SMD250Soft Start
SMD320Soft Start
SMD37Soft Start
SMD400Soft Start
SMD450Soft Start
SMD56Soft Start
SMD75Soft Start
SM-EthernetControl techniques Ethernet Module
400SM-I/0 32Control Techniques Module
SM KeypadControl Techniques HMI
SM-SLMControl Techniques SLM Solutions Module
SM-Universal EncoderEncoder
SP1201Control Techniques Unidrive 4.3/5.2A + Pod
SP14010.75/1.1kw servo
SP14031.5/2.2Kw Unidrive
SP1404Leroy Somer Unidrive 2.2/3.0Kw
SP1405inverter 4.0 kW
SP1406Control Techniques 7.5kW Unidrive SP
SP2203Control Techniques 200V Drive + Keypad
SP2401Control Techniques 7.5kw inverter
SP2402Control Techniques Inverter
SP 2403DRIVE, AC, 20HP, 480V, 25A, CT, N1 480Vin 3PH
SP3403Control Techniques Unidrive SP 30kW AC Drive
SP4402Unidrive 37/45kW
SP4403Inverter 45/55 kW
SP5401Unidrive 124/138 – 55kw/75kw inverter.
SP6402UNIDRIVE SP Servo Drive 110 kW
SRBAZBResolver Adapter
STD030Control Techniques SM-Applications Intelligence Option
STD032ControlModule Techniques SM-Applications Intelligence Option
STD036ControlModule Techniques SM-Applications Intelligence Option
STDM12M’Ax AC Servo drive
STDN42Control Techniques MultiAx HAC Unit
STDQ04Control Techniques SM-Applications Intelligence Option
STDQ06ModuleSM-Universal Encoder Plus
STDR11 Rev.DControl Techniques Option Module
MonitorSupplyand fit DriveSupply and fit Drive
SX23400300PBCommander 3kW Drive
SX33400750PBControl Techniques Commander SX
UC150AC Drive
UD50 ISS5Control Techniques Option Module
UD51, ISS3CT Encoder option Module
UD51 ISS4CT Encoder option Module
UD52Module sin/cos absolute hiperface protocol Weight:
UD53Control Techniques UD53 Resolver Feedback Module
UD70Control Techniques UD70 Application Module w
UD70Profibus-DPCTSerialCommunications(UD73) |nterface Module
UD70 WITH UD76Control Techniques Applications Module inc Modbus
UD71CT Serial Communications Interface Module
UD73Unidrive Profibus-DP Interface UD73
UD74Control Techniques Drive Module
UD75PWRSUPPLYUnidriveCTNetUNIDRIVInterface module
UD76Control Techniques Unidrive Modbus Plus Interface
UD77DNControl Techniques UD77DN Devicenet Interface Unit
UD-90A 7004-0237CT PCB
uknown unimotorservo motor
UnbadgedThyristor Power Modules
Unbadged DS motorControl Techniques AC Servomotor
UNI1401Control Techniques 0.75kW Unidrive
UNI1402Control Techniques 1.1kW Unidrive
UNI1402VTC1.1Kx AC Drive
UNI1403Control Techniques 1.5kW Unidrive
UNI1404Control Techniques 2.2kW Unidrive
UNI1405Control Techniques 4kW Unidrive
UNI1405VTCControl Techniques UniDrive 4Kw
UNI2401Control Techniques 5.5kW Unidrive
UNI2401VTCUnidrive 5.5Kw
UNI2402Control Techniques 7.5kW Unidrive
UNI2402VTC7.5 KW Unidrive
UNI2403Control Techniques 11kW Unidrive
UNI2403 softwareCT software upgrade
upgradeUNI2403VTCControl Techniques 11kW Unidrive
UNI3401Control Techniques 15kW Unidrive
UNI3402Control Techniques 18.5kW Unidrive
UNI3403Control Techniques 22kW Unidrive
UNI3403VTCUnidrive 22KW
UNI3404Unidrive 30Kw
UNI3404VTCONLY30KW Unidrive
UNI3405Unidrive 37Kw
UNI3405VTCControl Techniques 37kW Inverter
UNI4401Unidrive 45Kw
UNI4402ONLYUnidrive 55Kw
UNI4402VTCUnidrive 55KW
UNI4403Control Techniques 75kW Unidrive
UNI4404Control Techniques 90kW Unidrive
UNI4405Control Techniques 110kW Unidrive
UNI4405 110KWUNI4405 110KW CONTROL POD S/W Version:03.02.12
UNI5401Unidrive 132Kw
Unidrive Size 5 ControlControl Techniques Size 5 Control Module
UT96 ISS 04.01Comunication Board
V110Vector Drive 1.1Kw
V1100Vector Drive 11Kw
V150Vector Drive 1.5Kw
V1500Vector Drive 15Kw
V220Vector Drive 2.2Kw
V2200Vector Drive 22Kw
V3000Vector Drive 30Kw
V3000RLControl Techniques 30Kw Flux Vector Drive
V3700Vector Drive 37Kw
V400Vector Drive 4Kw
V550Vector Drive 5.5Kw
V5500Vector Drive 55Kw
V75Vector Drive 0.75Kw
V750Vector Drive 7.5Kw
V7500Vector Drive 75Kw
VB150Vector Drive 1.5Kw
VB75Control Techniques 0.75Kw Vector Drive
VBE110Vector Drive 1.1Kw
VBE1100SVector Drive 11Kw
VBE150Vector Drive 1.5Kw
VBE220Vector Drive 2.2Kw
VBE400Control Techniques 4kW Vector Drive
VBE550Vector Drive 5.5Kw
VBE75Vector Drive 0.75Kw
VBE750Vector Drive 7.5Kw
VC150CUB Inverter 1.5Kw
VC75CUB Inverter 0.75Kw
VCD150CUB Inverter 1.5Kw
VCD55CUB Inverter 0.55Kw
VCD75CUB Inverter 0.75Kw
VCDII55CUB Inverter 0.55Kw
VCDII75CUB Inverter 0.75Kw
VL370Control Techniques 3.7Kw Inverter
WA1002Commander CDS 220

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