B & R



Model NumberDescription
8V1022.00-1Acopos 1022 servo unit 2.2A 1kW
8V1090.00-11090 Series Servo Unit
8V1320.00-2Acopos 1320 Servo Aplifier Unit
8V1640.00-2acopos 1640
BV1016-00-2Acopos 1016
0AC913.92CAN Bus adapter with cable
1270.00-K15Pendant controller
1-81-14828-851 Rev.BB&R Control PCB
22411086B&R PCB
22411555/1B&R PCB
2AO300.6B&R AO300 Analogue Output
2AT300.68 inputs, PT100 (3-line connection); -50 to +450
2CP100.60-1Interface Module
2D0426.6B&R DO426 PLC Card
2D2200.04Provit 2200 monitor with touch screen
1599107012DI426.6B&R Digital Input Module
2NC102.6B&R Servo Control Module
2NC303.60-1PLC Module
31F260.60-11 slot Interface module
3AI350.6B&R I/O Module
3AI775.6B&R Processor Module
3AM050.6B&R Analog PLC card output
3AM055.6Analog IO Card
3AO350.6B&R System 2005 analog output module
3AT660.62005FORASTATanalogDRIVEinputmodule, 8 inputs, sensor type L/J/K
3BP150.4B&R Base Module Rack
3BP150.41B&R 15 Slot Backplane Rack with Backup Battery
3BP151.41B&R 12 Slot Backplane Rack with Backup Battery
3BP152.41Base Rack Module-9 slots
3CP152.90-2B&R CP152 PLC
3CP153.9B&R CPU Module
3CP260.60-1B&R CP260
0Q3273D0479.6B&R I/O Module
3D0486.632bit output unit
3DI475.6Digital Input DI475
3DI477.6B&R Input Module 0056.4437
3DM455.60-2B&R 16 Channel I/O Module
3DM476.6B&R 32 Channel PLC Output Module
3DM486.6B&R 16 I/O Mixed Module
3DO479.6B&R Digital Output Module
3DO480.6Digital output module
3IF260.60-1B&R IF260 CPU Module
3IF671.9B&R CANBUS/RS232/RS422/RS485 Multi-Interface
3ME960.90-1B&R Memory Module 056.4433
3NC150.6B&R Counter Module
3NC154.60-2B&R Axis Controller
3NC158.60-1B&R 3NC158.60-1 Axis Controller
3P5794.9B&R Power Supply
3PS465.9B&R 2005 Power Supply
3PS475.92005 Power Supply, 24VDC, 50W
3PS477.9B&R 2005 Power Supply, 24VDC, 50W
3UM161.6B&R Analogue & Digital Input Module
3XP152.60-2B&R Comms Module
4B1384.00-K01Operator Interface
4B1384.00-K02B&R Panel
4B1384.00-K16B&R Operator Interface
4C2000.01-110B&R Operator Interface
4C2000.01.510B&R Operator Interface
4C2210.01-510B&R PANELWARE panel controller C221
4C2210.01-510 REV.C0PANELWARE
4D1084.00-090B&R Newman Panelware Interface
4D1165.00-490Operator Interface
4D1166.00-K03Operator panel
4D2024.00.090B&R Panalware Display
4E0011.01-090PANELWARE keypad module
4E0021.01-090B&R Keypad Module
4E011.01-090B&R Keypad Module
4IF370.7B&R CAN Interface Module
4P0420.00-K08LAS Power Panel 4×20 VFD
4P3040.00-K05Operator Panel
4P3040.00-K21Operator Panel
4P3040.00-K44Operator Panel
4P3040.01-450B&R PP41 Operator Panel
4P3040.01.490B&R PP41 Operator Panel
4PP015.0420-01B&R P15 operator panel
4PP015.0420-36B&R PP15 Operator Panel
4PP035.E300-36Power panel PP35
4PP045.0571-062B&R PowerPanel PP45 Operator Panel
4PP045.0571-K13Operator Panel
4PP120.0571-21B&R Touchscreen
4PP120.0653-K01B&R 6.5″ Tocuhscreen
4PP120.1505-31B&R Touchscreen Operator Interface
4PP220.0571-65B&R Touchscreen Terminal
4PP220.1043Industrial Computer
4PP220.1043-75B&R Power Panel PP220 Operator Interface
4PP220.1043-B5B&R Power Panel PP220 Operator Interface
4PP220.1043-K02B&R (Badged Kannegieser} CTT-01 10.4″ Touchscreen
4PP220.1043-K08OperatorInterface Interface
4PP220.1505-75B&R Power Panel PP220 Operator Interface
4PP320.0571-01Power Panel 300
4PP420.0571-65B&R Powerpanel PP420 Operater Panel
4PP420.0571-75B&R Power Panel 400
4PP420.1043-75Power Panel 400
4PP420.1043-K02B&R panel mount computer
4PP420.1043-K12Power Panel 400 ( LOMA SYSTEMS )
4PP420.1505-B5Power Panel 400
5AP920.1214.K01B&R TouchScreen
5AP920.1505-01Touchscreen flat panel monitor 15″
5AP920.1505-K06Operator Display Panel
5AP920.1505-K21Krones 5AP90 iPanel CD Screen
5AP920.1706-01Automation Panel 900
5AP920.1906-01Automation Panel AP920
5AP981.1505-01B&R 15″ Automation Panel 900
5C2000.07B&R HMI Control Unit
5C2000.09Operator Interface
5C2000.15B&R Mini-Computer
5C2001.03B&R Computer Interface
5C5001.12Provit 5000 Controller System Unit
5C5001.15Provit 5000 Controller System Unit
5D2000.02B&R Provit 2000 Operator Interface
5D2000.23LCD panel with I/O PCB
5D2200.01B&R Provit 2200 Touchscreen
5D2200.02Provit 2200 touch screen display
5D2200.04Provit 2200 monitor with touch screen
5D2200.07B&R Display
5D2200.08B&R Display
5D2200.10B&R Display Panel
5D2200.15B&R Operator Interface
5D2200.16B&R 15″TFT Display Panel
5D2210.01B&R Provit 2200 Touchscreen HMI
5D2219.02B&R Operator Interface
5D2500.03B&R Display Controller
5D2519.08Provit 2000 remote display
5D4000.03Provit 4000 Display
5D5001.05B&R TFT Display Panel
5D5200.13Provit 5000 Display Unit
5D5210.01B&R Provit 5200 Touch Screen Display
5D5212.02B&R Provit 5200 Touch Screen Display
5D5501.17B&R TFT Display Panel
5D5510.10B&R TFT Display Panel
5D5600.01monitor & keyboard
5D5601.03B&R Operator Interface
5D5602.02B&R Operator Interface
5E9000.25B&R Switch Panel & Controller
5LS172.4i/O board from PC ISA
5P50Provit 5000 Industrial PC
5P62:SOLEMA-01B&R Touch Panel PC
5P62:URBAN-08B&R Operators Interface
5PC600.SX01-00B&R 5P62 Automation PC
5PC600.SX02-01B&R Industrial PC type 5P62
5PC720.1214-K01B&R (Karl Mayer) panel
5PC720.1505-00B&R Industrial Touch Panel PC
5PC720.1505-01Industrial touch panel PC
5PC720.1505-K02B&R 15″ Panel PC 720
5PP120.1043-37AB&R 10.5″ Power Panel Industrial PC
5PP120.1043-K04B&R 10.4″ Touch Screen Operator Interface
5PP320.0571-39B&R Power Panel 300
5PP320.1043-39B&R Power Panel Industrial PC with 10.4″ TFT Touch
5PP320.1505-39B&RScreenPowerDisplayPanel 300 Operator Interface
7AC911.9B&R CAN Bus Connector
7AF101.7B&R Analog Interface Module
7AO352.70B&R Analogue Output Module
7AT664.70B&R Analog Input Module (TC)
7BP702.0PLC Module
7BP704.0B&R Rack for 4 Modules
7CM211.7B&R Input Output Module
7CP470.60-2B&R CPU
7CP474.60-1B&R 2003 PLC
7CP476-010.9B & R 2003 PLC MODULE CARD
7CP476-020.9B+R 2003 plc unit Can bus + Rs232
7CP476.60-1B&R 2003 PLC
7DI439.7B&R Digital Input DI439
7DM435.7B&R Can Bus I/O Module
7DM435.7B&R Digital Input/Output Module
7DM438.722003 digital mixed module, 8 inputs 24 VDC, 8
7DM465.7B&RtransistorCanBusoutputs,I/OModule24VDC, 0,5 A
7DO164.70B&R Digital Output Card
7EX470.50-1B&R Can Bus & PSU Module
7IF371.70-1B&R Interface Module
7TB712.91B&R Terminal Block
7TB718:91-02B&R 18 Pin Terminal Block
7TB772.91B&R 72 Pin Terminal Block
7XX426.50-1B&R Remote Input / Output Module 24 VDC
8AC110.60-2ACOPOS plug-in module CAN interface
8AC120.60-1B&R ACOPOS Plug-in Module Encoder Interface
8AC122.60-2B&R ACOPOS 1090 AC122 Encoder Module
8AC123.60-1B&R ACOPOS plug-in module Incremental Encoder
8AC130.60-1B&RInterfaceACOPOS plug-in module 8 digital I/O
8AC130.60-6B&R ACOPOS plug-in module 8 digital I/O
8BVI0014HWD0.000-1B&R ACOPOSmulti Inverter Unit
8BVI0220HCS0.000-1ACOPOSmulti inverter unit, 22 A, HV, cold plate or
8LSA44.E3030C100-0B&R Servo Drive
8MSA2L.R0-44B&R Servo Motor
8MSA3M.R0-I9B & R Automation Synchronous Servo Motor
8MSA3X.E1-B4B&R Automation AC Servomotor
8MSA4L.E1-32Servo Motor
8MSA4L.E3-34B&R AC Servo Motor
8MSA4L.EO-68B & R Automation Servo Motor
8MSA4M.E1-31B & R Servomotor
8msa4m.e3-67SERVO MOTOR.
8MSA4S.E2-73B&R Synchronous Servo Motor
8V1010.00-2Acopos 1010 Servo Drive Unit
8V1010.50-2B&R 0.45KW Servo Drive
8V1016.00-2Acopos 1016
8V1022.00-2Acopos 1022 Servo Drive Unit
8V1045.00-1Acopos 1045 Servo Drive Unit
8V1045.00-2Acopos Servo Drive
8V1090.00-2Acopos 8V1090 Servo Amplifier 4KW
8V1090.00-2Acopos 1090 Servo Drive Unit
8V1090.00-2B&R Acopos Drive
8V1180.00-2Acopos Servo Drive 9KW
9A0100.11B&R UPS Module 24 VDC
A163PLC output board
AC401Encoder adapter
BR 5C5001.01B&R, System 82430HX, VGA
B& R Accopos Test FixtureB& R Accopos Test Fixture
BRCOMP2-0Compact PLC module
12-K-02BRHA08-0B&R output card
BRRI360-1Control panel
BRRT 36B&R Control Panel
BRRTHOL1-0B&R Operator Interface
BV1045.00-1B&R Bv1045 Servo Drive 2KW
BV1090.00-1B&R Acopos 1090 Servo Drive
BV1090.00-2B&R ACOPOS 1090 Servo Drive
C00291044B&R Operator Interface
C1024/2B&R power Supply PCB
LampCompact PLCPlc Unit.
CP474CP Interface Module
CS0144100241Control PCB
DM465B&R Can Bus I/O Module
ECA161-0116 Way Relay Output Card
ECA161-0216 Way Relay Output Card
ECA162-01B&R 16 Channel Output Module
ECA244-0B&R A244 PCB
ECCPPM2-1LB&R Counter Module
ECE243-1B&R E243 PLC Board
ECINT1-0RS232/RS485 Converter
ECINT1-1RS232/RS485 Converter
ECPNC1-0B&R PNC1 Module
ECPNC1-1SB&R Counter module
ECPNC8-23B&R Automation PNC8 PCB
ECPS45-0B&R PS45 Rack Mounted Power Supply
ECPTE8-3B&R PTE8 Thermo Card
HCMC02-1ACommunication Card
HCMGC1-0Processor(2.4NmcontinuousCard 7.2Nm peak)
IPC2001B&R IPC2001 Computer
IPC2001Cintrex Badged B&R IPC2001 Computer Attached to
IPC5000/5600/5000C/560B&R Industrial PC
0CIPC5600B&R Provit 5600 Industrial PC
LCM-5331-22NSRLCD Module
M2NTCP64-0B&R M264 CPU/Power Supply Module
MA2/2Relay board
MA3/2B&R A163 16 Channel 220V Output Module
MAESTRO-0CPU OS-9/6800 12MHz
MCGE232-022B&R Controller
MCGE33-0Minicontrol unit
MDE163-0B&R 16 Channel Output Module
MinicontrolB&R Minicontrol PLC & Encoder Rack
NT44Power Supply
NTCP63 PNC8B&R Control Unit
(90kW)OPS105.1Power Supply O/P 24V 5A I/P 230VAC
OPS110.1Power Supply PS 110 AC 115/230V,O/P 24V/ 10A
OPS120.1Power Supply
P5NT150/4Power Supply PCB
PC2000B&R PC2000 IPC
PROVIT500-4Provit Operator Interface
Provit5200B&R 10.5” Operator Interface
Provit 5500controller with screen
PROVIT600-3B&R PROVIT Operator Interface
PROVIT600-4B&R PROVIT Operator Interface
PS465B&R 2005 Power Supply
SC2002.02Provit 2200 Operator Terminal.
SC4000.10B&R Provit 4000 Operator Interface
SC5001.01Computer Control Unit
WP4/2B&R 4 channel control pcb
X20 A1 2622B&R Analog Input Module (2AI)
X20 AI 4622B&R Analog Input Module (4AI)
X20 AT 6402B&R Analog Input Module (6TI)
X20 BR 9300B&R Bus Receiver X2X
X20 BT 9100B&R X2X Bus Transmitter
X20 D0 6322B&R Digital Output Module (6DO)
X20 DI 4371B&R Digital Input Module (4DI)
X20 PS 2100B&R Power Supply Module (24VDC)
X67DM1321B & R X67I/O Systems
0GH-AT660B&R Analogue Input Module for Thermocouple Types
3IP161.60-1B&R 2005 Programmable I/O Processor Module IP161
3IP350.60-2B&R 2005 Programmable I/O Processor Module IP350
481270.00-K04BR Automation Control Panel
4B1270.00.K04BR Automation Operator Interface
4PP220.0571-45Power Panel
5AP920.1505-K11BR Automation 15″ XGA Colour TFT Touch Display
7IF361.70-12003 interface module,1 RS485 interface
8LSA25.R0060D000-0BR Automation AC Servo Motor.
8MSA3L.R0-30BR Automation AC Servo Motor.
8MSA4L.R0-33B&R AC Servo Motor
8MSA4L.R0-A4BR Automation AC Servo Motor.
8MSA4L.R0-W2BR Automation AC Servo Motor.
8MSA4S.R0-31B&R AC Servo Motor
8V1016.00-2Acopos 1016
BLSA43.E2030D000-0BR Automation AC Servo Motor.
BV1045.00-2BR Automation BV1045.00-2
SM3416DSmart Motor
5D2200.10BR MTS10 Touchscreen

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